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Transit I Told You So Comments
  1. AllysonLobbezoo

    I love both versions♡

  2. Whure House

    oh how I wish I had friends in school who listen to pop punk. we could have pizza fridays every week.

    Olivia Guilbert

    Haha yes.

    Alejandra Muñoz Alegria

    @Ethan Chai +1. Ok, no. I'm gratuated already

    Yoeri Kurvers

    +Ethan Chai Wish i had friends in school that i would like to hang out with after school

    Jamie m

    would you all like to get pizza together? Virtually.. :')

  3. emmett n

    wtf this bad is good

  4. John Brauer

    Both versions are beautiful.

  5. Sherwin Hezarkhani

    this version is better. more up beat.

    everyone else suck it. :)

  6. Blake Horner

    I love Transit but I loved the first version much better.

  7. samantha baum

    pop punk man

  8. Devan Sobolewski

    Yeah, the most hardcore band out there.

  9. Steve Taylor

    this is so damn good!! so pumped they are playing with taking back sunday in philly this november

  10. Anthony Catullo

    neil westfall sent me here

  11. Amogh Krishnagiri

    I like this version better. This one feels more positive, and to me, it sounds like he's helping me out. He's singing to me because he's been in the same position as I am now and he got out. Now he's singing to me, and I LOVE how they say 'its a cruel twisted fate how much we lose ourselves to find someone else' only once at the end in this one. Brings more meaning imo. I love both versions though :D


    I love both so much. I first heard the original and was so in love with it at the time and then when I stumbled upon this version it just made my heart so warm... Like there's only a handful of bands that do this... Transit did this with several songs and as lame as it sounds as an idea on the surface, it really is just so beautiful and wonderful to hear different expressions of the same track.

    Usually bands do acoustic versions which is cool, but Transit takes some songs in a new direction and reimagines their songs in a whole new light which is so cool and admirable. That alone was a big thing that made me love Transit so much! Even to this day! They've really inspired and helped me grow as a musician :)

  12. fireisforbadpeople

    this song is good for wathcing sunsets.

  13. Devan Sobolewski

    1:45 Flannel-Core.

  14. Andrew Gay

    This was the first of Transit's recorded jams I've heard since seeing them at warped tour. Reminds me of the early-2000's emo/alternative/pop-punk bands. Refreshing.

  15. The Coward Robert Ford

    It's an okay version of "I've Never Told That To Anyone", but it doesn't match up to the original whatsoever. This sounds more poppy without the midwestern emo American Football feel, which was why I loved it. I don't know about this one though.

  16. TheNannerPancakes

    they are from mass...

  17. Jacob Bjork

    This is much better than the Listen & Forgive album, I'm impressed.

  18. Matt Volpi

    I do like this, but they've really stripped the emotion and melancholic element of the original. There was something about Joe's voice in the original that just sounded so wonderfully defeated. Not that this isn't a decent jam, it just doesn't connect with me like I've Never Told That To Anyone. Just feels a bit unneccesary.

  19. Katie Mae

    OBSESSED!!!!! Are you guys coming to the Mass area anytime soon? :)

  20. Grace Robinson

    the other song was way more emotional. i felt like joe was singing it WITH me, in a sense. like he was feeling it too, at the same time. now i feel like he's simply stating it, not feeling. which is ookay, but im so attached to "I've Never Told That To Anyone".

  21. mark martinez

    Dude.. I love Transit. But why did they change this song? Don't they have enough pop-punky songs? "I've Never Told That To Anyone" was my favorite song, because it was heavily influenced by American Football, it was amazing emo. To be honest, if people couldn't like the old version because it wasn't "radio friendly" enough, then fuck them. This was a good song that has been translated to a generic pop punk song. Damn..

  22. Richie Moreno

    I love how the new instrumentaiton made the song sound more hopeful. Positive. Happy. Now when he says "I used to be afraid" I feel like they're saying they're no longer afraid.

    This just what I needed in my life right now, and more in a Transit song.


  23. Clark Kent

    I've never told that to anyone > I told you so. But this is still really good. Its just not as raw and emotional as the other one.

  24. Daniel Glynn

    I think this is their best song yet!

  25. Tim Story

    @Mariooo57 That's a stretch and a half lol. Definitely not the best thing theyve ever done imo. Nothing will beat the Stay Home EP.

  26. Hayden Britton

    love it!

  27. Alexandre Klein

    Promise Nothing is still the best thing they've ever done imo. this is an interesting alternate version

  28. Marcello Ortega

    The other version is one of my favorite songs because it's so emotionally raw, but this is a nice alternate. I dig it. The bass in this song makes it sound happy haha!

  29. Andrew Cary

    One of my favorite bands. Listen and forgive and keep this to yourself were life changing for me. Thanks guys, for this nice surprise.

  30. madelyn

    Transit is by far the best band EVER!

  31. Talsu1

    Sounds like they edited Joe. WHY THE FUCK.

  32. PopPunkGuitarCovers

    both versions are good but i think i like this one more.

  33. TriangularDuck

    An interesting alternate version, I'll join the chorus of people who still like I've Never Told That To Anyone more though.

  34. Max Pain

    not bad but i like the old version so much better.

  35. Brandon Ortiz

    This is a faster version of I Never Told That To Anyone. Which I like because its my favorite Transit songs so I can listen to it in two different moods. I like this. ily Transit

  36. Colin Foote


  37. 로스나는

    Good song but not extra :D ;)

  38. FreeXax

    I don't hate it.

  39. Nicholas Fussell

    My favorite part is 4:16

  40. poppyzZz2


  41. AletheAce

    I like this very much <3