Transit - Second To Right Lyrics

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Transit Second To Right Comments
  1. Zander Szwed

    Heartbroken that they disbanded

  2. Brande George

    Rise doesn't deserve them.

  3. Chapper

    Pretty damn awesome band

  4. xXLaurennLunaticXx

    Came across this band yesterday. Am now hooked. :3

  5. Preston Tucker

    This album is gonna be the album of the year. Also, sounds way more "Get Up Kids"y then the last one. That's a good thing too.

  6. DjV RazoR

    people may say these guys do not deserve to be on rise because they are not heavy.


  7. Neverbh

    Fuckin' amazing song. So much feelings.. Transit deserve more

  8. Danilo Guarniero

    this is my favorite song off the album

  9. x x

    Fuck yes.