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Tragically Hip, The Put It Off Comments
  1. Warden Andrek

    Had a passion to experiment...but I was torn, r.i.p Gord Canada misses you

  2. Roy Glenn

    I am 61 years old and I cannot get enough of this band, when I think that I’ll never see Gord doing what he does, so hypnotizing, it makes me cry.


    Once Gord and The HIP get into your ears, they take the express train straight to your heart, and then live there forever.

  3. Roy Glenn

    I was torn

  4. Thomas Hutchings

    Such an underrated gem.

  5. Kitty25

    My dad taught me how to play the bass guitar and this was my first song

  6. Craig Reidy

    Was just listening to this Canada DAy concert from 1992...
    Have a listen at the 38:20 mark...the early beginnings of Put It Off, 4 years before TATH was released...

    Love and miss you Gord!!

  7. stashray

    love this album. i did. i do. i saw them live at house of blues los angeles. 1995. i was living in toronto in 89 when Up to Here came out. i loved that album, then didn't listen to them again at all. then in LA in a record store saw Day for Night and loved the eerie cover and bought it and that was it, bought every one i missed up to then and thats all i listened to for the next few years. i remember the day this came out. i was waiting for it. i was looking after a house up in the hollywood hills with the backyard looking straight over LA. i rolled up some joints and took all the poetry in.


    at the concert, by then, i knew the words to every song and i think i pretty much just sung the concert right back at him. i felt like id given a concert too. i was there alone. and dan ackroyd had something to do with the band didn't he? apart from owning the house of blues, he was somehow involved with them, i think. don't wake daddy. what a track. 10 years on, its more poignant now than then.


    and the house i was looking after. the Fabers i think. He was a retired dentist. the house was a sixties house with the real think carpets, the shaggy ones. i got stuck into their library one night and remeber one book that from memory was pretty much a history of all the jewish messiahs who claimed to be the messiah. i read it all, fascinated by the stories and details.


    I just remember there were heaps of them. that's right, they had a piano too. i took lessons when i was a kid for a year so i'd tinker with it. eventually you'd string together a little rift and then just play it over and over and over again and come to realize "well, that's how songs are written i guess" then you'd realize, you gotta have words etc...and then i'd just be in awe of song writers and bands and musicians

  8. shawn waskewitch

    I remember I bought this album for ahead by a century & gift shop, but ended up loving all the other songs and would skip over the 2 songs that made me buy the album


    I love this post, it's so true though. Such a great album, including Day for Night and In Violet Light

  9. Robert Hummel


  10. BONDBOY940

    Unreal I can't beleive I missed this one.I still have the wierd cd cover.

  11. Geek37

    Trouble At The Henhouse is probably their best album I think...but that can be debated. What can't be debated is that this song was the perfect way to end the album.

  12. humanjukebox1958

    I agree. It just builds with such stealth and ferocity.

  13. bassmaster3250

    This has to be their single most underrated song.

  14. Samuel Doucette

    This songs blisters with intensity, especially live. I saw this played live in 1998 at Hampton Beach NH. Also can hear it live on the 1996 Cleveland live show in the Live from the Vault series.