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Travis Thompson The Move Comments
  1. leandroski bravo


  2. Emelie Hodgin

    One of my favs off reckless endangerment‼️🚧🔥

  3. Lalo Rez

    Oh shit
    The Mexican loving you god's flow

  4. Emelie Hodgin

    This song is a mood! 💯

  5. Emelie Hodgin


  6. Don Ramon

    Algún mexicano?🇲🇽

  7. Mati ಥ_ಥ.

    nanana epico 4k de visitas tremenda injusticia :c

  8. armando soto


  9. ꧁༺Łμȼąȿ ༻꧂ AG


  10. Alexis Paez


  11. julian vallejo

    This song is epic

  12. Diego DiegoCasla

    2000 visitas mías

  13. LionCollective


  14. Jacob MR


  15. Marcos Amaya

    epicarda gordi

  16. Emily Perez

    its fireee

  17. alexis guerrero

    Flows gordos!

  18. 0 AM

    En mi opinión, la mejor canción del álbum

  19. Cangas 2711

    I love your songs! really good music

  20. A K

    Hey brother, comin from me.
    I love your music. I’ve been workin on a 7 tape project for a year now and you’ve been slidin attacking the game “from all angles” thinkin similar. Plus yo style is ace too. ♨️ love, all the way keep grinding and I hope one day to share a couple songs with you.
    Finna watch you blow up first tho. 💯


    Me encanta me like this shit bro nice

  22. Justine Tso

    On repeat already

  23. Kurtis Estep

    Damn bro the beat is 🔥 🔥I feel u. Stay up stay safe

  24. Justine Tso

    It's on that yoke yoke

  25. RIKYKING252

    Give me a heart please travis

    Emelie Hodgin

    RIKYKING252 that’s how I feel too!

  26. Stiven Salazar

    what budna song ... like I like your music I hear them just a while brother🔥🔥👌👌👌

  27. Dakota Hodgin

    Shit slaps man can't wait to see you at the show box later 9 hours 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  28. seba

    holy fuck broooo