Transit - You Can't Miss It (It's Everywhere) Lyrics

You Can't Miss It (It's Everywhere) No Lyrics. You Can't Miss It (It's Everywhere) If you know the lyrics you can send us.

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Transit You Can't Miss It (It's Everywhere) Comments
  1. Qurida Pearson


  2. Jacob Miller

    eh. none of those bands are the same. something about these guys is different. I like these guys but not so much any of them

  3. faith semine

    "i'm nothing special really, i'm just a kid who tried too hard"

  4. Tiana O'Neal

    You have great taste in music!

  5. Megan Bean Cobain

    I only found this band today, because my boss told me to listen to them. . . THEY'RE AMAZING!

  6. Jojordan12


  7. Ryan Downes

    they sound even better live

  8. heather marie

    such a great driving song

  9. MaybeMonica673

    My dad must have a hearing problem if he thinks this band sucks... they're perfect.

  10. Hector Zamarron

    i saw them yesterday @ warped tour! amazing like always!

  11. Chris Saldana

    They just cant fail.

  12. Michael Miller

    if its the im so indie track, then no its no the same people.

  13. 1812death

    There is a "Transit" on the side thumbnails is it also the same band cuz thy sound different and I'm confused :X

  14. Briana Carassone

    saw them live, and they played this. best feeling ever

  15. Tom Embry

    Why is the song soooo shortttt?! :(

  16. Erik L

    Agreed. anyone whose getting into Transit for the first time should definitely start with Keep This To Yourself. That album is amazing. Idk what happened since but this album just feels to have so much less weight to it, the rawness of KTTY is gone I feel.

  17. Fionn Wesson

    this video was uploaded on my birthday. YEAH :D

  18. seanagarnsey

    I've felt that way about this album in general, I've found the Stay Home EP and Keep This To Yourself by these same guys to be really dynamic though, if you haven't already checked those out you should definitely give it a try! :D

  19. Lauren James

    They're going to Warped this summer ♥ Ahhh, cant waittt :D

  20. Dan Mason

    His voice isn't bad, the guitar work is good. The drumming is okay. I don't know though, I just can't seem to make it thru a whole song without getting bored

  21. TinyFriedEggs

    @Samanthathinks and lost his heart <\3

  22. Anon

    Anyone who asks for thumbs up looks pathetic...

  23. Samantha Eckart

    I'm nothing special really, I'm just a kid who tried too hard.

  24. Dan Brown

    its like a mix of taking back sunday and minus the bear.....i love it :D

  25. Tim Warner

    balance and composure's kaleidoscope ?

  26. dachaparronbonaparte

    for me this is one of the best album in the 2011 or maybe the best album of the year!

  27. The Coward Robert Ford

    The chorus resembles Taking Back Sunday's "Brooklyn" so much.

  28. Marshall Bliss

    im really liking this band

  29. dhpgoalie

    @xmuscularghandix if they're ripping mp3s off of youtube, then that is even more unprofessional and is nowhere near good quality. What a noob way to download music. If they like the music and they decide to not buy the album after downloading it, then shame on them.

  30. Jake Adolfi

    Transit never fails me

  31. JenaAnnissa

    @bruinbaseball12 I knowww haha but I'm just getting into them. jeez.

  32. Amber Johnston

    these guys r great and rock live

  33. JenaAnnissa

    thumbs up if your starting to like this band because you heard Patrick Stump is on a song and you realized they're great!

  34. MBIIdollaBill

    havent listened to much of this band before, but this record is off to a good start!

  35. waymankyle

    HOLLY SHIT! how/why have i not heard of these guys until Saves The Day anounced they were taking them on tour with them?!!! There so freakin good.

  36. OGwilikers

    hell yeah!

  37. MBIIdollaBill

    @xmuscularghandix its easy to stream any streaming mp3.

  38. xmuscularghandix

    Streaming a record via Youtube is so unprofessional... do you guys have any idea how easy it is for people to jack these mp3's?

  39. Alexandre Klein

    Best album Rise has released ever.

  40. Britney C

    I am the happiest girl right now. I've never been this excited for a new album to come out before. Transit is SO GOOD!

  41. Evan Neel album of the year right here!!!

    I love this sound so much more!

  42. Albert Fish

    everything is done right :)