Tragically Hip, The - The Lonely End Of The Rink Lyrics

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Tragically Hip, The The Lonely End Of The Rink Comments
  1. One Love

    Gord once said that this song was written for his father Edgar. Whenever his Dad took him to his hockey games Edgar would always quietly stand behind the net when Gord was goaltending. Such an amazing tune. Love you forever Gord!!

  2. Little Karen

    I miss you Gordon! ROCK IN PEACE!

  3. Edmonton Boy

    Great song

  4. Quigsplays 59

    This was the first hip song I ever heard

  5. Matanumi

    #Humboldtstrong man...

  6. Frank Fryer

    Just found out Gord was a huge goalie on the ice! Makes the song's perspective even that much deeper!

  7. kelligula

    RIP Gord Downie... missed forever, forgotten never!

  8. Lloyd Sevigny III

    So good...R.I.P. Gord !

  9. James Gibson

    Rip brother

  10. raphael w

    RIP Gord. There's a substantial part of me that was undeniably forged by you. Part of me died today, and that's not hyperbole. Thankfully you leave behind such a massive body of work. It's hard to listen to it today, but in time I'll play it again and you'll still be here with all of us. At the lonely end of the rink.

  11. Tom Jorgensen

    I play goal. This psychs me up before every game.

  12. Daniel M. Soul

    I think World Container has to be the Hip's most underrated album, with the exception of Now For Plan A.

  13. Kevin Zhang

    holy shit no dislikes

  14. Mark Edwards

    I've been listening to a lot of Hip you Gordie! Final Concert+CBC Radio+Camping and fire with friends. Truly a magical time. I hope my 3.5 year old daughter remembers even a glimpse of it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  15. WMWanimations

    Love this song so much !!

  16. Samsquamsh


  17. Exe Phantom

    Darren Berrecloth!!!! SEASONS!

    Roger Feere

    Still think a about you everyday

  18. livingmylifeatmach2

    I cant find this anywhere on download - can anyone help?
    It's such a good song! Gets me so stoked to ride!

  19. Col_in_Hellifax

    Every time I hear this song I think of Ken Dryden leaning on his stick while the Habs kept the puck in the other end. Man he looked sooooo bored.

  20. Recik

    THE BEST !!!!

  21. stgm

    Beating him the sweetest of deeekes!

    Fuck yes.

  22. CheckAgain

    I love this song.