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Trapt Are You With Me Comments
  1. Zoltán

    I want it all but most of all I want youuuuuuuuu Réka! :c

  2. RatRemix

    I got Chewbacca!
    I'm with you every Sith you break.
    The force is with me.
    The force is with me.


    RatRemix May the 4th be with you! ;) Chewie is the best ;)

  3. Jhonny Midkiff

    rock n roll is a dien bread

  4. Jade Stone

    I love all their music!


    I'M WITH YOU!!!

  6. Johnathan Gochenour

    Why do people comment the name of the song on YouTube? Like seriously. We can see the title.


    +Johnathan Gochenour when they share a vid it also post a comment on the vid itself

  7. Billie Lankford

    why doesn't this song have a trillion chris voice and this band is to it....xoxoxoxo

  8. Andrea Marciníková

    This music is my favorite....It has love and rock for me:)

  9. Robert M Lawrence I

    this music is very good from " I shot the shierf "

  10. trapt81

    This song reminds me of my son, and his mother.

  11. Yeison Serrano

    Amo esta musica! y su significado :,)

  12. Truevine13

    3 people accidentally disliked :)

  13. K Way

    Great song. But to that dude who's nephew raped a sheep. You're family is messed up..

  14. Bryson Finger

    I love this song now I need to change my underwear

  15. Southern .guitarist

    Comment below scares me

  16. hersheybearsfan21

    I love this song!

  17. Brandon Placker

    Through a raging river or a blazing fire...
    Through fierce winds or jagged earth....
    I will always stand beside her.

  18. Barb Gross

    Good job on your first try. Love this song, love Trapt. Thanks for your efforts :)

  19. king1hoy

    i may of have just heard god

  20. Betti

    Sorry guys!
    Yes, I know the quality of the mp3 isn't good =/
    Originally it was good, because I made this lyrics video with Sony Vegas,but then the whole video was too big for youtube -__- so I had to convert it...and it ended up like this =S (maybe I used a bad converter...but at that time I just found that.)

  21. specopbookie

    @78rebel78 What in the world are you talking about? Nothing you said makes any sense or has anything to do with the quality of the mp3 the OP used.

  22. 78rebel78

    @specopbookie only on a mp3 is mp3 ever good unless youve never used the file before

  23. specopbookie

    The quality of the mp3 is not very good... however, this is still the best lyric video of this song on youtube. thank you!