Transit - Don't Go, Don't Stray Lyrics

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Transit Don't Go, Don't Stray Comments
  1. Luke Nagel

    Rise fucked up on the title of this youtube video

  2. Dj Knite X

    My favorite song on this cd

  3. Borah Borshka

    Im sorry sir, we mustve messed up your order. Ill bring you something else.


    Where's the screaming? Where's the breakdowns?

  5. Clark Kent

    I don't know why everyone was all down on this album. Yes the vocals are a little shady in some spots, but listening all the way through it's the same Transit we all know and love. I love it.

  6. Kaleb Elmore

    Maybe 3 years ago.

  7. Eduardo Macareno


  8. andrew gibbs

    they remind me of A Loss For Words

  9. Alexandre Klein

    "Just Go, Just Leave" hmm i see what they did there

  10. Jazzlyn Beltran


  11. Abdul Aziz

    like it though, but i don't like it when he singing "Don't go, Don't stray", it seems wrong to my ears

  12. unborn

    gaming, graphics, gameplay

  13. Matthew Owen

    Favourite band

  14. SekumpulanOrangGila

    *Don't Go, Don't Stray

  15. Tj Overton

    Their choruses are so catchy on every single album.

  16. Bird0fPrey

    and killswitch engage

  17. x x

    This could fit on Listen and Forgive pretty easily

  18. Logan Harman

    *stray c;