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Transit Nothing Lasts Forever Comments
  1. Douglas Dockstader

    So much love for Transit RIP TIM

  2. Charming Manny

    Rest easy Tim you’ll be missed dearly

  3. YungIceyWizard

    Transit was TIM!! Love you bro

  4. Jake McDowell

    Rip Tim

  5. Name And Likeness

    Gonna miss Tim

    Charming Cthulhu

    What happened?

  6. notyoursavior78

    Such a beautiful song. I love how they shot it in an attic and busted into the outdoors.

  7. notyoursavior78

    Hmm I actually want to get an album by these guys but I just can't find one where I'm really sold on the whole album. This might be my favorite song of the ones I heard so far.

  8. Kiki Wilson

    2018 I’m here

  9. dane aragon

    i miss this :'(

  10. Maddie Antonellis


  11. mikeynonutz

    RIP Transit. Love this song and this band. Nothing Lasts Forever.

  12. JC21

    So glad I caught them at Slam Dunk 2015. Love thes guys, so sad about the split. :(

  13. Kevin Gilligan

    nothin' lasts forever ;(

  14. Erik Torrez

    I'm so sad they're breaking up:(

  15. aems24

    Just discovered these guys last night on Spotify and this is hands down the best musical discovery of 2015 for me.

    This and The Only One are bangers. Can't wait to dive deeper into their discography.

    bb falet

    better try catching their last show ever coming up

    Stephen Dre

    Keep this to yourself is the goat

  16. Fabian Osorio-Trucios

    Today i lost a friend.....was there for her...but in reality she wasnt there for me when i needed a close friend,when i needed comfort....nothing really last forever....

  17. Gian Goicoechea

    This is easycore emo pop punk fusion ambiental country gender.

  18. hunter 600rr

    such a great tune from this band

  19. Hailey

    Saw these guys at Warped and they were the bomb! New favorite band? I think yes!


    +Hailey Sixx I'm afraid I have some bad news.

  20. Kimberly Dunaway

    I saw them life yesterday at Warped Tour '15. I talked to Neil, the lead singer, and they're really chill. (The girl with blonde and blue hair)


    +Kimberly Dunaway the singer is called Joe lol

    Kimberly Dunaway

    I know. Ah. I felt so bad. @forestnh05​


    +Kimberly Dunaway easy mistake to make :P

  21. Rapid Fireman

    this is emo pop punk <3

    the sons of rome

    @Seiji Gaminglord Technically he's right...


    @The Sons Of Rome I think this is just Emo, maybe Emo pop. Emo pop punk would be like Real Friends. They're more or less the same sub-genre but Emo pop punk is generally faster.

    the sons of rome

    This is one of their slower songs. 

    Victor Murilo Silva

    I think emo pop punk should look more like Man Overboard.

  22. jodonation

    Shia labouf has a nice voice.

  23. JohnBlah

    2006? I was gonna say 96!

  24. Cedric Orenji

    Hmmm it reminds of how rock music sounded like in 2006! Ahhhh memories !

  25. RightCenterBack

    His facial expressions when he sings in this video remind me of Napoleon Dynamite for some reason...

    spilled socks

    I thought I was alone.

    kyle spejewski


  26. 徳岡和弘

    can please someone get all tabs for this music 私は完全なタブを得ることができる場所誰もが知っているのですか

  27. D7mi

    Exalt teamtage 107th !

  28. Denial Not Accepted

    Feel good music!

  29. Ben Sainter

    I really dig this. I can see myself chilling to it in the summer loads. 

  30. Cassi carleene

    Just found out about this band. They're good! :)


    Cassi tattedSweetheart 😞

  31. ELvis Kapu

    >.<  linda  musica

  32. Kevin Sauce

    Damn it I really want to like this band I really do but the vocals just aren't cutting it for me

    kendall hurley

    Then fuck you

  33. grapefruitspoon123

    I'm seeing them today with Taking Back Sunday!

  34. Marisa Sportsman

    I love these guys, omfg. I must see them live. ;u;

  35. xRevengeance95x

    I'm just glad Rise doesn't have to sign cliche metalcore bands.

  36. Cale Barajas

    i'm sorry but the drummer just doesn't look like he belongs here...

  37. NitoriKun

    This song gives me strong The Gaslight Anthem vibes. Not saying Transit is ripping of TGA or vice versa just that I get the same feeling from both bands. It's fucking awesome.

  38. TheBrutal757Channel

    cant wait to see this band with Taking Back Sunday in a couple weeks

  39. HighHopes Pop Punk

    watch?v=gURHfMQm1OQ For fans of Transit!

  40. Austin Lyle

    or stop putting shit into genre's and sub genre's. its music dude. listen to it.

  41. Sharita hUtchered

    @rastaponi I couldn't agree more, but in Every Genre there is something for everyone.

