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Transit Skipping Stone Comments
  1. Andy Roe

    One of my fav bands...keep it up guys

  2. Rafa Zelotti

    I like this version better instead of the one in the album...

  3. Nathaniel Fajardo

    This song deserves more love. A true masterpiece.

  4. Gino Cordone

    Rest in peace tim

  5. shane grimsley

    Rest in peace, Tim. <3

  6. David L. Carroll

    RIP Tim Landers<3

  7. lilsmokedout

    Lol the drummer looks so bored

  8. fernandez

    this song always has a weird "yesterday" vibe for me. anyone else?

  9. Pringles xx

    warped tour😍😍

  10. Jeremiah Fernandez

    Most awkward high hat placement I've seen

  11. Jeremiah Fernandez

    Didn't know Ari Schaffir was in a band

  12. Michael Brown

    One of the best bands Rise ever signed. I miss you Transit. You guys wrote the soundtrack to me getting off drugs.

  13. ERIC x DRAKE

    Can't believe they're disbanding. I wonder what they will be doing after this, more music or regular life?

  14. Celimar Boneta

    So sad that transit isn't coming anywhere near colorado for their farewell tour :( But I'll just listen to the music and stay in the feels i guess.

  15. anthony chang

    RIP TRANSIT <3 <3 <3 <3

    Gino Cordone

    +anthony chang cant believe it....

    Robert Johnstone

    fucking sucks man


    what happened ? just discovered this band and I like it.

  16. Sarah DelBene

    this new version is throwing me off. why change something that was already good enough to begin with

  17. Not Annabelle

    I've always had this tune stuck in my head and I was never quite sure where it was from, and now I found it :)

  18. Jeff Christie

    3 years later, still absolutely perfect

  19. Marcus Trebotich

    the best

  20. Stephanie Armand

    It's been like 2 years since i've listened to this, and yet it feels like yesterday <3

  21. Fire & Flesh

    I want pizza

  22. 123robert45

    Absolute favorite.

  23. Knerr JollySheesh

    Throw fucking back, holy shit!

  24. Harry Caterson

    All great but why is the singer acting so weird? it's like he thinks it's a comedy video. 

    Matt Mannion

    +Harry Caterson smiling is good singing technique, promotes a nice resonance for your voice. :)

    K PAD

    He was never a great frontman. When they got on Rise he had to pretty much be taught how to sing properly. He makes weird faces because he's awkward and trying to act for the camera. Without the expensive production from Rise, this would sound as bad as it looks.

    Matt Mannion

    i mean thats one way to look at it, but smiling while singing like he is helps a ton. take a look at any highly skilled singer. during more challenging parts its, smile, jaw slightly down, and good chest compression. of course he isn't a great singer, but those are things that all vocalist can do to help bring consistency to their performances.

  25. R. A

    You should seriously change your lead singer, your music is beautiful


    No way, his voice is literally the only possibility I can hear with Transit's instrumentals.


    You should change your ears, because they're fucking retarded, he's a great singer.

  26. Mike Oxbig

    That chorus had a lot of potential. 

  27. Dave Foss

    Like it

  28. LoveAbleSmile643

    1st song i heard by them i like em

  29. Eric Hearst

    Can't stop listening to these guys.

  30. Mighty

    #Listening to Transit.

  31. PRZEMOhaha

    the singer acts so stupid... sorry, had to say that ;P good tune though

  32. J.T. Madden

    Haha a few days after posting this i think i found the re-issue they did of the whole album. Thanks any way though :)

  33. spikymike123

    theres 2 versions! One for the original album (the acoustic) and one for the deluxe (this one!)

  34. Bloody Hardened Meat

    If you think this shit sucks, then go check out Systematic Abuse!

  35. Ben Hayward

    This version is different to the album. Hmm...

  36. FOUR2theFLOORx

    First time I hear them was at warped last year, totally held the lead singer over my head as he waas crowd surfing...such a good band

  37. J.T. Madden

    I love this song- but can someone tell me why this version sounds different than the version on the album?

  38. jake Farero

    Me too! It's one of my favorite songs on the CD!

  39. Will Neumann

    As someone who is going to school to become an audio engineer (and a fan of this band), I appreciate your comment. It is such an intensive process and to have a band that is so talented and creative is a breath of fresh air.

  40. Chester Abellera

    looked em up, listening to I've Given Up On You, Thank you !!! ^-^

  41. 12345joshieboy

    Some of the best lyrics I've ever heard.

  42. MonkeyGirlRulez

    I absolutely love this song!

  43. Joe Oliverius

    Love it!

  44. Grace Hale

    I heard this on the Warped Tour 2012 CD, so glad I looked them up :)

  45. nivekachak

    This song use to get me sad and now i love it cause im over her kinda lol !!!

  46. Calibur43

    I definitely have heard of The Offseason, even before TSSF, haha that's weird.

  47. AniMIZation

    haha, no need to give props, as long as you dig the music and support the band, it doesn't matter when you actually found them. But I couldn't agree more about TSSF being in my top 5...Transit, TSSF, Fireworks, The Wonder Years, and The Offseason are in my Top 5 as of right now...if you haven't heard of The Offseason, do some homework and search right NOW...spotify the shit out of that band...I go to all their shows around boston, they are fucking RAD dudes and deserve more recognition for sure

  48. Calibur43

    Huge props for being an original The Story So Far fan dude. I'll admit I first heard them in a store at the mall in like February of this year, that band has honestly entered my top 5 ever since.

