Travis Greene - You Waited (Extended Version) Lyrics

You came out of your way
You sat down to speak to me
What amazing grace
That you've shown - so patiently

And you, waited for me
Just for me
For me

You called out my name
Knew my past
Covered my shame
This amazing grace
You've shown - so patiently

And You, you waited for me
Just for me, Oh
You, you waited for me
Just for me, for me

Where would I be
If you left me God

You waited

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Travis Greene You Waited (Extended Version) Comments
  1. Consequla Luster

    Thank you Lord❗❗❗❗

  2. Eldery Gertze

    Lord your love is just one of a kind

  3. Sanele Mkize

    Thank you Lord for your amazing Grace.

  4. UniquePraise Oluoma


  5. Educator Lebese.

    Very nice song ❤️.

  6. anyi O

    Verse 1:
    You came out of Your way
    You sat down to speak to me
    What'n amazing grace
    You've shown, so patiently

    And You,
    waited for me
    Just for me

    Verse 2:
    You called out my name
    Knew my past, covered my shame
    This amazing grace
    You've shown, so patiently
    You've shown, so patiently

    And You,
    waited for me
    Just for me
    Oh You,
    waited for me
    Just for me

    Where would I be? If You left me God
    Where would I be? If You left me God
    Where would I be? If You left me God
    Where would I be? If You left...
    You waited, waited
    You waited, waited
    You waited, waited
    You waited, waited
    Where would I be? If You left me God
    Where would I be? If You left me God
    Where would I be? If You left me God
    Where would I be? If You left...
    You waited, waited
    You waited, waited
    You waited, waited
    You waited, waited

    You waited, waited
    You waited, waited
    (Where would I be?)
    Where would I be? If You left me God
    (Where would I be?)
    Where would I be? If You left me God
    (Where would I be?)
    Where would I be? If You left me God
    (Where would I be?)
    Where would I be? If You left me God

    What'n amazing grace
    You've shown, so patiently
    You've shown, so patiently
    And You,
    You waited for me
    Just for me
    Oh You,
    You waited for me
    Just for me.

  7. Dennis Onyancha

    Glory be into God

  8. Phalecy Soko

    You waited 🙌🏾😭😭

  9. Joice Pondo

    You waited for me. Where would I be if you left me. 2020 is mine thank you Jesus.

  10. Claudia Bowes

    The Lord gave me this track when I lost my husband a year ago..Forever grateful for his mercy and grace upon my life..This song encourage me big time and still is..2020 and still listening..All praise to King Jesus

  11. nomathemba shabangu

    Lord please teach me to be patient

  12. Esther N J

    Saturday 25th July 2020! Done and sealed with the Blood of Jesus!! <3

  13. Vanessa Rangel

    Loveeeeeee ♡
    God is so good!

  14. Gloria Apolot

    God waited for me while I was in a bad relationship. He didn't leave me.

  15. Gloria Apolot

    Where would I be if you left me God?!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  16. Akatwijuka Sandra

    God has encouraged me through these gospel songs.and i fewl a different touch in the way God spwaks to me through these worshippers so big up worshippers of God and dont give up coz down here you are transforming lives and renewing people 's lost hope

  17. Nondumiso Nhleko


  18. Arre Flo

    I am here because God is here

  19. Aune Andreas

    Amazing Grace he has shown me and so patiently. The year 2020 is going to be the best year ever.

  20. lightingman destroy


  21. Godwin Archibong

    I'm still here, I love this song

  22. Clement Khoromana

    This is one of the songs that i feel Gods presences when am listening to it

  23. Ppc Church Factreton

    What an amaizaing grace that JESUS died on the cross just for me, Thank u LORD u waited just for me

  24. Aaron Mokoena

    Where would I be, if you left me, God? 🙏.I had no hope for tomorrow, but you found and loved me, unconditionally 🙏Thank you Jesus, for this amazing grace.🙏

  25. Jessica Cervantes

    He is patient with us grateful very thankful to all that hears the call we are all part of the body of Christ thank you Jesus

  26. Shenika White

    This is my worship song and I just cry cause were would I be if I didn't have God he waited for me

  27. Shenika White

    Yes indeed

  28. Candice Burton

    Yessss Amen he is awesome , powerful, way maker , always answer prayers I love himmm🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽😍😍🥰☝️

  29. James Elseno Juneau Doristal

    who’s here ? Who left the road and GOD, JESUS CHRIST, THE MASTER been waited for you and now you’re trying to get back with HIM

  30. mukiibi everest


  31. Sylvia Bhende


  32. Van Chas

    u r waiting Lord for me to be the person u created me to be and for this i'm thankful. grateful for your love and patience.

