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Tragically Hip, The Vapour Trails Comments

    One of the best of their albums

  2. ladypittbull63

    missing you gordie,,,xo

  3. ladypittbull63

    2 years ago today~we lost you to the stars~miss you man🖤

  4. Tony severy

    smell ya later, sucker.

  5. Roy Glenn

    If the hip did this in the sixties they would now be considered Gods.

  6. Ed Muise

    wow only 2 dislikes,lol should be zero.

    Tom Tim

    Make that three dislikes! Your fault!

    Darth Mercur

    @Tom Tim , no it's your fault.

  7. Ed Muise

    Beer and the Hip go so well together.:)

  8. Chronic Spirit

    2 people arn't Canadian

    Roy Glenn

    Chronic Spirit 3


    I'm not Canadian but I love this song and The Hip

  9. Reece Ward

    Best Hip tune for a number of reasons.

  10. Marty Mar

    One of my favs. RIP GORDIE.

  11. Evan Swain

    RIP Gord. This will always be my favourite Hip song.

  12. KJH Outdoors

    R.I.P. good buddy

  13. Gary Bruyere

    One of the best Hip tunes out there. Past Mexicans all dressed in beige shirts!

    Grace Lorraine

    Leaning over their hoes

  14. Tony severy

    my vapor trail maker, is in the shop...........

  15. Chad Labelle

    nothing uglier than a man hitting his stride!possibly my favorite Gord lyric

    Jarett Bies

    Agree! Chills I get when I hear it ... throw away the rudder Chad!

    Grace Lorraine

    Yes! Quite possibly mine, too. I know this man, and to watch him “hitting his stride” in his self-righteous indignation and all his privilege..... I hear Our Man declaring it, plainly, and wonder why it strikes as such a profound lyric when it is so clearly the simple truth. “Nothing uglier.”


    One of many that make you stop and say "holy shit that guy was brilliant."

    Roy Glenn

    Chad Labelle still here

    Tom Trinchera

    And there are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many to choose from...

  16. Kyle Spencer

    one of my absolute favourite hip songs

  17. ToKeNhI

    This song is for the real gangsters of Ontario.

  18. tony le tigre


  19. zanecody

    @sudofan best line in the song!

  20. Matthew Wade

    I love this song.

  21. mute999

    Absolutely! Amazing song. I just discovered this one and I was hoping they made a video clip for this one, but none exists... Too bad :(

  22. borkityborkbork

    This is a fantastic song, sadly overshadowed by less powerful, but more marketable singles on the album.

    Johnny Three times

    Phantom power was when he started losing his fanbase by straying away from what made them great. I'll still always love their self titled album the most but this one may have been the death knell of their peak popularity. I always tried to hang on but the future stuff was mostly pretentious poetry, which always fails to charm the intelligent (but it's great for making dumb people feel dumber). Not a slam, just a review of their career. This song will always be one of my favourite of theirs. It never worked but it did try to make me save myself from a terrible relationship I was in for more than a decade... listening now I always wonder why I couldn't just pull the trigger years ago...