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Tragically Hip, The Membership Comments
  1. john clarke

    Awesome Song.

  2. Roy Glenn

    No one will ever know how much pleasure I get from listening to the hip.

  3. Peter B

    Loose enough to make it your own.

  4. bfjb70

    Great upload, nice and loud, beautiful images too. Thank you.

  5. MaryJanes Trips

    The beauty of Hip lyrics are that they can mean different things to different people. There's still some lyrics they won't explain...

  6. One Love

    Gord Downie - the most genius poetic songwriter and mesmerizing performer in the history of contemporary music. RIP.

    Roy Glenn

    One Love thanks for that. Sometimes I wonder how many people know about this special person?

  7. WaveArsenal

    amazing song.. Thank Gord for everything you gave us. RIP

  8. Dave Wilkins

    I disagree.... addiction

  9. David Cardill

    ummm ... this song isn't about water at all, it's about membership in something. he uses the example of being carried away by water to illustrate how membership can affect you.

    David Cardill

    ... and it's about a lot more than that too, "by the time the ice huts hot the bottom" well, the ice huts hit the bottom many times over the last 2 or 3 decades, on lakes clear across Canada and northern US, because spring always comes sooner and sooner, and yeah, "we were already home in bed" as in, it's too late to do anything about it.

    David Cardill

    and if you don't know what ice huts are, they look like out houses, and we put them out on the ice to have a place to sit out of the wind and "ice fish" through a hole we cut in the ice.

    David Cardill

    "the most worthy men and the fiercest architects couldn't fight the current, they couldn't save the sheds"

    Ashley Rose

    David Cardill yeah like my Costco membership.....

  10. James Brown

    I think my favourite songs, at least the Canadian ones, haunt you a bit. This definitely haunts me with the idea of childhood memory, being consumed by an icy river, consumed by the vastness.......


    I'm American, but have always been interested in Canadian music, culture, myth, and literature. These guys are definitely part of that continuum and illuminate some deep crevices in Canadian imagination, and the imagination of anyone who is tuned in to the natural world and our razor-thin separation from it.

  11. croutonscarf

    I like all the ideas here about what people take from the lyrics. Personally, I always thought it was about life itself, and of course death.

  12. Nika Brady

    thanks for the upload

  13. Kyle Spencer

    i always thought this song was about female genitalia lol

    Lance Denning

    @Kyle Spencer I prefer to think of these lyrics in the same way. It makes the song more interesting to me if it's about a woman's body, sex, and the membership that this involves. River wide, river wonder...

  14. Chris Irving

    i love the way these motherfuckers record!!


    each album has its own ambience.

    The Punisher

    In the most poetic way. Every time

  15. ryan johnson

    amazing song. Not to undermine whoever posted this song but I believe gordie is using the idea of being a member and the symbolism of the rushing river as a metaphor for alcoholism or addiction.

  16. bootht99

    "The most worthy men and the fiercest architects, couldn't fight the current, they couldn't save, they couldn't save the ship" This line makes me think of the Nelson River at Port Nelson, Manitoba, which was a failure largely due to the massive powers of the river. 100yrs after its abandonment, shipwrecks can still be seen there.

    Marty Gupton

    I would love to see a photo of that group, 'the most worthy men and the fiercest architects'. Always loved that line.

  17. goncack

    This is probably my fave Hip song. Thanks for sharing.