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Transit For The World Comments
  1. kh7955

    When Transit was legit

  2. Shawn Reed

    I miss Tim Landers influence on this band so much.

  3. notamethaddict 21

    that was our song.

    notamethaddict 21

    fml im still not over this piece of horseshit

    Bob Jones

    +Leah Way What's up? Can't move on from an ex boyfriend?

    notamethaddict 21

    +Bob Jones yeah

    Bob Jones

    +Leah Way Have you tried to date other people? Put some distance

  4. Christopher Giofreda


  5. Ezra Briggs

    why is there only 21 likes? that's ridiculous.

  6. wileymowgan

    Best song.

  7. Oskarr Sanchez

    The final seconds are great. There's so much emotion.