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Travis Thompson Mobbin' Comments
  1. Sal Craw

    I'm the corniest white guy out here and this song makes me feel like I'm mobbin'.

  2. Misael Sánchez

    Esa entrada a la base...
    Tsss. 🔥

  3. jesus Montoya

    La essta rompiendo

  4. Raappe Ogk

    Le diste el corte washo klo lokooo

  5. Articulate In BLack


  6. Chris Pesta

    Dude I can't stop bumping this

  7. Austin Raymond

    This is straight slap no joke like frfr keep it coming fam #fireaf showing love from hawaii

  8. Matt Miller

    Just found this guy and hes pretty dope

  9. Chris Sheffield

    Just spent 8 hours looking for this

  10. Joseph Gilbert

    Corny as fuck. Dude sounds and looks like cartman . he's a fucking joke.

  11. AGP 187

    Wow. Dude kept popping up on my suggested and i kept scrolling. Glad i cut that shit out. Very nice flow and that hook is so clean. Keep it up young buck

  12. Kevin Quinn

    Born and raised in Seattle and unfortunately I'm late getting here but on some real shit I can relate to hella of your lyrics keep coming with heat with meaning!!!!!

  13. A Rod

    Bruh you killing it fo real much love all the way from Houston tx! Just became a fan that quick.

  14. Yo Momma

    Saludos al 509 desde el area 650.

  15. Alejandro Cortina

    M E X x X I C O
    2 0 2 0

  16. MadeInUSA Reviews

    I think I know you! Im in WA!

  17. All is self Beall


  18. All is self Beall


  19. bulgarin pepin

    se copio de wiz khalifa

  20. lil MG Nds

    acho que alguém br roubo essse flow né Froid kk

  21. Bo Weezy

    DeadAss thought he put that hotdog in the corona.

  22. abigail garcia

    Disculpen alguien sabe cómo se chama la chava morenita canta chingon



  24. cesar renteria

    Dope! Dope! Dope!....keep em coming

  25. Boxing life

    Pesado de mais !! Congratulation ✌👏

  26. DAWGZofWAR

    i like it..i do🔥🔥🔥

  27. Darwin Ledezma

    Este goridito tiene un flow tremendo, gente saluditos desde Bolivia

  28. Devin Fr3nch

    All this niggas song comment section straight espanol , Iove it 😂😂 all his shit be fire.

  29. Marco Marquez

    Solo de Verlo Me Dan Unas Ganas de Ser Gordo Y Tener Ese Flow UwU

  30. JJ Desroches

    I love how Spanish people comment left, right and center but does he even understand any of the comments.. Like fheheggeugs to you too now move along😂

    Pablo Castillo

    Me encanta como todos entendemos la canción sin tener que hablar el mismo idioma

  31. JZ Gringo

    Latinos like this guy 😂 he’s not bad but I’ve noticed the comment section is full of español. Me gusta este tipo de música pero me gusta Reggaeton mas jaja

  32. Joe Pacheco C.

    el flow de un nigga ya es normal, pero de un gordito blancon de canada ufff

  33. Billy Newman

    This cat got them baby face looks.
    Good ass jams tho

  34. Silo Rekz shii

    This is fit.d

  35. Daddy Jess

    Fuck 509 bruh 💀😂

  36. looo

    Ese travis todo un hámster

  37. Jeremy Herz

    I felt like this came out a month or two ago crazy how fast Time goes by

  38. Gero Kupfer

    Me cebaste tanto que desenterre a mí abuela y le mostré esta canción

  39. Yuki TheCrazy

    Que mal que este tipo no sea muy valorado

  40. llegaría a 5k de subs sin video

    los gordos la rompen ahre like si hablas español

  41. MEB 14

    Buenas tardes perros
    MEXICO alguien


    Ay si cabronn

  42. LuckyMoniker

    so whats with the weak ass dogs? just showin no one in the hood is actually eating anything at the bbq?

  43. Wilber Bautista

    Noviembre 2019 ¿Alguien más?

  44. Sublyme Terrestrials

    Sheeeesh bro. Why you had to flex like that. Keep em coming for the natives 🥍

  45. Jonny T

    damn son! all these videos is hottt

  46. Joel Lucero

    Vieron que en el minuto 1:32 salen las cervezas corona

  47. Inspired Xi

    My chakras, Were my businesses is...

  48. Jerry Romm

    Lazaa le meteee tambien ogogo!

  49. JumpinJerry

    9 out of 10 Lost a point for having Corona.

  50. David Sizemore

    509... Spokane... Spookaloo... Spokaine...bumping it! Str8 slapper!



