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Transit Long Lost Friends Comments
  1. JC Denton

    RIP Tim and RIP Transit :(

  2. Bayani George Edward Angcao

    Rest in paradise Tim

  3. Al Rossi

    Tim landers respect

  4. Aya Afterlife

    Thank you to the one who brought me here. You know who you are : )

  5. Underarmalloy 5

    Dig the American Football influence.

  6. MatthewP

    RIP Tim.

  7. Gaby Zumel


  8. jcioff

    Love you Torry

  9. ninja fishdog

    RIP Tim :(

  10. afterstars

    That Glassjaw shirt tho..

  11. Andrew Johnson

    Addiction is a motherfucker. You're at peace now Tim.

  12. Jettdog 12

    Rest In Peace you lovely man

  13. Clark Kent

    Rest easy Tim. You've influenced many more people you could've imagined.

  14. Diego Rene Lynn Ortega

    *Tim Landers* forever

  15. Dustin Parlier

    ❤️ Tim ❤️ RIP bro. So talented.

  16. Stephen Dre

    “In my dreams, you run back to me... (my long lost friend...)” Love you Tim. RIP. 💔

  17. Josh Zimmer

    holy terrible christian all boys camp batman

  18. The False Edge

    RIP TIm

  19. Lambang Akbar Ramadhan

    RIP Tim Landers, such a good talent

  20. Dave Sulmo

    Tim Landers FOREVER!

  21. Steve Taylor

    RIP Tim. We’ll miss you.

  22. Uncle Kizaru

    RIP Tim

  23. Kat Graves

    RIP Tim❤️ I hope you know how loved you truly were.

  24. Kyle Morgan

    Rip Tim

  25. jacob minnish

    Rip Tom you'll be missed

  26. Manuel gonzalez

    Rip Tim

  27. LostBoyDanny

    RIP Tim

  28. Jacob Turner

    R.I.P. Underrated band underrated song.

  29. pat hennessy

    R.I.P. Tim <3


    how did he pass? can't believe it.

    pat hennessy

    @jim OD if im not mistaken.


    @pat hennessy shit man

    Charlie Tan

    This is fucking sad dudes :(

  30. Reaver

    Rip Tim Landers

  31. Walter Burrier

    RIP Tim 😔

  32. Jon Bonning

    RIP Tim.

  33. Andoni Daran

    So sad about Tim, rest in peace.

  34. fewicharlie

    RIP Tim

  35. Dan

    Rest in Peace Tim, you will be missed

  36. AllThingsUnplugged

    RIP Tim Landers

  37. Voltronzoltan

    RIP Tim, thanks for everything!

  38. Juan Marcelo Gutierrez

    Miss this band tremendously <3

  39. Bunt Cakes

    This song reminds me of the good times I shared with this girl before she sent me spiraling into depression

  40. TMZGRÑatiøn

    2018-19? Greetings from Greece guys 🤘

  41. Karl Heinz Schmidt

    Reminds of the early 2000s pop punk music 😍

  42. mariah a.

    This is the band that got me into pop punk. Also Man Overboard when they were both on tour, I think in 2011. ANYONE ELSE WENT ?! I’m feeling nostalgic as fuckkkkk !! 😭

  43. Jay garcia

    I miss these guys so much

  44. Realm23 X7

    Sausage fest

  45. Makayla Mendez

    i miss you guys :(

  46. Drokage DR34MC43T

    Still listening in 2018 miss these guys hellas 😢

  47. Sam Carter

    These guys were ahead of their time

  48. patrick miller

    ah takes me back to freshman year of high school. this will forever be one of my favorite songs in the world

  49. Damogul 00

    I still fuck wit this, hella brings back some dope times

  50. Adam Kocur

    It feels weird being here at a video of theirs with 1M views because my older brother is friends with the lead singer.

  51. Mountaineer Actual

    Saw these guys live in like .... 2011? Liked em a lot, and the opened for Bayside. I enjoyed this song a lot. Still listening in 2017

  52. Penka Mineva

  53. Victoria L

    Remember when this song was featured on the super bowl like two years ago??

  54. Austin Essick

    This song has a ADTR feel to me

  55. Joel Flores

    I saw Transit on the Warped Tour and being that they hail from my wife's home town i was hoping to see them but when we went to visit her family i was told that they broken up, Fuck"n A

  56. Meghan Garland

    I work with Joe now. he's the greatest.

    Meghan Garland

    Josh Gabry we work for AT&T now.

    Alexdragonwalker 48

    Meghan Garland he's my cousin :D

    Meghan Garland

    alex sahovey Really? ive never met his family lol only him. And I've seen pics of Amanda.

    Alexdragonwalker 48

    Meghan Garland prob doesn't know me bc I'm not really close to him on the family tree lol, my step brothers are tho

  57. Michael Brown

    I am so sad to see this band go. I know it's been a few months, but it seems like yesterday that they announced it. Forever one of my favorite bands of all time.


    Michael Brown why did they breakup?


    Same here dude. Miss this band tremendously and still one of my favorites still in 2018

  58. Lars Darling

    Fuck this band is so ass hahaha


    To each their own

    Sean Quigley

    Lars Darling you forgot to add bad to that sentence. Let me fix it for you. "Fuck, This band is so bad ass." There you go friend.

