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Train Always Remember Comments
  1. Robert Johnson

    Absolutely beautiful song

  2. Lautaro Heredia

    i was expecting to hear Alan Thrall singing this song

  3. bob johnson

    So great

  4. bob johnson

    The best

  5. bob johnson

    So great

  6. bob johnson

    Lost my mom 22 years ago always remember and when I look to the sky remind me of her also

  7. bob johnson

    I finally get to see these guys in July I cannot wait

  8. bob johnson

    So amazing

  9. bob johnson

    These guys are without a doubt the best

  10. bob johnson

    So amazing

  11. bob johnson

    These guys are the best

  12. bob johnson

    God I love these guys I cannot wait to see them in concert

  13. bob johnson

    so amazing

  14. bob johnson

    simply the best ever

  15. bob johnson

    God I love these guys I cannot wait to see them

  16. bob johnson

    Great great song

  17. NalurYs JourneY

    Thank you for this lurv....

  18. Penny Smith-Noah

    Great Song, love you dad!

  19. safiya

    This song remember me about my best friends

  20. Michaela nussie Boswell

    good tune

  21. Kayleigh Obrien

    I listen to this song to help me through my my mum's death. the first time I heard this song was when she died, it's a sign she's with me💔

  22. Kathy Reid

    'the takers may eat better\, but the givers sleep better'
    dedicated to train
    unknown author
    and always remember
    i~i can take you so high
    that your soul will explode
    and and a new constellation will
    be born~
    to the Angels ~~~~~~ and their baon, train <3

  23. juan daniel guzman de jesus

    ♡ u ♡

  24. nikos revis

    I never listen to train, but ooo Man!! (always remember, when I look to the sky This ain't goodbye)until we meet again baby this ain't goodbye. For my angel kim revis I miss you ..HOPE ( brain cancer 06/17/2014)

    Rough Love

    +nikos revis  im sorry for kim I hope you feel better

  25. Jolene Cross

    This song reminds me of my dad, miss him so much!

  26. TheDagi11

    Really beautifull song....this song and "When I look to The sky" I listen when I miss my mom..very often


    and my dad, since this Christmas...

    Alvis Gomez


  27. Luke Ember

    I feel the same way about train in general. When I lost my Grandpa when I was 10, Train got me through it. You are an inspiration.

  28. Aditya Yadav

    Daniela..Thank You !

  29. luxak tom

    Really amazing song, I love this band.

  30. Andrea Guzman

    Love it

  31. hotthoneyline thehoneyline

    Hpw does fame feel was it worth it?

  32. hotthoneyline thehoneyline

    Micheal this is beautiful.. really beautiful... it hurt to loose my mom and i had nothing here...I know in heaven shes so proud of you... I really loved that glow flower every fifty yrs it blooms Find one and put it there beside her she loved her flowers God Bless you... Thelma so sorry i left but things happen to push me away so guess it was best How do you feel now with fame? Was it worth the 'lust'

  33. Star Diavolikis

    There is some red syrup on the like button... PAT!! COME CLEAN IT SO I CAN SEE HOW MANY TIMES THE LIKE BUTTON WAS USED!! *Looks as dislike button* The dislike button has thy spider webs of age. Except ten people who don't know what music is... they pushed it a LOONG time ago. I wont boss you around, Pat :3

  34. Eli Baskin

    I wanted to share, but 'your gone' killed it.

  35. Zareena Turner

    Listening to this song and I can't help but Cry because I lost my BEST FRIEND... :'( He was murdered and this song reminds me of him every time I listen to it. I begin to cry... I MISS YOU AND I LOVE YOU ALEX KOSER! 3/22/95-2/12/12. <3

  36. SpectroJourney

    aww tht must be very hard for u ...

  37. Jade Repaye

    I still forget my Grand-Mother is gone now....I pick up the phone & begin to dial, then I I'm losing both parents & I do not have siblings to turn to....most of my family & friends have been dying since October's difficult but I ALWAYS remember them & ALL they taught me....& I'm still learning I suppose...

  38. Rasm176i

    Underrated train song

    bob johnson

    I was not familiar with this song before I heard it on my cell phone now I love it like all the rest

  39. David Walter Rhinelander

    Gramma I really hope you are still watching over me and helping me along. Im a grown man but I find that I need you more as time goes by. I hope you are proud of me and of who I have become. In your image I treat everyone I care about so that they may now you as well. Love you gramma!!!

