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Tragically Hip, The The Rules Comments
  1. Roy Glenn

    Gord’s talent was endless

  2. Roy Glenn

    You live in Canada? It’s the rules, Fuck I love this band.

  3. HEY YOU

    Would if I don't like the rules!!!

  4. Mark Scutti

    I miss Gord!

  5. WhatWouldHouseDo

    Incredible song from an absolutely excellent album. RIP Gord.

  6. Shilo Haapala

    My favorite Hip song and that's saying a lot because I love all of their songs! Perfection!

    Shilo Haapala

    Suck an ancient virus from the sea!

  7. Cap'n Mo

    Thank you, Gord. Rest easy.

  8. Owen Fullerton

    Beautiful song. You'll be missed Gord

  9. smokeyb3ar77

    a great song when you're on the road just driving

  10. Craig Crouse

    Gordon Downie is a master of vocabualary!

    Thomas William

    So true

  11. BlairAKify

    I love this song, and I'm surprised that there aren't more uploads of the studio version of it. Thanks for the upload!

  12. Tom Shkell

    I'm proud to be the one "like."

  13. humanjukebox1958

    Yeah it's a great song and it wasn't on Youtube so I put it on!

  14. Tom Shkell

    Freakin' amazing, thanks for posting the studio version!