  33. samuel emmanuel

    he sound like john legend

  34. Chioma Maduka

    You waited patiently for me.

  35. Created1619 Georgia Peach

    My 1st time hearing this song today. I LOVE It❤🙏

  36. roger yearwood

    Hi good evening

  37. Jan Boois

    Watching from south Africa wersten cape citrusdal God still doing great things

  38. Félix Urikumwenimana

    Fully blessed by Travis Greene

  39. Sherry Robinson

    🙌🙌 TY Jesus for waiting for me

  40. Vibing Jay

    All Glory to God!

  41. Hugo Leonardo

    Amazing Grace!!!!

  42. Rachelle Borden

    As I reflect of my life I thank God for keeping me for always being there never turning his back on me and he waited on me to come to him and he saved me he delivered me from this world which was consuming me he changed me and I thank God I am no longer the person I use to be for all the old has passed away I am a new creature in the Glory and mercy of our Father and I thank him every day and give myself as a living sacrifice every day

  43. Gisella Katjivena

    Yes Lord, you waited for me..

  44. Namale Grace

    Where would I be if God left me really. He waited for me patiently

  45. Dean ikiliagwu

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😇😇😇😇😇 thank you father my lord and savior

  46. lloyd paidamoyo James

    where would i be ?

  47. Jevouney Ireland

    Coooooooooooooool song travis

  48. umar aftab

  49. Winnie Mehlape

    He waited for me while I was in sin. He saved me at the age of 16 yrs from been raped at night by unknown man, he sent a man to save me that night but I still continued to sin I smoked and drank for 17 years of my life but He waited for me It was one day  a man of  God preached and shared the word and I repented I'm now delivered and I have not smoked for 2 yrs now. Just because He waited for me. His love for me is awesome and great. I'm blessed

    Terra Blake

    Yessss thanks you for sharing this...Thank you father for waiting

  50. Alicia Matthews

    You waited for me Jesus 🙌👏🙏

  51. Sayuri zʂ

    Ameiii💕💕💕sou só Brasil

  52. Kitongo Everlyne

    I love you Jesus 💖💖thank you for dying for my sins on the cross at Golgotha u waited just for me even when I felt unworthy you still showed your grace is sufficient 💖💖💖💖💖I love you Jesus I love you Lord

  53. Karabo Selau

    You Waited Lord

  54. Merrell Johnson

    You showed so patiently and you waited for me oh God were would I be if you left me I don't wanna no

  55. khulekani samuel

    Thank you Jesus!!!!!! You Waited for Me

  56. Angela Adzage

    I feel this song was made purposely for me
    LORD where would I be if you left 😩😭

  57. sasha michelle manzinde

    yes waited for me..2020 is my year...#GoingBeyondLimits

  58. Michael Joseph

    God is good, all the time🙌🙌

  59. Heaven Richardson

    So touching. Soul saving. God hear our prayers in this time of healing needed. God please remove all the cancers in Jesus name amen from my sister. She is a mother of three and aunty to many and a daughter please Lord hear our prayers for Kellie Richardson.

  60. Metuge Mimi

    Where will I be if u left me God I thank u lord for your love and mercy in my life

  61. Serge Rusaki


  62. Roberta olegário


  63. Olav Wischulke

    Jesus is comming back very , very soon . He said to me : clean your temples , I will come very , very soon and I share it to you ! So if you want to go with him , repent your sins by the 10 commandments of the HOLY FATHER in Heaven . The Lord is inside of you and a good father . So start your way to Heaven now ! Here is the place Jesus sent me, after I layed my hand on a dying friend . He got healed by Jesus on cancer and serves God now too .

  64. Tafadzwa mumbire

    Indeed he waited for me in 2020 amazing Grace thank you Lord

  65. Justus Sebudula

    You waited, who you are,daddy’s home ,intentional and you got up my all time favorites❤️

  66. Solomon Amkara

    Truly a reflection of God's Nature... Always waiting patiently for us to to run back to him... More Grace to Pst Travis Greene. Really love your music... Can't stop listening to this song... Always & all time. Thanks!

