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Trapt Living In The Eye Of The Storm Comments
  1. Abhishek Shankar

    Dec 2019. And this song still calms me down.

  2. Party Tomorrow

    this is just the cherry on top and i dont care who likes or hates me but they are fighting to be the very best and like zesus i strike

  3. Party Tomorrow

    oh yeah not sure if i said this but im not shaming my family im just saying if you want more history well wait till next week lmaooo

  4. Party Tomorrow

    im not laughing at that but it is kinda funny when they name dropped

  5. Party Tomorrow

    and all my extended family call them all names and some actually robbed them

  6. Party Tomorrow

    i was spoiled at a young age but then my teachers complained because i was a spoiled brat

  7. Party Tomorrow

    they kept alot of my old stuff not that i had much but i did earn it all and never really got anything until holidays

  8. Party Tomorrow

    my family is good with secrets especally when it comes to MY Stuff

  9. Party Tomorrow

    how much do i get is a mystery to me as well

  10. Party Tomorrow

    but its not my money soo i dont care

  11. Party Tomorrow

    im not doing this to shame them but they shamed themselves by being spoiled and greedy and i want to break away from them all completely my youngest bros are the money and they are stupid if they share

  12. Party Tomorrow

    i have no problems with my younger bros but they do wrestle alot its entertaining but before they will fight like warriors but i wasnt having that because im like what if they end up hurting or killing each other i was younger then 13

  13. Party Tomorrow

    my mom has no control because she always let them do what they want and guessed who she spoiled as you can tell look at the bodies

  14. Party Tomorrow

    my oldest bro waste all our money my oldest sister is to lazy to work and she is always right

  15. Party Tomorrow

    i find it fun to say

  16. Party Tomorrow

    but i do and they know that is my weakness even when i say i dont and imma keel

  17. Party Tomorrow

    yeah with my family this is a race they will always want to win they dont have rules or morals no code

  18. Party Tomorrow

    and also i always upheld my moms rules and i tried to make sure no one broke any rules but as you can see no one listened and i llistened but i got screwed and they all made terrible mistakes to the point where they cant have careers and my defying my mom actually improved my life graciously

  19. Party Tomorrow

    and even my old bro said its not normal weed she is on because he knew alot

  20. Party Tomorrow

    i got mad at her for making my brother smoke weed and it turns out it wasnt regular

  21. Party Tomorrow

    also my brothers all compete to see whos more handsome and my sisters well my oldest really doesnt like the youngest shes really jealous but not as much since the youngest is struggling because lets just say men raped her and drugged her but she is normal but not the same

  22. Daniel Plasencia

    I listen to this song every day multiple times. But I am extremely glad you all are touring. Wish I had the money for one or two of them

  23. Matt Horgan

    Trapt never got any respect

    David Bolha

    As many others.

  24. Christian Jones

    this is best song ever

  25. Ilian Ivanov


  26. R0uN81

    almost in 2019 and still listening to this music ! anyone else ? cheers !

  27. Max Palmer

    Great video

  28. Darth Wagner

    great song. eh video.

  29. Toker Jonezin

    I like the lyrics a lot... Too bad it wasn't done by a more aggressive band like godsmack or 5fdp... Cuz this shits weak.. It's kinda boring to listen to... Echo,stand up, and head strong now those were good song's... What happened? Lol.


    You happened haha

  30. Scotia


  31. Awesomely Awesome

    Why Is this not on Apple Music 😔

    Daniel Plasencia

    Even though this has been a year. You can always go to on a search link YouTube to mp3 and download the mp3 to your phone

  32. Andrew Bulizhenkov

    Why do bad guys always have an ak-47?

  33. Mcnugget Man

    the song is.... decent. video is so corny that every time i hear it i'm going to picture some translucent soldier slow running to it lmao

  34. Ashwathy Girish

    It is really great tribut to all military officer of all corners of the world.

  35. celebi tcg

    Hi i love this song. Also 2018

  36. MrFabio24

    Been listening to trapt since the early days. They consistently put out music that motivates me through day to day life. Great band, great music and sick live too !!

