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Transit I Think I Know You Comments
  1. patrick miller

    RIP Tim

  2. Ian Stone

    You guys were my official transition (haha punny) into emo from pop punk. I love you.

  3. gladiators2037

    If the bassist really knew his place he's be sitting back stage pretending not to exist.

  4. xXPnoYx

    I love this album. Check out their old stuff, it's much different, but very good.

  5. Asa Rivera

    Your words are words.. you don't say? (x

  6. Max Austin

    Well said bro.

  7. Pubmaster Drax

    This comment is perfect, and you've made me happy.

  8. Marisa Koch

    you guys gave me a different outlook on music, and ive never been so attracted to an album as i am with this one.

  9. Julien Saliba


    check out this cover. pretty word and the only one i could find

  10. EastCoastSurf904

    This band is so greattt.

  11. jphippie123

    I agree. I did it too, but @ChasingMyNightmares, your comment would've actually made me laugh if I heard it from a bandmate or a fellow bass player, so don't worry about it.

  12. sexinthebathtubwith

    Wow, one person made a joke....and everyone jumped down his throat...jesus.

  13. Funkenstein

    Gotta love the shots in Worcester and Boston.

  14. Leadinglines FL

    Can't decide if this or Long Lost Friends is my favorite off Listen & Forgive

  15. MetalHeadTeen94

    Oh I love you so much cause of this comment. <3

  16. rick chamberland

    haha I really like this! Thank you for posting it duder!

  17. matokaz

    This is an awesome band just to chill out to.

  18. Sam Miller

    their drummer is always holding his sticks oddly.

  19. Patrick Brennan

    well said!

  20. ron grime

    Thank you for putting it straight man. I play bass and that comment made me just see another person who's super ignorant about music and its structure.

  21. rhilsdorf2291

    that is the best analogy i have eevr herd lmao..seriously lol

  22. De Marcus

    that was like the most beautiful thing i have ever read.

  23. Philip England

    You take a bassist out of a song and it's like taking the 5th floor out of a 20 floor building, everything falls apart and just doesn't sound good. Bass is amazing and so are those who play it.

  24. Dane Watson

    that is THE best band comparison ive ever heard!and not because its about alcohol(which is a plus either way) but because it makes complete sense to any one, such as dumb people who dont appreciate music like you and me..

  25. MadeInGabry

    Transit is the perfect band to listen to while traveling. RELAX!

  26. Bird0fPrey

    Also the bassist has to make sure he is in sync with the drummer

  27. JackCinema24

    I love this band but the drummer plays so awkwardly....

  28. Michael Ruchin

    the world needs more bands like transit, it would be a better place for everyone.

  29. TJ Watson

    The greatest fucking metaphor


    oh yeah, i got kicked out of this show for going dumb HAM on some bitch


    2:06 do you guys like my emmure shirt?

  32. superninjapirate19

    you are a complete idiot

  33. Tony Stano

    Whos the guy with the really long beard @2:00

  34. Ben Masters

    If there is no bass, the music is so dry and has no feeling.

  35. eddie costello haha

  36. connor lomas

    new fav song

  37. tgolden12

    Make a video for "1978" if you're going to make a video. This is my least favorite song on a really stellar album.

  38. cbiz1221

    rape the repeat!

  39. Casey West

    The same way that someone could like a band like Brokencyde, 3oh3 or blood on the dancefloor...Some people are fucking idiots lol

  40. Fionn Wesson

    i think you mean listen & forgive XD

  41. Patrick Brennan

    I love Transit! I saw them play in a basement a while back, and it's awesome to see that they're getting the attention they deserve

  42. DeJay Ay

    Yeah, and btw Post Hardcore isn't the only genre to use screaming vocals..

  43. vincent6445

    I WAS THERE!!! I met Joey after the show! SUPER nice guy!

  44. Bird0fPrey

    this should be one of rise's recommendations on the right, not attack attack

  45. Colin Foote

    spread the slug

  46. Lach

    he could be referring to "Skramz" like "the saddest landscape" (real emo music) but then again, seeing as the majority of people mean it to be anything with harsh vocals (wrongly at that) he probably isn't...

  47. Kshitij Bantupalli

    No probs mate.

  48. Lucas Valdivieso

    oh my bad i got a bit mixed up. Thanks for the correction though :D

  49. Of Thale

    love this song!