  52. ItsGabrielFTW

    This is really good. Fresh sound and everything.

  53. TheWalkingDead

    This is been on repeat since yesterday 😍😍😍

  54. Latencia Music


  55. DARKCRAY 2323

    Blanco con flow de negro


    Kanetown rep


    This dude the truth

  58. Tyler Mada

    Good to see someone from close to home blowing up.

  59. Ángel DM.

    Maldito gordito, que flow tiene. 🔥

  60. Jose Hinojosa

    Bad ass dope video!! 😀😀

  61. Smokey 505

    Down in the 505 we b Rollin up weed up mobbin

    Smokey 505

    Keep mobbin

  62. Smokey 505

    That fire

  63. Maxi Cortes


  64. Kevinho Vega

    Pinche Jonny Beltran adolecente cantas bien vrgs

  65. Kei 2025

    Եհíտ ʍɑƙҽ ʍҽ ʍմտտ հօʍҽ (503) եհօ í ƒմϲƙ աíե եհҽ (206) ɑӏӏ ժɑվ!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  66. flor

    Está canción esta razando la música está buenísima dale Laike si piensas lo mismo

  67. Kdub

    This shit is banging bro

  68. Joy Dunham

    I hate how the only English comments are talking about the lack of English comments

  69. Mck Group Entertainment

    Yo where I been .. this is wicked .. love the lyrics n production, all on fire for real man 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿🕺🏿

  70. Alvaro Rodriguez Miranda

    Oooohhh lord niggaaaa this the MADA FUCKING SHIT

  71. jibran chavez

    Me gusta la polla con cebolla, subs guapo

  72. Matthew Robert

    Why the fuk is there so many Spanish comments if you understand the video speak English

  73. iron addict

    Representing the 509, respect from The Eastside 🧢

    Jacob Miller

    509 is a burien hwy not the arm pit of Washington my guy hahahaha

  74. C M

    Laza sounds like Dej Loaf

  75. c Cruz

    GoodMusic. That voice play is on point

  76. Eap0323

    509 in here

  77. Patrick McCall

    Yo fire

  78. WAR Zylon

    Why not try getting signed to Dreamville

    C M

    Epic Records probably wouldn't be too happy about that...

  79. Wellington

    This shit is dope

  80. lauti dibala

    Son los mejores me encantan sus temas 😍😍

  81. Silus Perea

    Down in 509!!!!!!

  82. Brian Yazzie

    Fuck yeah.... love to my Navajo Brother... keep up the fire...
    Oh and keep walking in beauty.

  83. Rafael Solis


  84. Jayy aye

    Fuck dude...
    Your music is amazing... all of it.
    You are going to blow up, man give it a few years and you are gonna be on the top of the game...

  85. 2BL3Đ

    Chequeate ese flow 🔥

  86. jorgelina jacob


  87. Saul Alexis

    This video is sponsored by corona

  88. Nano Schachtel

    Who is the girl?💣😱

  89. Cameron Hall

    Bruh I used to be hella overweight and I think It'd benefit you hella if you lost weight too...not hating just want one of my favorite rappers to be healthy and you'll pull more bitches and you'll feel way more better about yourself and proud

  90. Joe Pacheco C.

    negra con flow! perfecto

  91. Manol0


  92. PJL K

    you mucic

  93. PJL K

    i love you

  94. Radicaldemon 321

    Lo hiciste bien gordo pipilin :v soy el man que te conocio en la school :v (no spiko inglsh)

  95. Camilo Gonzalez

    Okay, I'm doing pretty good as far as geniuses go
    Upper left to my death, but I'm getting cream on each coast
    I mean, I reap what I sow
    I'll probably smoke 'fore I eat
    I'm off to beam in my home, and I'll probably fuck 'fore I sleep
    It's a couple hating from a local LA fitness -- sleeved up
    Mad they dreams ain't working, so they try to hate on me -- what?
    If I was y'all, I wouldn't broadcast my business
    I got paper, work my job 'cause Twitter ain't where my business is
    I had holes in my shirt from ripping sensors, my mama stressing
    Now, I fly to Manhattan office -- get blessed with whole collections
    It's a new game
    And they're starting the feeling -- my old friends
    Your budget resemble my loose change
    My boot-chain all fucked up -- y'all new prey
    I'm next up, bitch -- you late
    Recap my past six:
    Tyler bought a beam and a rollie, a brand new

  96. Elias Shadow

    That black girl is sexy i would fuck her damn her voice is sexy i bett she would make some good fuck noises.

  97. Shhhlissa

    This shit goes