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  1. soccerholden13

    One of their best tracks for sure! Hearing this one live was awesome!

  2. Jade Mead

    I dont know the first time i heard this song i felt a connection to the song because of everything i had to choose in my life and i just really love that song experience damn i listen to it everyday and like all day i even pump it through my big stero system lol but i love your songs their so god damn good

  3. Michael Cousineau

    Smashed play 20k of 53907

  4. FtwHaters84

    I loved thev3 first albums by trapt. Still listen daily. Wss hesitant about this album but man... I really fucking love this song!

  5. Kamerad Kameradowicz

    _Experience, experience it all_
    _I found a risk worth taking_
    _Right or wrong_
    _It’s my line to cross_
    _Experience, experience it all_
    _I found a life worth living_
    _I want to feel alive_
    _I want to do more than just survive_

    Can't stop listening, amazing

  6. AudioWavesAblaze

    Keep doing what you're doing, Trapt! I applaud your consistency! With all the morbid rap music blasting through the radiowaves, it's refreshing and reassuring to know that you continually release quality music that delivers BIG TIME! 

  7. Jeremy Wright

    Bad Ass


    A very short one

  9. Amaris MakesGood

    I love this song! :)

  10. Enrique Cruz timitydRUM

    Beautiful song!

  11. hell yea

    This is so awesom ! Keep it on guys !

  12. Nandee Fuery

    Chris Brown (No lie)

  13. IInSaNeViRuS

    You Guys are awesome, This song is awesome, The whole album is just awesome, The first song I heard from you guys was headstong, and now im a huge fan cause of this album

  14. bamb02us

    Chris Taylor Brown

  15. Blue Collar

    This song reminds me of this past winter when I left home to work out of state. I found a job with a company that traveled doing concrete polishing. So I was gone 4 months and worked almost 7 days a week 12-14 hours a day. In doing so I paid off all my student loans and helped get a new truck. I knew had I stayed home I wouldnt of been doing anything but sitting wishing I had left this state. I dont have a wife or kids so I'm lucky. Come to think of it I might leave again, you only live once.

  16. Kirsten Byrd

    What's the lead singers name? He's fuckin sexy

  17. Jo Mama

    At first I thought it said "Ninja to my keft, devil to my right." and I was like "Are you sure this isn't a Tenacious D cover"

  18. bill gates

    imma buy this album

  19. David LaRiviere

    Thank you for uploading it to your channel so I don't feel dirty giving someone random joe smoe ad revenue. Thanks for a great new album.

  20. Creative Roberts


    -top of the world-

  21. Okami Dragneel

    finally Im going to see these guys on Jun 18th in philly. and anybody in the area going see you there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. janice miranda

    My favorite band ever! Loved them from their first album and they only get better. Could listen to Trapt everyday.

  23. bigsexybear

    So excited to have you guys coming to Des Moines! Tickets go on sale in 3 minutes!!

  24. Akire Alexander

    This song is amazing, it speaks to so many hearts, omg Trapt, you are so amazing <3

  25. Unavoidable Fate

    Have you considered submitting a DMCA takedown request on that mislabeled video?

  26. brocktemple25

    I never knew about it til like a few months ago and when I listened to it I had the flu and a 105 temperature just like a greatest hits album I didn't know y'all had one y'all are new lol too early for a greatest hits btw when y'all coming back to Nashville I'd love to be able come to a live show on my birthday?

  27. brocktemple25

    All the confusion out there had me confused because headstrong means so much to me and you guys freaking rock every song on reborn I love specially living in the eye of the storm but anyways my apologies .

  28. NSeXy91

    See you all tonight in ATL! Can't wait!!!

  29. RockerEmilio

    awesome song. hope you'll make a vidoe for this song..

    rock on

  30. Enrique Cruz timitydRUM

    One of my favs of this album!!

  31. Amanda K

    Love it !! Waiting for you guys to come to Niagara Falls!! Please come soon :-)

  32. Darkling west

    Wat is the cover?

  33. Austin Logan

    duuude ahh i love this song!

  34. daBak93

    Really great song!

  35. Jack Sinner

    FUCK YEAH you go gurl! ;)

  36. Maledicti

    THIS IS AWESOME!!... just like to throw that in there..

  37. Michelle Krogh

    Loved it!

  38. Clint Eastwolf