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Transit 1978 Comments
  1. Paul Ybarra

    Cory brought me here "inside joke!"

  2. Tomyo

    The Early November and Transit are the only bands worth listening to by Rise.

  3. luk45ful

    I fucking love transit and this song.

  4. Terminal Cancer

    You wussies need to suck it up. These people you're saying fuck you too gave you good times. I broke up with my ex after 4 years of lying and cheating, but she gave me a lot of good years.

  5. jroc420ification

    i masturbated to this song alot of times.. no porn just my imagination. i see a golden unicorn speaking these lyrics. he isnt happy about the economy but at least he has hopes and dreams of becoming a black person ... respect

  6. conzoYB

    Dear Morgan:

    I tried to write a song about you, but Transit done it first. Unlucky babe!

    Love Conor, hahahaha!

  7. 9385dee7

    Fuck her and get out! Teach that bitch~

  8. CaptainFoxButt

    Aww boohoo :(

  9. Jake Brimhall


  10. SomeBloke

    They're both signed to rise records! You'll see it on almost every label's youtube channel because they want to plug their other artists. I can't listen to the Swellers without Paramore videos coming up because they were both signed to Fueled By Ramen at one point in time.

  11. Gabriella Padilla

    why is there Of Mice and Men in the corner of the info bar o.o

  12. brokenupbeat

    @demetriolopez18 listen to "i hate myself" their last 3 songs especially. its a concept album about roy sullivan the guy who has the world record for getting hit by lighting and surviving. but he ended up shooting himself over some bitch. dope ass album.

  13. circasurvive04

    @rushour144 holy shit your description of their style is so accurate!! its so true! theyre totally bringing back pop-punk in the best way!

  14. jsh020

    these guys will be going places, its only a matter of time before they get big

  15. demetrio lopez


  16. fenrirfang77

    @Lmgkid He's just hatin cause he's not on tour playing a set of all inspired melded genre pop punk

  17. Juan Attorri


  18. Ryan Bertone

    This album is A+. End of story

  19. Jack Hamilton

    if this is anywhere near punk , it should be classified as "elevator punk" . cus i feel like im going to pass out from boredom if i finish a whole song. cheesy and uninspired

  20. LpxMusic

    I like the original version tons better

  21. Terminal Cancer

    @rushour144 Amen brother. So true.

  22. Michaelridesabike

    @FullmetalJudgement I said I like this stuff too. I've followed them since right before the Stay Home EP was released so I've seen the changes theyve made and I love them all. I was stating a preference. I DO feel like it lost intensity. I dont give a fuck about power chords. I respect the change. I never once said I stopped liking Transit.

  23. Dallas Carnahan

    @Michaelridesabike The OG 1978 definitely is not an unpolished track. At all. It came out less than a year ago. Sounds just as good production wise as the new one, it's just not as good instrumentally.

  24. Evan Neel

    @Michaelridesabike Let me rephrase, cause I didn't mean polished in the "better recorded" sense (although it is). I feel that they have just become better in this style in a few months and so the bumps and dents that were a little rough from the original version have been smoothed out! I guess everyone takes change differently, but let's face it... the Stay Home EP was TOTALLY different than TWNDU hahahaha! Well not quite, but you get what I'm saying. Loving the A.F. influence too!

  25. Brandon Pagano

    @Michaelridesabike I hear ya. Writing the same shit gets boring though. Glad they went in a new direction... It just means they'll be together much longer.

  26. Michaelridesabike

    @rushour144 I think I like the old version better because it WASNT polished. Thats just my taste though! Im not like " Screw Transit they suck now! Sellouts wah wah cry." For me, I have to look at this as a new band. I mean TWNDU was the first album I heard from them and was blown away. Its TOTALLY different from this. It'll grow on me. I do love the Kinsella-ish American Football guitar noodling they put in. Tim's pretty good about that. haha

  27. Evan Neel

    I like this version WAY better, still has the energy from version 1.0, but it just sounds much more polished and "fuller". The chorus is enormous now too!
    I get the missing old Transit, but I feel what they are doing is really redefining pop-punk. They are totally mixing the traditional pop-punk sound with an American Football/ Braid midwest emo. Totally genius!

  28. Michaelridesabike

    I feel like it lost a little energy. Thats kinda how I feel about most of the album. I mean I LOVE it! And the talent is running rampant in this band, I just kinda miss the pop-punk Transit I fell in love with those years ago.

  29. Joseph Micucci

    i like the older version better, but that definitely doesn't mean i don't like what they've done with this version. still a great tune.