Tragically Hip, The - Let's Stay Engaged Lyrics

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Tragically Hip, The Let's Stay Engaged Comments
  1. ladypittbull63

    2 years ago today~we lost you to the stars~miss you man🖤

  2. Roy Glenn

    It’s getting late sounds to me like a departure

  3. Shawn Hambler

    Fuckin eh

  4. Roy Glenn

    FUCK FUCK FUCK Why did you have to die?

  5. Ed Muise

    Dam Fine Tune.

    Roy Glenn

    Ed Muise they have many

  6. Chris Greene

    love it

  7. Grant Olsen

    We'll stay engaged.

  8. Colin Andersen

    Don't forget me's stay engaged......ok!


    colin i know a lady named michelle. im drunk and listening. youre not forgotten doggie

  9. Dean Harris

    Well played, Sir.  The best part about THE HIP is that I can say that I have seen them live 33 times and the dude I am talking to says, "Yeah I saw them live 58 times and that was back in 2001, I quit counting..." A constant reminder to be humble and that there is always a bigger fish in the pond of life.  :)

  10. Nora Shapter

    nora would say that to me lets stay engaged

  11. Bruce Hines

    In my second marriage, she got me to the gate, with time for a coffee. What a mistake, I should have stayed engaged.

  12. HamptonInjuryLawyer

    @TraumaX agreed and you're welcome