  42. rastaponi

    Genre means something different to everyone...
    (I'm not sticking up for BOTDF or AA)

  43. xTanner22

    not really, and listen to the new cd and cry yourself to sleep you fanboy fagoo

  44. Clark Kent

    It was a week when i commented dood

  45. Justin Mattison

    i don't know why people are soo critical about this new album. I think its great, its just a lighter album

  46. TheHuricange

    I love this 3

  47. Diet NY

    Hey everyone, we're Diet from NYC and we just released our debut EP recently. We are influenced by bands such as Blink-182, Citizen, Tigers Jaw, Nirvana, and Title Fight. We mix grunge with pop punk, making music not like many other bands. It would mean a lot if you could take a minute and check out our music by clicking on our channel "Diet NY". Let us know if you love or hate us, thanks a lot for reading this, if you did!

  48. jsh020

    young new england was pretty terrible but i do find myself still enjoying this song

  49. summersunsets

    i love you guys. i can't wait until i can see you again in san diego!

  50. WoahWoahCalmDown

    Where would they get the good live performance from? Ahhh.

  51. Carl Strum

    lol rite like wher r th brekdowns like jeez wtf these guyz dont even pig squel WTF

  52. Castro Fidel

    Damnit rise. Get better bands

  53. Ben Cobbler

    nophing las foreffer :D

  54. Angela Young

    How he sings "forever"...:D gotta love it haha

  55. Hannah Krause

    I love this band

  56. L. Kelly

    I love them so much :3 I really like this song

  57. Tyrone Jackson

    If The Fuglies and The Anklegrabbers had a gayby, it would be Transhit

  58. Javiera Parra L.

    this is the most perfect thing I've ever read

  59. xTanner22

    Your that big of a fanboy that you dig through 3 weeks of comments just to argue? lel

  60. Clark Kent

    have you heard the evolution that transit is? are you shitting me? Did you listen from stay home to keep this to yourself to listen and forgive?

  61. Nick Fairburn

    If you want the tuning it is similar to American Football's tuning, only slightly lower, and is (From low to high) E,Ab,B,Gb,B,Eb

  62. Falloutnation1

    This is more pop punk or indie pop to me

  63. Stephen Black

    Idk how this band is pop-punk at all. There's no pop or punk elements. This is a cool post-hardcore band though

  64. eastbeast95

    It would be glorious not the disgrace that transit has become

  65. glamboypasspass

    They are going to ditch the singer

  66. Oscar Muro-Flores

    Instrumentally they sound awesome but the vocals aren't my cup of coffee

  67. lucas sandberg

    that guitar sound <3

  68. lucky love

    Good song

  69. Jordan Pope

    Met these guys in may, they were lovely! They are really good!

  70. Todd Robertson

    I thoroughly enjoy the shit out of the album.

  71. xTanner22

    Dont like transit. But i like this song. Though Man Overboard and Transit need to grow. Evolve please

  72. Jack Roulston

    just no.

  73. Dominique Bueve

    the drummers right ear must be really heavy

  74. zack keel

    I could kill you for saying something so fucking stupid. holy shit I pray to god you're kidding

  75. nikolas sojack

    I love this song:)

  76. MetalJaguars94

    Can we only talk about this band or the genre the band is in

  77. samuel Cash

    the beginning tripped me out

  78. Lewis Bolitho

    im usually listening to the main heavy Rise Records stuff, but it is so nice to hear this sometimes

  79. Elisa M

    This is my break up song

  80. Preet

    omg i love the music the singing the main singer the video the beat the tune .. asdfklhuiwesdjcxljc <3 <3

  81. saudah maarif

    love ittt

  82. Ciera Guyda

    I love the rest of this song, but the beginning is shit.. /:

  83. Holly G

    cant stop listening to Young New England, excellent album

  84. cowgba

    I absolutely love the guitar work, not sure about the vocals yet but they're growing on me.

  85. GillDoesGames

    Saw & heard these guys for the first time at Slam Dunk Fest.... These guys.... Were incredible. They didn't care if people thought they sucked, they didn't care if people weren't moving... They were just playing and having fun. Which made everybody LOVE it. I fell in love with their love for music and now i can't stop listening to these guys!
    Sick respect!

  86. Lucy Jones

    I saw them play as support for Tonight Alive last week and I had no idea who they were! I was stood next to them at the bar aswell haha. Really wish I'd said hi or something they're actually pretty good

  87. Carlos Mencha

    But I still love this song!!

  88. Carlos Mencha

    The lead singer looks allot like Jon mess

  89. TheCandyxoxo1

    I love this song :))

  90. dnztkgg

    ergh. what the fuck man? what are these guys evolving into?

  91. Fabian Osorio-Trucios


  92. thenageone

    what the hell is with all the labels. everyone knows there only 3 kinds: music, good music, and bad music

  93. Ezekiel222

    This song is utterly, amazingly beautiful

  94. Bony Knees Co.

    the lead line in this song is so damn catchy

  95. Swen Duerigen

    If The Maine and Man Overboard had a baby, it would be Transit

  96. Kyle Davidson

    did you you just classify botdf and asking alexandria as metal? Tisk tisk tisk.....