  40. Anita Roger

    What a beautiful song.

  41. dfco9

    I feel the same way.
    Pat is like a real sunshine :) <3

  42. HeartOfHoof

    (Insert depressing story here)

  43. Laura

    great lyrics video :)

  44. Bethany Wilson

    Stay strong and dont let anyone put u down. But never forget them. always keep them in your heart

  45. dfco9

    So sorry, I know u'll find that streght.

  46. Laura M Pugh

    This song makes me so happy, reminds me so much of someone I love and how they appear in everything I do and my beliefs. Through that they're going to live forever, when I have kids they'll be influenced by her and I can't wait to tell them of all those wonderful memories.
    Wonderful song, thank-you very much for posting.

  47. sarah pope

    nice song but it hurts so deep

  48. Echo Lerwick

    I lost my mother too last year, not to cancer (but she did have it and finally got out of going back to the hospital last year) but to a heart attack.
    Before I listened to this song, I looked at the comments and found yours and I knew I had to listen to it.
    I hope you're okay.
    And.. yeah.
    Thought I should say something.

  49. Emma Davies

    This song means so much to me. I lost my grandmother nearly 4 years ago and she was a huge part of my life. I was pregnant at the time that she passed away but sadly miscarried. 5 months later I fell pregnant with twins so the lines 'I have two kids of my own now, they grow up so fast and how I wish you could have known that part of who I am' stir so many emotions in me as that's how I feel about my gran. She would have loved to have been a great grandmother .....

  50. Ayano Otori

    ok this is my new fav song

  51. dfco9

    @shadowlover2345 I have no idea why but... I'm picturing u smiling when u wrote this. I think u're strong and that makes me smile too. I lost my cousin and my grandpa last year and it was so HARD and sad... I can't imagine losing my mom. So, thanks for sharing this, and I'm also sorry about it.

  52. Collin

    @shadowlover2345 Sorry man I'm 14.... Don't Know what that'd feel like just keep on fighting

  53. Ahoir Rouvale

    Lost my mom last year to 5 different types of cancer..... I got a 17 year old sis and a 8 year old bro im 13 and it was really hard didnt see her for a year then she passed this reminds me of her so much. Train is awsome. Calling all angels was one of her favorite songs and they played this at her memorial service <3

  54. dfco9

    @kajunbaby5 Well, you might be right... Actually I'm talking from my experience, but all of us have differente ones. I trully believe love can do anything, even forget.

  55. dfco9

    This awesome song has now one this-i-like ;)

    bob johnson

    This song and also when I look to the sky make me think of my mom I lost her 22 years ago and God I miss her

  56. dfco9

    @patchofheavenbf1 It always hurts when you lose someone you love... but well, the pain eventually goes away and we can always smile at the nice memories we shared.

  57. elena97531

    God.. what a song can do..It is so powerful, making you write things you wanna forget or leave em behind you..

  58. Brenda H-F

    @GoldenPig2012 never ,never give up

  59. Brenda H-F

    @GoldenPig2012 i lost my son 3 yrs ago...but sometimes it feels like this song helps

  60. dfco9

    @MsBeatific I also lost a cousin... this year, but she was the one who took that choice... it still hurts however life needs to go on.

  61. Tatiyana Tracee Caulkdron

    I lost my cousin last year to cancer and listening to this song reminds me so much of her. Good stuff, thanks for posting.

  62. Tatiyana Tracee Caulkdron

    I lost my cousin last year to cancer and listening to this song reminds me so much of her. Good stuff, thanks for posting.

    Heather Everhart

    Tatiyana Traced Caulkdron

  63. SerenaImara

    wheres the love button?

  64. dfco9

    @GoldenPig2012 I'm pretty sure time will give you your son back, then you won't waste that chance. Keep wating.

  65. Erica H

    @DanielaFranco9 Thanks for the good wishes, nothing yet, but waiting is now an art for me.

  66. dfco9

    @GoldenPig2012 I hope everything went well.

  67. Erica H

    Seriously? There are no comments other than these? I love this song and I'm grateful for the lyrics. I sent them to my son who hasn't spoken to me in 7 years.

  68. dfco9

    @FELLinLOVEwithNARUTO Any time ;)