  37. David Bolha

    243 people have had enough of Jewish/Zionist-US backed NWO imperialism. 🤔😌

  38. Cameron Cheromiah


  39. Bryce Dewitt

    this song has so much power in the words

  40. Victor de Souza

    Trapt ! Make a show in Brazil Please!!!!!

  41. CyanCyborg

    Guess I'll play this when hurricane Irma carves up my arse.

  42. Jacob Seibert

    New meaning now

  43. Desirea3682

    What happened? Why isn't there any new music from them

    Bryan Lenihan

    Desirea3682 They released an album last year

    Alex Warholic

    Last year they Released DNA.

  44. Ky Mahone

    One of my first projects casted in, thanks for having me, will always be something I'm proud of, great job!

  45. GreatfulGert

    Trapt Music was always so good for playing Mirror's Edge

  46. James Green

    love this music!!!!!!!

  47. Oliver Queen

    This band needs way more recognition

  48. Braithwaite Ashley

    My brother has the same shirt....

  49. Вячеслав

    Cool song!

  50. Alexander O’Regan

    Why are his legs still... legs a real ied would have made both of them more holy then the pope himself.

  51. iamdear

    Freaking love this song!!! Thanks brother for charing this

  52. Beth Thompson

    I love you guys!. see right thru my soul!!


    ummmm w-whys there that part with them all drunk thats kind of off topic when your talking about terrorists and storms. And whyd they play it in the desert place thats like the freaken opposite of where a storm would be

    Ghost Kid2

    I FOUND YOUR COMMENT the video is based on the war in afganstan and how when these freinds are soldiers one of em dies the drinking part is symbolic of how there best friends its about soldiers losing friends. A lot of ww2 Vietnam Korean war etc would tell other soldiers not make friends cause they would die. The best friends ghost saves his friend as a reference to they are always looking out for us in the skys

  54. Jeremy Heck

    Fucking love trapt the first time and 2 come out swinging the 2nd is just so much better

  55. Randall Brown

    Love the song but the video could have been better

  56. Tiger Lilly!!! ~kisses~ Goosebumps listening...

  57. Chantelle LaPrade

    story of my life love this song♡♡

  58. Kristofer Paul

    I loved this! The song, the video... all of it!! Wow! It was very moving... tears... Great story from Trapt!!

  59. Greyson Gladney

    listening to the song, then reading the comments... people are getting more and more dumb.

    this song has a powerful message... and you are bitching about hire it doesn't sound like a song done many years before?

    you do realize people grow up, maybe not you, but this band has.

    so why don't you go suck on your pacifier and take a nap nap while we adults talk about solving the ever growing problems of this world....

    great song guys!


    just like you? Ah yeah! And more dumb is nor proper english grammer it would be "Dumber" not more dumb

    Unstable Games


    Alex Warholic

    Could not agree more I swear these comments on some music videos are completely unrelated to the video.

    Adam Diedrichs

    Greyson Mitchell
    I agree. And makes me sad. Everytime I listen to this. I cry

  60. the KO King

    Wish more people knew about this song, it deserves way more views then it has

  61. Myanmar Media Light


  62. Tom RAWR

    This song is so good, that after playing it - nothing else seems to cut it..

  63. Richard Santiago II

    Excellent song. It reminds me of the time I survived a category five hurricane.

  64. Lando Lanstetter

    Trapt was better back then. Rock is starting to lose its edge even faster than before. Good old Sex love and party music(pop) can be one to thank for this.

    Lando Lanstetter

    Why did Trapt change and decided we're not headstrong and we will sit down?


    Trapt hasn't changed very much the have kept to the same thing. Yeah some songs are a little more slow but the sound is the same. Every band has its slower songs though.


    +epicwolf8587 right. They still make heavier faster songs

  65. Poison Berry Eating Aleks

    We listen to this everyday in wrestling practice and I gotta say, I don't think I have ever heard a song that makes me want to push myself as much as this one

  66. Jose Plancarte

    Such a good song, almost makes me want to fight in the war but I'm the only male in my family. #noexcuse

    mike rouster

    Jose Plancarte That doesn't mean anything if you're the only male in the family. To me that's just a excuse. Because you want to fight but you're too scared to.