  50. Devin S.

    Nice band man...

  51. Clark Kent

    its called listen and forgive? forgive and forget space is a bside off the album but not the album name

  52. Alex Curry

    I am a die hard SCREAMO fan but I herd these guys and I felt like a little kid again and I now love you guys

  53. Kshitij Bantupalli

    Dude, every bassie including me will thrash you. Bass and Drums are the frame of the song. If you didn't know, Bass is tougher than leads.

  54. jphippie123

    Bud, unless you play bass or are pretty close to a bass player on a joking level, that joke is pretty weak. Coming from the prespective of someone who plays both lead guitar and bass, the bass player is pretty important.
    Bands are like a beer. Singers and guitarists are the refreshing flavor that gets you interested, the drummer is the nutrition fact/label that is often unrecognized because it's a framerwork thing. Bass is the alcohol in the beer that gets people swaying and grooving

  55. 67TrianglesInARow

    I like their lyrics but not really the style, isn't exactly for me. :p

  56. huhhhhhhhhhhhh09

    DMC, those are awesome initials, haha.

  57. Luke Heins

    i love how im in this soooo many times

  58. Jonathan

    Number one favorite song by them. If they printed "you left me to sink" with like a boat or something on a tshirt i would buy it and all the other sizes too!!!!!!!!

  59. heather marie

    i saw them lived today <3333 truely inspirational

  60. Josh McKenney

    He looks kind of odd when playing, but he tears it up! Listen to his drumming in Misser's song "Weightless"

  61. Paul Klemme

    0:34 interesting drum technique..

  62. Lucas Valdivieso

    One of my friends was mad at me so i purchased "Forgive and Forget" (he loves pop punk) as a birthday present for him and Ironically I realized that the album name was Forgive and Forget. So when I gave it to him, I told him to forgive me and he did. Funny thing is we still remember it. xD

  63. MrHelloEddie

    Everyday i hear people talking about "how sick asking alexandria is" or some other mainstream band. Then they ask what bands do i listen to and i'm like i like Transit A Loss For Words etc. And the look on their faces is like "wtf is a transit" I'm glad i stopped listening to mainstream stuff and focus on these types of bands (:

  64. mmsisme


  65. GrievingTheJoy

    Dear God, Transit is just so fucking good.

  66. Rashid Aleemi

    9 people are deaf.

  67. Echidna

    shit load of effects on the voice :\ and overall kinda boring for me. but I'm a fan of death core and blackened death metal so really my opinions kinda invalid ^__^

  68. d4tboi

    Man, they make the nicest music today.

  69. Reuben Dredge

    Fuck off haters this shit is awesome great sound guys

  70. Anthony Demitriou-Seery

    Fuck, this band are so good.

  71. mikebrennannn

    Lame crowd

  72. honeybee

    So very proud of these guys.

  73. Coughx

    If You Dont Know Man Overboard, Go Lookem Up! Transit and Them are like Siblings :3

  74. flippiefloppies1

    Still up on the stage with everyone else?

  75. Clark Kent

    God damn i cannot get enough of this band

  76. Clark Kent

    Stfu up you sac a shit. hahaha jk but cmon man.

  77. Evan Zacharias

    haha, at the beginning the bass player is facing away from the crowd. He knows his place.

  78. Eli Bonds

    How can anyone dislike this?!

  79. Paniel Maniac

    not what i expected but still a cool song, like it :)

  80. MrLazarusrambo

    Best song! Thank you dudes for the video

  81. vicky win

    people do mosh to transit

  82. OpinionMan101

    Maybe old Transit haha

  83. khaos2nd

    you dont understand...

  84. Jose Cortes

    My favorite song *-* Thanks for the Music Video @Transitma @riserecords

  85. Giovanni De Jesus

    Sooo HD

  86. kjak1123

    no one "moshes" to transit, just jumping around and shit

  87. khaos2nd

    my friend said that people mosh harder to Transit than The Devil Wears Prada

  88. Daniel Solitro

    where was this footage from?

  89. Pétur Helgason

    perty syk -dolna

  90. Godzillatrey Tarprellius

    do a music video for "Don't Make A Sound"!<3:DD

  91. Jason Cox

    Transit adds much needed diversity to Rise Records. I love Rise and the independence they give their artists, and Transit is truly taking advantage of it.

  92. Zervive

    good stuff

  93. paul D

    i like dick