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Travis Thompson God's Favorite Comments
  1. firstcclock

    noooo man dios parece peruano, ya no quiero vivir en este mundo

  2. AngelDelevigne

    Need traducciones de todos los temas de Travis. /7

  3. Seattle Sikhness

    Bruh you talented. Im from Seattle. Someone was bumpin this and said it was a local guy from Burien, Wa. I fux wit you

  4. Nfinety8

    Jew Rap?

  5. Andrew

    Apparently there is two ways of doing push ups. Word

  6. John Dough

    All these wannabe gangstas/rappers just suck screwed up the rap game and the dope game

  7. Master J

    WTF did I just witness? This guy looks like a fat Hanson twin or something

  8. SyDiko

    01:49, you're welcome.

  9. Storm EF5

    I heard you on sway bro I was impressed with your humilityyou deserve everything that you got coming to you God bless



  11. Xander Tho

    This one is a banger

  12. Steven Vialpando

    1k atheists or agnostics disliked this.

  13. Gerry Garcia

    Josh Peck lookin ass boy got bars...

  14. I hate demons

    the name of the song doesn't really match the video we are all God's favorite but if God watch this video it probably make him sad.. which he already known about the video was going to be made when this kid was still in his daddy's nutsack

  15. Snozz Willy

    Bruh slaps for days keep that🔥🔥🔥🔥comin

  16. Manuel Menchaca

    Esto es un hit gordo como no va a tener mas de un millon, no te quieren en tu pais o ke

  17. filthy Phil Brown

    Where did they find a thousand people who gave this a thumbs down? Fucking useless turds, haters...😂🤣 they must've been deaf and just judgemental on the video cause this guy is a freaking beast on the Mike.

  18. TheHammer951

    Fat lil Xan with more talent

  19. ELEMIACD ok


  20. chad richards

    travis is white. he has white parents. do latinos for some reason think he is spanish? lmfao.

  21. Dustin Gatzke

    Reality God say I say I hear no say, just show me it's your day it's your choice it's your own voice you hear not his but your own ever sense Jesus died for are sins that is why we are on are own new testament old testament you would hear God. If you know the Bible you would agree. It's positive but got it wrong.

  22. playboy mac

    What the fuck

  23. 『leø』

    Jesus is blackman?⚫

  24. Alan Cervera

    Cristo era negro? :v

  25. Rome Nikolayev

    You're a goofy looking dude but that one song malice I dig honestly you know that hot girl at the end of the video, you know in real life that girl would not be that hot not even close

  26. David Rudger

    How this shit doesn’t have more exposure! This is GODLY

  27. Marlon Flores

    Sup with that fry bread though

  28. Brandon AN

    Manteca ardiente. 🔥🔥🔥

  29. Lty. Csmithy

    I didnt hear the real punchlines until today tRAVISxtHOMPSON/

  30. Tha Wall

    Andrew Michael Milonakis THE Mexican VERSION (>‿◠)✌

  31. Trevor Ryan Music

    Travis Thomspson is one of the illest alive... No question


    No logro entender como esta obra de arte no tiene mas visitas :v

  33. Batman Youtube


  34. Dmitri Villanueva

    Yo, you should collab with Pouya

  35. Law Tha Dragon

    bro fuckiin cold

  36. Anthony Meggitt

    Dope ass shit!!! What's end song?

  37. Harry Colberk .beatz.

    I knew that god is black

  38. peeze 8583

    Let the hate motivate u tho

  39. peeze 8583

    Str8 garbage.. anybody can rap these days huh?? Tha answer to that is no

  40. Your Favorite Ghost Producer

    Amazing flow, man! second track i hear from you and its amazing! Dope and authentic style! Respect from Romania!

  41. Emilio Acosta

    q vrg porq tanto latino???