  67. Maddogg 2K85

    ok song but not as good without russell howard

  68. TShirtArtDesignQueen Leo

    this should have a million views...i love this song

    jenna fisher

    But it doesn't...

  69. Zach lovett

    really good song

  70. Trash Creeper

    the 'badass' in the video is a terrorist from CS D:

  71. Trash Creeper

    very good song and very good video ..... hear this song so many times ..

  72. Future Artist

    If you guys wanna play it on the acoustic guitar you put your capo on the first fret I haven't got it figured out yet but I'm just messing with it to crack the chords

  73. wendyper

    love love love this one!!!!

  74. ludivina75

    Je suis sans mot, merci pour cette émotion à fleur de peau ... I love

  75. ludivina75

    wahow ....

  76. Laura Campbell

    My favorite song of all. The story, flow and his voice! <3

  77. Сергей Емельянов

    У террориста автомат на предохранителе, затвор не ходит, гильзы не вылетают, а автомат стреляет... Как так-то?

    Сергей Емельянов

    @Шишка Боб Точно! Как я не допёр????

  78. fatjoethethird

    why is this never on the radio?

  79. tony slaughter

    Still can't get over a train track.

  80. Derrick Horton

    Anyone know the chords?

  81. Zara Wolfie

    Not that good it's pop 

    Rohan Barboza

    the fuck are you typing @Dylan Trenhaile
    doesn't seem like an insult whatsoever. but thanks, i'll ponder on that.

    D Tee

    you'll figure it out

    Rohan Barboza

    actually, no i wont. cause a dyslexic fuck like you can't compose a sentence well.

    Rohan Barboza

    ok. rephrasing...

    "actually, no i wont. cause a retarded fuck like you can't compose a sentence well."

    Jareth Lemire

    Zara Wolfie I'm guessing you've never been deployed try to keep a open mind I get that everyone has their own style of music but it's a vary real yet difficult topic and everyone else stop being ass holes

  82. Bobbi Mackley

    Can't get enough of this song! !! Stuck n my head for days now!!! 🎶💙🎤

    Christian Jones

    Bobbi Mackley same

  83. Billie Lankford

    love it, this makes my mind wide awake to the outside world...thanks trapt

  84. Michelle Kosik

    Thank you for your incredible music. Michelle Kosik

  85. GreatIsThyName

    Heartbreaking song.

  86. Lindy Lou

    This song reminds me of our personal struggles with rage aggression bipolar autism with a side of PTSD and major OCD. Every day is a battle, every day we hope it gets better.

    Sarah Wilson

    Lindy Lou Smith great point on that one

  87. Robby Denton

    Why do you have to make the connection like that why can't you just do all the wiring on the headlight assembly itself led doesn't pull hardly any amps so I would assume you could

  88. Natalia Ramirez

    great song

  89. Jessica Joyner


  90. Darrin White

    Love this song don't get me wrong, but I don't think this vid matches the message of the song very well. It is a great vid though just doesn't match the lyrics. When I first heard this song my immediate thought was; a man is going through his old things from when he was younger with his wife. His wife picks a up a picture he drew circa 6 years old of his family. He has a flashback to that time and he sitting at table drawing the picture meanwhile his parents are arguing/fighting around him (hes in the center of the storm). It flashes back to his present time and thinks of the times he fought with his wife in front of his kid. He turns to his wife tears in his eyes and hugs her. He rips up the picture and lets go of it.

    Sparkplug Visual FX

    You need to stop watching shitty chick flicks....

    Darrin White

    @Sparkplug Visual FX nah man you got it backawards youre not watching enough lol maybe so. All im saying is the video doesnt match the story of the lyrics at least to my interpretation

  91. Pzychxz

    Love this

  92. TheNorma

    Love this song

  93. jarra gulla

    the best song from them!

  94. Taha Kurdi

    The video could've been better, I really live your music guys.

  95. Shawn Skeard

    they say "living" in the eye of the storm for a reason as in living in america where there is no war but watching the world fall apart

  96. Okke Schraa

    it has a story