  59. Kyle Napier

    reminds me of my last relationship, she introduced me to transit. go on....

  60. Anthony EagleElk

    This is not the Hip Hop artist Transit either...Bleh!

  61. nccapnick6

    That's a dope tele

  62. Leon Degrelle

    fuck i wish i could have seen them live :/

    Sean Quigley

    Leon Degrelle Saw them Live at GLMR Kills in 2012 was fucking awesome.

  63. Alden Comer

    Hey Wes Cooper, are you sad too that transit is breaking up? :( I know it's hard for you to deal with man I feel the same way. they are such a pop punk band.

  64. Seamus Doyle

    So why did they split?

  65. Rohan Jyothinagaram

    Gonna this band, Boston never drinks alone.

  66. Danny Moncada

    So many memories to this band all through out high school to my grown up days. I'm gonna miss you guys ):

  67. Enzo Music

    Will miss these guys so much :'( Last show seeing them this april

  68. Lizz Keaney

    Love that it's in Danvers!! Essex County native! :)

  69. Pot Random

    this is my favourite....fuckiing awesome lyrics

  70. Thomas Rios

    no more Transit 😭😭😭😭😭

  71. bb falet

    good luck dudes

  72. Wes Winchester

    can't believe they're breaking up

  73. chrisand002

    hey thats my town

  74. Silverstein4

    Transit are the younger, faster and a bit harder version of American Football. And I like that!!!

  75. Poseidon Band

    I just cant seem to like these guys... Back to Man Overboard.

  76. Kevin Johnson

    This song kinda reminds me of the band American Football.

  77. Justina Smith


  78. Meagan Morgan

    I want that slug shirt.

    Daniel Hampton

    I think it's a fireworks shirt. I have a fireworks guitar pick that has the same drawing on it.

  79. Dog Mayor

    Boring song and the singer's voice is autotuned to shit. You can tell they spent alot of time editing and mixing this crap they sound nothing like this live. And if you think this indie/emo band is pop punk then youre an idiot.

    My Minox Beard

    +Dog Mayor Chill out


    +Dog Mayor Idk.. I saw them live and Joe sounded the same as he does on an album. It's not autotuned and this is a pop punk band as well. Why are you so angry?

  80. Tharon Goins

    just realized this was filmed on my birthday. niceeee

  81. Zauce

    boring as fuck

    Dog Mayor

    Yea i don't get how this has so many views. I hate this new wave crap. All these fuckin bands have adopted this wierd folksie/indie sound and then branding themselves pop punk its terrible.

    Fffuck Off

    +Dog Mayor whoa whoa whoa there edge king. as long as people's enjoying the tune why be a party-pooper :D

  82. Jean Franco

    While most of the other rock bands played distorted guitars and a lot of noise, this guys changed that thing with pure and clean sound which is a pleasure to my ears.

    Tyler Lori

    +Jean Franco agreed, plus their whole tone and vibe seems to be exactly that. Really quite great, tends to remind me of Yellowcard's approach in genre of pop-punk rock

    Jean Franco

    @Tyler Lori Totally agree. Good point.


    Jean Franco I can't believe they disbanded their a really great band 😭😭😭

    terence landers

    This guy...was Tim Landers....

  83. Adrian Riley

    The beginning is so chill <3

  84. Regan Cornell

    This is a jam.

  85. Aritamus

    So goooo ooooooon

  86. baconfromhell666

    it's funny when you turn down the sound, then it looks like they're playing a hardcore song


    true true

    Christopher Rogers

    +christopherson93 lol i always loved this video because usually everyone in A crowd is moshing and going wild, but theyre just like like calmly singing along

  87. Amanda Flaherty

    I went to school with some of these guys and I remember Transit playing in my high school talent shows. They've come so far since then and it's pretty sick.

  88. BVB promises

    Did anyone notice the dude dressed as a giant tellatubby at about 2:35


    yea, that's pretty random lol


    +BVB promises Lala to be precise as well XD

    King Sisyphus

    +BVB promises did anyone notice the blonde trying to sing but obviously didn't know the lyrics. XD

    Mike Oser

    If I recall correctly, this was filmed right near Halloween and I had it in my car from a Halloween party a day or two before

    Michael Vandoran

    Mike Oser so you were at the video
    Shoot lol

  89. AnalFondue

    Pardon my ignorance but I keep seeing that slug T shirt. What band/brand is that?


    Someone please answer this! I've been trying to find out for 2 years haha, I keep seeing people in different bands wearing it! Do you need to be part of a cult or something to get one of these damn things haha?


    Thanks! It's been bothering me recently. I've seen it here and there in the past but never thought too much of it before.

    nathaniel wagner

    @Lufti the slug is also the nickname for the lead singer / rapper of the band atmosphere from Minnesota.

    nathaniel wagner

    The lead singer for atmosphere is slug.

    Jesse Dampolo

    The Slug is a Stoneham MA thing drawn on a desk by one of their friends, it got turned into stickers and t-shirts and got pasted all over. It's been inactive for years now but a bunch of bands and buddies would spread it. Look up "SpreadTheSlug"