Transit - I've Never Told That To Anyone Lyrics

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Transit I've Never Told That To Anyone Comments
  1. Edward F. Pignataro IV

    Tim Landers R.I.P.

  2. William Wilson

    I cry everytime

  3. Antlion161

    I miss this

  4. Don lilliard

    Steve from stranger things second guy in

  5. Catherine Dougherty

    Why am I crying listening to this?

    Yuan Feng

    because it rules

  6. Amy goffard

    One of my favourite songs by transit.

  7. edward ersando

    nc song yeahh

  8. kay smla

    we need each other

  9. Ian Stone

    Got me through a lot of rough times in high school. Miss you guys <3.

  10. Valeria Escamilla

    aw this brings me back to when i was a freshman in HS, now im gonna be a senior. 


    +Valeria Escamilla how was graduation?

    Valeria Escamilla

    lol it was great, now im in university

    Lucas Vnenchak

    @Valeria Escamilla how was uni then!?

  11. Harry O'Donnell

    talk about a feels trip. this will always rule.

  12. Nathnael Fikru

    Just realized this is the original version of their song "I told you so"

  13. jsh020

    i miss older transit so much, even listen and forgive was pretty good when you look past how poppy it is, but their newer things is just not passable

    Steven Moncada

    jsh020 you are so right

    Steven Moncada

    jsh020 andd now theyre gone :/

    Steven Moncada

    jsh020 this was the real stuff

  14. TheBrutal757Channel

    well they have a little 90s emo style going on, so no

  15. Jacob C

    "...and it's a cruel twist of fate how much we lose ourselves to find someone else"
    This line gets the best of me every time.

  16. Rob Campbell

    "Collect calls to home. Tell them that I realize that everyone who lives will someday die and die alone."

  17. michaeljonaca

    the first two lines.

  18. YocomRandomness13

    I'm tearing up because of the lyrics

  19. RavenToRemember

    No, NEVER A Bad Thing; This Is Beautiful.
    <3' :)

  20. OrdChunk

    I Told You So

  21. Austin Wood

    It's really awesome how Transit was able to take this song and make it upbeat but still keep the meaning intact. That truly proves the talent of this band.

  22. Nigel Robles

    Try listening to Mineral or the Saddest Landscape.

  23. MegaDrew9

    listen to i told you so by Transit its the same exact song but upbeat

  24. Julien Saliba

    holy shit this is the saddest fucking song I've ever heard.

  25. Matthew Kyle

    means a lot to me

  26. Franny K

    anyone able to find the guitar chords for this??

  27. John Dombroski

    Fans take notice, be like this dude, just because your bands become popular does not mean they will get worse, or lose something, they just need to keep a good fanbase, and this can assure they do.

  28. Elizabeth Amber

    Song is so good, people need to stop arguing about nonsense on here. Just enjoy the music, easy as that.

  29. 2tYlerfAilure7

    1. It is rock music with punk and pop elements. 2. I never said this was hipster music. 3. I don't care what you think about ADTR.

  30. 2tYlerfAilure7

    Well, that's just, like, your opinion, bro.

  31. Jake Rubin

    @eliteanarchy pop punk was the big thing a few years ago...

  32. Samuel Cropley

    @Brand0nIsDead That is an incredible way to think about it. Most people are petty and childish when it comes to knowing a band before other people. Nice.

  33. whereismel123

    I don't listen to a band because its defined by a label, whether you believe its "Hipster" or "Mainstream." Music is meant to be enjoyed because it touches a place other things cannot fulfill.

  34. dreamevil7072

    @eliteanarchy THANK YOU!

  35. mike torres

    i hope pop punk doesn't become the next big a greedy bastard and kids have a tendency to like music for the wrong reasons. . . .

    Steven Moncada

    mike torres i dont like new pop punk lol

    Steven Moncada

    mike torres cant get into neck deep lol

  36. Seb Boyse

    @rush68 no because im not getting the word 'transit' on my arm hahaha

  37. Seb Boyse

    Can't wait to get my transit tattoo. :)

  38. KennedysAneurysm

    Transit Rules, They write the sincerest lyrics of any band out there. You can hate them for what they sound like but you can't hate what they write as lyrics they are extraordinary musicians.

