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Transit Cutting Corners Comments
  1. Aya Afterlife

    One of my favorite Transit songs for sure <3

  2. Tucker Woods

    who the fuck disliked this?

  3. PlasticSam

    41* The kid's my son

  4. Matt Kidon

    What a surprise. A 12 year old who has shit taste in music.

  5. PlasticSam

    That's my opinion!

  6. PurdyGurlSwagNumber1

    Lol no @basje224 Go do some meth and fuck yourself

  7. PurdyGurlSwagNumber1

    All time low is better

  8. The View From Here

    yes , there is music without screams it.....

  9. PlasticSam

    This is just horrible...

  10. Justin meow

    true that

  11. Bird0fPrey


  12. jsh020

    naw linkin park has always sucked.

  13. Bird0fPrey

    the best example of a band going mainstream and becoming shit is Linkin Park. If I start to think about it I get so angry at how bad they are now... so i won't

  14. underwearmodel18

    hey look guys. real music. gotta love it.

  15. jsh020

    oh you used a bad example four year strong is actually one of the few times where they actually sold out(plus they just sound like nickleback now) but i still get what you mean

    I think a good example of changing style into the transition to the mainstream is rise again even though appeal to reason was fucking terrible(mainly cause they just were not used to the new guitarist) but they still kept the same intentions in their songs and while its not as good they still made a comeback with endgame

  16. risethrought328

    True, I definitely see what you're saying, people say that if you were a fan no matter what changes, you should still always be a fan, while I don't agree with this, sometimes change can be good. For example when Four Year Strong released one of their songs from "In Some Way Shape, or Form many were beginning to dislike them, including me. But after a few more listens their different style really grew on me so it always comes down to opinion.

  17. jsh020

    cause when a band goes mainstream alot of times their sound changes, the thing is that happens even without going mainstrema people just dont realize that,

    like compare the stay home ep or this will not define us with listen and forgive, people blame that significant change on them getting big.

  18. risethrought328

    I understand that but does it matter, if you liked them before, why should their change in fame change your opinion of them

  19. jsh020

    your about 8 months to late, transit's alreayd mainstream and has been, like come on you go to literally any pop punk or emo concert there will be transit shirts even by the bands playing, like this warped tour was all transit even fucking senses fail was wearing some transit T's

  20. risethrought328

    If and when they do if anyone is like "I don't like them anymore, they're too mainstream"
    I'll mainstream my fist to their teeth.

  21. Ryan DelGrego

    When I found out they were going to Warped Tour, I flipped shit.

  22. Nick Langer

    The hipster is strong in this one.

  23. circasurvive04

    @iamprestontucker omg ME TOO!! sooo good!

  24. Preston Tucker

    The guitars remind me of TBS.

  25. TEE WREX

    @TDWPEP nobody gives a shit you look like a newjack. just enjoy the fking music. this album is incredible transit has grown so much...

  26. Jake S

    @McGrundleFace love this influence haha

  27. chadapillar1984

    I love the bridge in this one. gives me chills everytime

  28. Weaponized Bruh-tism

    @DanWarran American Football was a huge influence on Transit. So that could be it.

  29. John Dombroski

    this sounds official. It could go fucking huge

  30. Stevers

    no one cares if you heard of them first.
    of course they are going to get big. simply kuz they are that talented.

  31. gwricr

    These guys are going to go huge. This shit is incredible.

  32. guitarist1990

    Yeah, definitely new favorite song.

  33. Vas Drimalitis

    May be my favorite new song. So so good!

  34. Britney C

    <3 loveeeeeeeee

  35. fallenrival09