  49. Minnie S

    Amazing :)

  50. AniMIZation

    dude, thanks! incredible band

  51. Adam Linka

    Thank you, whoismilio. Couldn't have said it better myself. This comment should be posted to every single song that isn't "post-hardcore accetpable" to all these scenesters.

  52. OfficialKarpeNoktum

    this song always put me in a good mood for some reason

  53. Elizabeth Beato


  54. cG Cinemuhs

    Pretty much summed up everything I say to the ignorance I'm surrounded by on a daily basis. I agree completely

  55. charlie grager

    These guys are awesome!! I love their new song, and cant wait for the new album!!

  56. endarspirecameron

    I love transit's awkwardness :3 I hope they get big one day :D

  57. mck.k

    beautiful melody, amazing band :3

  58. Emmy Hondel-Sousley

    Why do I just now have to e discovering them!? Jeez they are so amazing!

  59. Tom B

    Preach it Brother!

  60. ChadMaltoMusic

    Seriously. Such an underrated band, man.

  61. Sanford Crittenden

    Thats why they came out with thing called Spotify

  62. Brandon Bristow

    You sir, are the man haha

  63. Sounds & Tones

    So yeah, this song is great and all, (weve all established that) But who is the girl in this video1? She is gorgeous!

  64. Sofia Lozano

    i discovered them through my 2012 warped tour cd x)

  65. Bony Knees Co.

    it was a bonus's like when bands release acoustic versions of a song except the other way around haha

  66. Johnny Fresh

    it's one of the bonus tracks on the re-release of listen and forgive. i actually like it more than the original.

  67. ambitiously, amanda

    love this song so much! heard it on the warped compilation and bought transit's entire discography!

  68. Liam Sharman

    These guys are definitely one of the best sounding bands around right now

  69. 1sam1adams1

    "Yes" your are "right" it is bands like "these" that give me "hope"
    not only these "bands", but the people who "enjoy" listening "to" "them" "as" "well" "."

  70. Clark Kent

    where ya from

  71. Gabriela Gonzalez

    man overboard, handguns & transit are the best bands in my opinion.

  72. Keewi Hazel

    Omg i just died inside 3

  73. Funkenstein

    I wouldn't have Transit any other way.

  74. Sperr Bear

    i saw transit 's acoustic set at warped 2012, went to get some transit gear, the kiosk was down but the singer was there so we talked to him and he gave us peace tea

  75. amandahasahitlist

    i'm a big big fan of them, i actually think the electric version is as good as the acoustic version, it's good to have option to listen to, same song, same band, same awesomeness. if you don't like it go listen to other kind of music.

  76. Kyra Kondis

    I love this song so much!

  77. whoismilio

    I'm an audio engineer, and I have something to say to all these "music elitists." You have no idea how much work goes into mixing, mastering, recording a track, and the fact that these guys are real musicians. Clearly you aren't if you think this is a generic sub-par song. It is very well put together, and they have a good sound to them. Listen to the whole album, it's incredible. Saw these guys at Baxter theater on Gramercy, Great show. So don't put your two cents in if you're an ignorant fuck.

  78. Kaleb Crane

    Hashtags on Youtube? Who is this guy?

  79. Patrick Brennan

    fuck you man.

  80. Sean Kelly

    all these bands and songs sound so incredibly generic

  81. lana Naser

    thy cam to my scool

  82. Xenoblood23

    t forget about The Dangerous Summer!

  83. FlowFiver

    I prefer the acoustic one! but only because thats the one I listened to first

  84. Jason Cox

    Brad, you know what's up.


  85. brad zackular

    This band has recently become my life.

  86. Bryce Jordan

    They shouldn't have fucked with his voice.

  87. Elizabeth Amber


  88. Stephen Arthur

    hey transit i don't like this version! please don't kill the acoustic version!

  89. MrDirtyscumbag

    Literally anything haha everything they put out is amazing. This has more of a full sound than older stuff though they've certainly matured

  90. AniMIZation

    This song is pure GOLD...Bands like "Transit" and "The Story So Far" make me have faith in the music industry

  91. Denee Weathers

    check out my vocal cover of this song(:

  92. ReprogrammedToHate

    they took a shit load of work, effort and time to get signed.

  93. andrewisdizzy

    Old sound was phenomenal, new sound is still phenomenal. These guys are pretty much the best right now.

  94. Garrett Glasscock

    (In Peter Griffin voice)
    Who hurt you Joe? Who hurt you? Who hurt you..who..

  95. Billal Achy

    Love this band so mellow

  96. Peter Arndt

    2:43 = perfection.

  97. RefuseTheConformity

    Like pop punk? We're Refuse the Conformity, a teenage pop punk trio from PA! We just uploaded our new lyric video for our single "Infatuation!" Please go check it out and support underground music! #defendpoppunk

  98. SenorWicho

    lol its the flannel shirts. They kinda do but if you ever get to meet them they are really awesome funny people