Travie McCoy - Can't Wait Lyrics

I can't wait
This is what I've been waiting for...
I can't wait
Till my loves walks in the door

[Verse 1:]
And I'm just sitting here beginning to get a little impatient
Fingernails gone
Chain smoking
Heart racing
Pacing back and forth waiting on wifey to get home
She been gone for four days but that's four too long
She on her way tho
From JFK so traffic must be crazy
Maybe travi is... Fuck it
Swiffer my apartment five times
Got it smelling fresh
I kno when she walks thru the door
We bout to make a mess
Yesss the door man just called in
Shes down stairs
Oh lord...
I feel like I've been waiting forever
Just to smell her
And kiss her on the nose
And tell her daddys glad shes home
Shes in the elevator
I'm getting butterflies
Then the door bell rings and I can see her eyes
Thru the peep hole
So I open up the door slow and hug her till she turns blue
Girl you kno how much I missed you?

I can't wait
This is what I've been waiting for...
I can't wait
Till my loves walks in the door

[Verse 2:]
And now we in the bed wrestling
Nestled in the covers watching Paris's burning
(Rest in peace wily Ninja)
She likes to call me bear
I like to call her mami
Things is heating up
She like, get behind me
Shes a bad girl
So I'm a punish her
Like Frank Castle
No remorse when I'm done with her
Practicing baby making
I kno she not faking
Her eyes are rolling back
I got her legs shaking
We've had our ups and downs
We've had our in and outs
Nah I'm just being nasty
My baby girls classy
Told me she kissed a girl
She said she liked it
Me being the man that I am you kno I got excited
I can't wait no more
Let's go get this license
I mean dating's cool
But marriage is priceless
Let's set a date
And tell your girlfriends
Mr. and Mrs. McCoy
Until the world ends


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Travie McCoy Can't Wait Comments
  1. George Hickey 13

    Anyone else just going through the comments while listening to the song

  2. Claudio Carbone

    My queen❤😍😘my life what a tune🎼🎼

  3. Rebecca Oprea

    Never heard this song . Found it listening to old travie songs .

  4. toem 1994 ดีดี

    I LOVE YOU Travie fc😍

  5. Debbie Torrejon Huaman

    Alguien 2019 Perú 12 de diciembre

  6. Aryson Dancy

    Dezembro de 2019 vim só pra escutar essa voz da Sia, ainda não tinha visto essa música ❤😍

    Sia é tudo ❤❤

  7. Kaylah Matano

    *If you didn't hear this song when it first came out, you were missing out on sum mean Shi*

  8. Emmina Eminko

    Travie my love you

  9. Abdul Choliq

    I hope this song is more than 3.44 minutes 💔💔💔

  10. Mehmet de Salvo

    ╔╝ (⁀`v´⁀)
    ╚══` .¸. sia❤

  11. Joseph Sam

    God Damn!!! Travie your are the best....solved a complex algorithm when i listened your rap...

  12. Dani Wood cruz

    Como hombre hay hombres tan hijos de puta no tienen derecho a ponerle las manos a una mujer o faltar el respeto i herir sus sentimientos

  13. Deandre2200

    Why is he wearing a jacket in the desert sun??? Oh yeah sia is a angel and her goddess voice makes any song a work of true art.

  14. Anmeth 22

    I love this music! Sia is amazing!🍀

  15. Heart Rose

    November 2019 ❓

  16. Carla Sousa

    this song is underrated af

  17. wbs1O1

    For all the Sia lovers here is a link to Sia singing Golden solo 🙂 There is also a Sia solo version of Wild Ones as well.

  18. mei Indarti

    Anyone see in oktober 2019 . Golden like song .