  67. Yvonne Haggins

    Who listening right now.....i am!!!!

  68. Melody Mamire

    This song is so amazing I love it😍😍😘😘

  69. John Njuguna

    2020 👌

  70. Parleh Hne

    Thank you, King, of King. I worship you because you are God. Nothing can compare to you Father. I don't know where will I be Thank you, God.

  71. Christ's girl_24

    Please listen to 'We will worship'-like oil. Amazing music to

  72. Nontobeko Dlamini

    Whenever I'm feeling down I listen to this powerful song and just praise God for what he's done for me😭😭🙌

  73. Alouce Angela

    Thank you Lord for waiting patiently for me. May your name be praise

  74. Sithole Sisitaita

    Yu r amazing God

  75. nickson january

    god bless

  76. Carine Kuma

    Most of the time, I'm short of words to describe how awesome Almighty God is! Lost my parents at a very early age and growing up without them was painful. God made Himself available for me and my younger brother in everything till date and i often wonder why? In a world of conditions, He chooses to love us unconditionally, when we deserve to be punished, He shows us mercy.... Dear God, I will love, praise and worship You because without you, man is absolutely nothing! Thank You for staying faithful despite our unfaithfulness... Indeed, You are God! There's no place for argument, You are God all by yourself. Thank you Travis, we're blessed by this worship and may God continue to use you mightily!

  77. Jordan Jotta

    Who gonna to listen in 2020?

  78. kiptoo anthony

    Where would I be if you let me down

  79. Juliet Ebil

    Looking at God's patience with me proves his unconditional love to me. This will be my wedding song by God's Grace in Jesus' Mighty name Amen!.

  80. Lorato Mongwaketse

    Amen Travis Greene May God Bless you in your singing ministry🙏🏼🙏🏼

  81. Akubueze Uche

    heard this song for the first time 4hrs ago. Wow , i have played more than seven times. God is great, nothing compares with what Jesus Christ did on the cross. Nothing

  82. ude onyinye lauretta

    Thank you Lord Jesus for your saving Grace

  83. ICHA demosche

    Oooh my brother i just discovered you today. Really loves you my brother. Am happy you too belong To CHRIST JESUS. You sing so powerfully

  84. Richard Owino

    Travis Greene is such a musicians whose songs are a blessing to many..........
    God is always there waiting for me though am the one who usually turn away from HOM

  85. Mauricia Taylor

    Thank u Jesus for waiting for me love u Jesus 💛💜💓💖💞💕❣💟💞💚💙💝💕💥

  86. frenchkjfan9

    I've just discovered this artist, he's great, a real inspiration... I'm not normally into "Christian" music or gospel, but his music is powerful...

  87. frenchkjfan9

    What a marvellously beautiful and deep song...

  88. Christine Nice

    OMG am blessed by this song thanks green .love from Rwanda we love you

  89. Eu mesma

    Ele canta gospel ou secular?

  90. Rose Yatuwa

    You waited for me Lord I cant thank U enough. Glory be to your name forever

  91. Zarrthepatientlady David

    Ungeniacha ningalikuwa wapi😥😥😥😥... receive my Thanksgiving 🙏

  92. Doris Akombelwa

    This song is my number 1. I believe God has showed me amazing love. And he waited for me. Awesome..

  93. kennedy muiruri

    Heb 12:14 make peace with all me n, and be Holy for withiout Holiness no man will the LORD.
    We need to Repent and turn way from sin time is over the Messiah is coming that the day we will really know who really worshiped HIM in truth and Spirit. Before the LORD all that matter is Holiness and Righteousness. Redirect your life this yr 2020 toward preparation to enter the Kingdom of Heaven not Earthy gain. The KING is Coming and many will be surprised that day.

  94. Tanisha Taylor

    Lord these testimonies in the comments... Thank You God!

  95. Larry Delgado

    I love gospel music #1 fan and will always prefer gospel over regular music god was always first in my life and still is despite what trials and tribulations and circumstances life throws at me glory be to god jesus christ is risen and was and is king of all kings peploe lets pray for a relatively fast war with the least amount of casualities and pray foe more peace and love in the world