  39. AniMIZation

    its ok everyone, let "69fuckyoufaggot" get his anger out of his system by pathetically commenting on youtube videos saying how much they makes him feel better because he is such a fucking loser and has nothing better to do with his time.

  40. Payton Sneathern

    So much meaning in all of their stuff but by far this song has the most. Love these guys.

  41. 2tYlerfAilure7

    @ZulichShootsTangos Because adtr are SO mainstream. Stfu hipsterfag.

  42. The Coward Robert Ford

    Transit's new stuff reminds me of American Football / Brand New "Devil And God" era / anything '90s emo.

    It's fantastic, I may be one of the few Transit fans who prefer the new stuff.

  43. cpg

    Stating you listened to a band before they were signed doesn't make you a hipster; saying their music has lost it's value in response to their popularity, however, does.

  44. larrybob141

    Thanks Rise for showing me over half the bands I listen to today :)

  45. John Dombroski

    probably my favorite song by them, so simple and honest :)

  46. Grant Bassett

    I cry while listening to this. Is that bad?

    Yuan Feng

    no. i cry to many transit songs, in-particularly indoor voices

  47. Steve Hurley

    that is a very old picture of transit LMFAO

  48. CommandantGill

    I have yet to understand how being "mainstream" has any effect on the quality of the music. "Mainstream" isn't a genre or style of music last time I checked so popularity shouldn't be that much of a problem...

  49. John Dombroski

    transit and bayside, thank you for showing me this music scene has hope, even if you wont get the airplay or fanbase you deserve know your fans fucking adore you and think you're so much better then you're given credit for <3

  50. mka12992

    @dyl0830 Mainstream? Believe me, I'd love if this shit got radioplay, but it won't. This is in no way mainstream.

  51. BattlefieldBuns

    @Squrtle14 you do come off as a hipster saying "I knews these guys before they were signed there n secret anymore" no one cares when you were listening to them only hipster do that try to avoid saying that next time if you dont wana come off as a hipster ;)

  52. hate101devilpoulpit

    I love how chill and calm even relaxing it is to listen to these guys. i love it

  53. xplaycracktheskyx

    @Bakersfieldsucks777 Not only hipsters say that.

  54. Good With Anything

    Goes to show that Rise is not all about scene bands.

  55. lee cancino

    @hard4texas i was referring the difference in sound to the fucking typical bands that have bass drops and breakdowns, which by the way rise usually signs. ok; fuck dude people can have opinions.

  56. hard4texas

    @SailingTheRoom >mfw you say a band sounds different then compare them to two bands who sound the same.

  57. itsDarrell

    Reminds me of the stuff I listened to like 10 years ago! I love it. Indie needs to make a come back! They kind of remind me of Hidden in Plain View.

  58. Hayley P

    @R3DWINGS14 if you type in "transit" and whatever album/ep you want and type "zip" after it, there should be a link to mediafire where you can download it

  59. Eric P

    I can't find there stuff to download anywhere, I know iTunes but I'm broke as shit right now and have liked what I've heard from this band

  60. mark marchenko

    damn first time i heard this band and i think their amazing

  61. Residew

    @basszealot Same, well most of them at least.

  62. juan victoria

    So glad Rise picked up Transit and Man Overboard

  63. dannibalcorpse1

    its so awesome seeing this band really going places. i remember back in late 2008 seeing these guys in small vfws playing to like 5 to 12 kids and im so lucky to have been one of those kids ^_^

  64. Evan Fernandez

    Is this album on Itunes already??? <3 This band is so talented. <3

  65. guitarman336

    holy shit, these guys are gonna go far

  66. Blake Mabee

    This was an amazing sign. Right on. :D

  67. Juan Valdez

    this is nice.

  68. JesusSlice

    thiss ep may be their best material yet

  69. Danny Hinton

    Wow im truely blown away, and that rarely happens =P

  70. Danielle Girau

    @SailingTheRoom dude i swear i just commented that on their other song (Take what you can) that they sound like taking back sunday way before listening to this song and seeing your comment

  71. lee cancino

    Loving this band and how different they are, reminds me of Brand New, And Taking Back Sunday.

  72. David Santos

    rise is really making a great move. good job rise records.

  73. aznmanrugby

    can't wait for the next album!

  74. Jeffrey Patton

    Sounds kind of like Taking Back Sunday. :)

  75. guitarman3190

    awesome!!! finally something different!!!