  19. Victoria Montalvo

    Just heard this this year this is amazing (2019)

  20. XETO 666

    I love sia -2019

  21. Cons Ap

    Oct 15 2019 ? ❤️❤️❤️ sia part was ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙

  22. wbs1O1

    In an interview with Entertainment Weekly online, McCoy said he met Sia four years ago, and he had been a fan of hers for years. "When we finally [met] we were totally kindred spirits. We had both gone through a lot and she became a sister to me very quickly. [...] This was probably the third of about three or four that we've recorded together. Who knows if the others will ever be heard, but they all mean so much to me. She actually wrote a song for me when I was going through some really hard times that I will always hold dear to my heart. She's an angel with the voice of one."[2] Speaking on Entertainment Tonight, McCoy said, "It's like second nature working with Sia. We have this brotherly-sisterly vibe going on. Once I heard the hook, I kinda knew where I wanted to go lyrically and I wrote it in about 45 minutes... I think a lot of people can relate to having those tinglies in their stomach about that special somebody."[3]

  23. Monci Kandam


  24. ivocordoba

    Love this song and Travie looks soooo cute😍😍😍

  25. Jimmy Mekedeme

    Sia 😍😍😍😍🥰🥰

  26. Nurul Loves Sia

    *Sia* 😍

  27. Kuro Hata TV

    COME BACK TRAVIEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Leonardo Dank

    underrated song tsk.. i love this song so much!

  29. Cris Esiel

    2019 baby. We chillin

  30. Rakib Ahsan

    Why doesn't Travie make songs now? :(

    Chasity Uribe

    Rakib Ahsan he said new music was soon , i rlly hope so i miss him

  31. Matthew Williams

    One of my favourite songs at the moment! Love it. SEPTEMBER 2019!!

  32. Jenifer Hirales

    2019 🎶❤

  33. omg hasna

    i just know this song from edits lol im uncultured

  34. Yannick Tin

    Anyone seeing this in September 2019???

    The Exterminator

    October 2019

  35. Lisa Poulin

    Anything ft.Sia is out of this world and intensely satisfying.

  36. leon

    I love his outfits

  37. Ryan Santos

    Also travie gain weight

  38. Ryan Santos

    U N D E R R A T E D S O N G!!!


    Ryan Santos ikr

  39. Gajendra Gstar

    If I was a girl I would love you boy,

  40. IndianSuccessTrader

    2019 anyone guyz....this is a masterpiece.... make it famous guyz

    The Exterminator

    This song isn't from 2019

  41. Zethy Shark

    Still the best

  42. Hell Sing

    I'm a simple man i see sia i click

  43. Khatung Jamatia

    It's a good song

  44. Jamar Cherry

    Nice song. But can we at least see Sia's face while she's singing? Everytime we see her sing she has her eyes covered with some blindfold.

  45. Albinno Rollon

    what a bored video musical hahah omg is horrible this video

  46. Traveler 00977

    Where was this song lost????

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    I heard it in a Naruto Edit

  48. Kübra Karaca

    I live in the song ✨

  49. Robert Bravo

    It's 2019 i must be living under rock cuz I just barley heard this song and it's 💣💣

  50. Low-key Emo

    Reminds me of my old bestfriend

  51. Britloves Quincy

    This video made no sense

  52. Nai Nai

    Why wasn't this promoted? I love Travie and Sia, but I didn't know this existed. It's amazing, and I've never heard it until today.

  53. maina maina

    *Sia* is Golden Agree ok hit me now😎😎

    Karthik MK

    hit u now? sure😏 *-thwacks-*

    maina maina

    @Karthik MK hit with more ******

  54. Ivoriania Phillips

    Oh, Travie, what happened to you? :(

    Chasity Uribe

    Ivoriania Phillips right 😭 we need him back

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    I'm guessing someone was about to get exposed!

  56. Gui musicas

    2019 mano que musica top to apaixonado

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    Oh my god this is so good!
    07/11/2019 anyone?

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    Travie: Maybe one day we’ll have a golden child
    Papoose: Copy

  61. Pvt. Prinny

    Sia is the best female singer of all time such a powerful voice...and joined by Travie, can't go wrong

  62. Jake Thibeault

    I wish Travis had more content.

    Chasity Uribe

    same he is one of my favorites n i miss him

  63. Mas Kee

    2019 anyone


    2019 anyone?

  65. Yair3liz

    This is my first time hearing this song 😂

  66. Destiny Darling

    Welcome back Mr. McCoy! 😁😁

  67. First Grad

    The chorus is ❤ Sia's voice is good lovin'

  68. mrbobm007

    give some love to the boy Travie

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    Is this a loop
    Dr.Strange:I'll handle this

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    This song sucks the only thing that is cool about this song is syo's original producer for chandelier is from DeWitt New York my hometown did travie McCoy is also from Central New York and even with those connections the song still sucks

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