Transit - Don't Make A Sound Lyrics

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Transit Don't Make A Sound Comments
  1. ethanis2kool4u

    Rip Tim

  2. Alexandre Klein

    Thanks for everything Tim. You were such an inspiration as a guitarist in high school, and I'll never forget that. RIP


    I came back to all there material when I heard the news too. Sophomore year and summers soundtrack for me. Much love !

  3. Godzillatrey Tarprellius

    Probably one of there most underrated songs I wish they can play this live :(

  4. Morgan Amell

    its ight

  5. Austin Wood

    or order a physical copy? Much better than just having it on your computer

  6. silentanx5

    how the hell can you dislike this -_-t

  7. Godzillatrey Tarprellius

    this song makes me happy! :D

  8. Briana Carassone

    seeing them the 27th :)

  9. David Santos

    this song is sooo catchy!

  10. Shayla Nicole

    song won't leave my head la la la

  11. tdes10

    @DjTjBeats Buying it off itunes is way to mainstream for me. no thanks

  12. Alexa McCarthy

    i love this i really do

  13. Sherwin Hezarkhani

    this is as danceable as Transit gets
    awesome! haha