Tragically Hip, The - Yer Not The Ocean Lyrics

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Tragically Hip, The Yer Not The Ocean Comments
  1. Richelle Buerge

    4 people are streams.

  2. gbmpyzochwfdisurjklvanetxq

    This is really seriously the best Tragically Hip song.

  3. Sigma Kake

    Maury: "Yer not the father!!!".

  4. louies7mafia

    Stupid speakers!! Can't play this loud enough!!

  5. CMN400

    everyday I find another reason to love The Hip..........and Canada

  6. JordanHendrix36

    Haha Trailer Park Boys Shitmobile Beat as top suggested video! Canadian stuff rules!

  7. rhymepays

    @CNRailWabamun No, that's Gord Downie.

  8. Pat The Roving Brakeman

    @rhymepays The lead singer of The Tragically Hip. LOL

  9. rhymepays

    @scrubsrules98 Who the hell's Gord Downey??

  10. Shinji Ikari

    @scrubsrules98 Lol, you wish.

  11. Rob Dietrich


  12. Brandt Perry

    yer not the pond either

  13. Tetrahydrocannabinol TheHerbalCure

    You Spelled OCEAN WRONG ! Change The name and you might get some views =]