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Travis Chinese Blues Comments
  1. Nino Bellieny

    I'm tired of reading comments, where most people say that a certain band is the most underrated in history or that a certain song is more or less underrated ... if it plays, plays and millions of people listen, underrated is the one who has no other adjective and is victimizing a situation, wanting to pass as the only one who values ​​understands the work.

  2. Zeynep Ertaş

    A Masterpiece

  3. 귀멸의칼 날

    와 이거 존나 맨날들엇는데 고딩때역나

  4. Dennis

    Gimme Shelter at 0:19

  5. Kartikeya Srivastava

    Perhaps the most underrated of all the songs by Travis.


    +Kartikeya Srivastava this whole album is underrated in fact this band is underrated

  6. Juliana Cuellar

    2:08 <3

  7. Juliana Cuellar

    this is simply too much for me... What an amazing song!!

  8. Irina Schmetterling

    this song rocks!!!

  9. SomeOutside

    Such shitty qualty...

  10. Ace

    wow it pisses me off how underated this band is

  11. westfalkland

    Love this song!

  12. unferk

    this was the first song they played when they came to VFG arena in mexico as an invited band by peter gabriel

  13. The Mijonju Show

    i agree its probably an influential part from the rollling stones.. people who rate you down are just blind fans

    i bet travis the band members themselves would have given you a wink.. cos you are a good listener

  14. guitar time

    nice sound

  15. BlondGypsi

    Another Gem just waiting to be discovered........:)

  16. Roxana Chapoñan