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Tragically Hip, The My Music At Work Comments
  1. bender1987

    Your music is still at work Gord!

  2. Mitchell Campbell

    He anac
    He attack

  3. Liberty TV

    Even though the group were anti american bigots i still enjoy their songs.

  4. The Map

    Rip gord.

  5. Pedro Dorantes

    Gord's legend will never die

  6. Too Punny

    Your music will always be at work Gord! A true Canadian Legend! Prayers!

  7. Lyn S

    <3 u Gord Stay strong!

  8. R W

    Proost ! Yes long live Gord, a Canadian Icon!

  9. neil balan

    Long live Gord.

    Adam Donaldson

    neil balan well yes but actually no

  10. Nika Brady

    cheers for the upload

  11. dave

    thank you for not having ads gordon (dunno if it's anything you do, but i'm getting tired of watching ads before every video)

  12. Graham

    first hip album i bought

  13. DrMacadoo

    Cheers cox

  14. ratmfan223344

    This song is really beautiful

  15. Hunter G. Störm

    great song

  16. notasfarwest

    Canada loves Cox. Jesse Cox 2012.

  17. PowerToker420


  18. Zakkeneyo

    Damn, why is Gordon Downie so hip? It's almost tragic.

  19. Wilco362

    Yeah, I love this song. The Tragically Hip make sense.

  20. Rob Dietrich

    this song makes me smile, while mouthing the words. HIP FOR THE WIN!!!

  21. Carlos Paredes

    This is one glorious song! ... OH CANADA!

    Lee B

    I LOVE BLASTING THIS SONG WHILE I AM AT WORK!! Like I am right now, :)