  42. Mauricio Moreira

    Gordo lindo

  43. cesar renteria

    Yo milonakis dope af!.....from beeez on my head to this

  44. Laz4rusTV

    Yeah this is definitely a new up and coming rapper just like AK and NF

  45. Dead Ashes

    cold as fuck dawg..

  46. TRUTH


  47. Damaris Goodrider


  48. Diego Jiménez

    This deserves more views...

  49. Byron Hammons

    I can look past the lisp if you keep putting heat out like this lol

  50. Italo Molina


  51. RealSt7

    Como este chico tiene tan pocas vistas!!!

  52. Arthur Nascimento

    Muitoo bom haha

  53. Francisco Rivera


  54. Betohッ

    *F A V O R I TE*

  55. Chris Sams

    How the fuck does this only have 700k views and repeat rappers getting millions...take notes, lil pump.

  56. Snyda 50cal.

    Man you got me bro lol used to live in lacey, WA moved there from Florida wife was military, you be killing shit. Hope someday I can get my money and equipment up and rock with you

  57. Aimanaizat2001 Mohd Rizal


  58. Akleus 27

    Puto el Travis jaja

  59. 300 Hoodz

    This good

  60. Aussie Str8Up

    I thought he was Indian?

  61. DOSBING6

    Jony B un ídolo

  62. Max Smith

    Please stop

  63. Kingstongreen 165


  64. doctor k


  65. big Uzi

    God: esau have I hated

    U lying lol

    And God is black u double culture vulturing lol

    Better give blacks discount if dey book u for show

  66. pollo

    L A T I N O A M E R I C A !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Kent B.

    Yo you need to get up with big heath for real

  68. Phones Plus

    But don’t call him a pea head

  69. Lay Music Productions

    I've heard a lot worse..

  70. Roger Bryant

    Betty White!

  71. eskayel

    andy milonakis

  72. Max Dabney

    What song plays at the end??

  73. giovanni decroty

    Vraiment bon, t'on son^^

  74. king louie

    Fuckin Andy milonakis looking as nigga

  75. Nathan Kilman

    Lol 666 views

  76. Saul Viveros

    Pero que Hijo de Puta

    🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯😱😱😱 alguien necesita comer a este cabron

  77. david perdomo


  78. Pacman

    Suomi suomalaisille saatana te tuutte tänne ja viette meijän träkit

  79. Roldy Bangzz

    Definitely can work on appearance but sum fiyah barz

  80. IamBlite

    Its all cool that he got a huge latino fanbase. But didnt he say he's Native American?

  81. tonni croj

    El debería ser más famoso tiene mucho talento

  82. tonni croj

    This man should be more famous has a lot of talent

    Emelie Hodgin

    tonni croj 🔥🔥🔥 he’s getting there. He’s come a LONG way!!

  83. Holy Freeholy

    Horton hears who?

  84. London JAEgaming


  85. Emelie Hodgin

    Feel like I'm God's fav
    Lost weight
    I make that cost change
    Top rate
    Throw in that phosphate
    High taste
    I make that broad fame
    Walk straight? Nah! 🔥💯

  86. Orlando Miguel Millan


  87. TK xSTINGx

    Why he always got God smoking weed.. im confused

  88. Gian Iraizoz

    gracias santideaaaad

  89. isra Santiago

    Esto es una bomba man igual que todos tus temas

  90. Matthew Howell

    You guys are killing me with the Spanish. you know this kid is Native American from Arizona and white. And I'm talkin about Window Rock Northern Arizona not Southern not even remotely Mayan or Aztec Inca or Yaki. Why has the Latino Community clung on to this kid even though he's not actually Hispanic not hating just curious

  91. Ismael fuentes


  92. Ryan Blackwell


  93. Benjamin Whitaker

    This is not ok.
    Does he think he's Jesus?

  94. Markavelli Medina

    dude nice

  95. Eli Brown

    Dope music better then alot of the garbage that plays nowadays

  96. Sun Shine

    Hippity hop drop the top that bish vanish
    Now the comments in spannish*%÷×.