Travis Porter - Shot Me Down Lyrics

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Travis Porter Shot Me Down Comments
  1. Jordan Thomas

    Still riding

  2. Bria Randell

    Omg i used to be soooooo in love with this song

  3. Noel Delco

    Still my shit in 2017 I remember my heart got broke and I was bumping this shit

  4. Bria Randell

    still my favorite tp song

  5. Carissa Jordan

    Me too 2013

  6. kimberly Lynn

    Im playing this in 2013 , Who else ?

  7. Brian Johnson

    Shawty don shot me down.....

  8. Brian Johnson

    Aye dis my shxt !!!!

  9. babyblack0313

    dope ass song(= love it!

  10. Chynna Fields

    Ali Looks Like Trey Songz

  11. Chynna Fields

    I Love Them Too And You're SO True

  12. Chynna Fields

    They Are My Fave Singers And This Will NEVER Get Old !! =)

  13. Neffie Lewis


  14. J'Maya Thomas


  15. Shaquetta Bean

    Love this

  16. luisa g

    Shawty done shot me dowwwwwwwwwwn. Wooooot

  17. raydan499

    On 3:51 It Said ''STAP'' When His Name Is ''STRAP''

  18. raydan499

    I Fuckin Love Travis Porter<3333333333333333

  19. cherry brown

    i love dem so much...dey make da best crazy songz jus lyk

  20. Lyneisha Rayonna

    its like a sad version of mrs officer ahaha i love this <3

  21. Marquise H

    Travis porter get in Dere ! I love this song & I love Travis Porter. (no homo tho bro)

  22. Shelly D

    TRAVIS PORTER got a new song called HIT DA MALL goto my CHANNEL nd chk it out!!!

  23. kyerra1997


  24. Deon Prochette

    Travis porter dun did it agian

  25. Alejandrina LeBron

    travyyyyyyyyy i love travis porter strap da fufu

  26. Ben Jerkin

    thiz song iz so garbage

  27. mzimdabaddest

    i love this song its the best & i love them they so fine i love da hook

  28. spicychic94

    lmao stap

  29. rainman12000

    his name iz strap not stap

  30. LadyLexi94

    They Some Damn Beast

  31. Levail vell

    where can you find da lyrics to dis song???

  32. PenNamek

    haha!!! lmfao they the best

  33. celtic343434

    lol man these guy have stop going to the studio high as hell.....



  35. Pretty LaShion

    Hey Now Dats Yo Opinion & I Got Mine SO Hay!!

  36. Santianna Johnson

    how can you not love
    travisz porter ! Lol.
    i can honestlyy sayy that i
    am one of there biqqest
    fansz ! Lol
    Travis Porter Get In Dere !
    ayee lehh qo !

  37. Pretty LaShion

    i so luv travis porter lol strap sexy ass and quez his tall ass....idk bout ali he jus iight

  38. Steve Bradley

    I know a nigga got better bars than travis portor type up ricky mars ransom freestyle

  39. djhandy45555

    i need the lyrics to this song

  40. NOCreppin2DAfullest

    I love diz song!!!!! Travis porter rules

  41. Tayshana White

    dhis song go hella hawd..