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  1. Beth M

    I love you
    You know I do
    Yeah, it's perfect
    Well, it isn't and it is

    And I've been meaning to call you
    I've been meaning to call you
    Then I do

    I've been meaning to call you
    I've been meaning to call you
    Then I do

    Phone rings once
    Phone rings twice
    Phone rings three times

    I, I am of you
    And you are in everything I do
    I do

    I trust you
    That makes you true
    I don't care if
    It isn't the way it is

    I've been meaning to call you
    I've been meaning to call you
    Then I do

    Phone rings once
    Phone rings twice
    Phone rings three times

    I, I am of you
    And you are always in view
    Yeah, I, I am my will
    And you are in everything I do
    I do, I do, I do

    In the Day Eraser's dark of night
    In the Excited States, gone in plain sight
    Under the wave or by cavelight
    I lose, things change, but never in your eyes

    I, I am of you
    And you are always in view
    And I, I am my will
    And you are in everything I do

  2. Kellyyy a

    Love you Gordie . your music will live on forever in my home <3

  3. Christopher Palmer

    Buffalo remembers you too Gordo.

  4. Blair Walker

    24 fucking douchebags hate this. I’ve never heard a Trag song that I disliked.

  5. Jordan May

    Was never really a Hip fan... but this song touches my soul. Thank you, Gord.

  6. WELL,,ainthatnice

    i just woke up and was humming this beauty,, i could hardly remember who it was,,, THANKYOU GORD,, AND THE HIP!

  7. Enzo Music

    Amazing well written song, one of my favorites!

  8. Paul Brown

    Every time I hear this I see my baby doll jamming to it live. She didn’t know the hip but she left that night a believer in the power of Gord. RIP brother.

  9. Regn Region

    Day eraser's dark of night
    Excited states, gone in plain sight
    Under the wave or by cave light
    I lose, things change but never in your eyes

  10. thomas robinson

    I love Gords bass lines , rocks it live

  11. Paul Jstod

    Greatest band. Ever

  12. dylan_king

    bru whys it crushed

  13. Antonio Mazza

    "Love is the only virtue there is."

  14. Jon Smith

    Timeless.... I'll be an old man in 2060 pissing off my senior home neighbors​ listening to old music 🤘 Rock In Heaven G.E.D

  15. Terry Boake

    This song makes my heart just soar. No matter how dark a place I'm in, this song brings me back to the light.

    Bruce Byrnes

    B̲̅][̲̅̅I̲̅][̲̅̅R̲̅][̲̅̅T̲̅ ][̲̅̅H̲̅][̲̅̅D̲̅][̲̅̅A̲̅][̅̅Y̅

  16. Tyler Schulenberg

    Still listening luv ya buddy :)

  17. Mad Honey

    Love Love Love!!!!!

  18. MobyfromDick

    I love you!

  19. Krysten55

    R.I.P., Gordie. :(

  20. patrick grondines

    fun fact(but it's sad too) gord died October 17 2017 and this album came out October 17 2006 that's odd and very sad too

  21. Risa Klee

    RIP Gord.

  22. Shannon MacNutt

    Rip Gord you will always be missed

  23. Scott T

    RIP, my fav song

  24. Active Advocate

    RIP Gord, a great Canadian musician and national treasure. This ties with Poets and Ahead by a Century for my favourite Hip song.

  25. luke paron

    Hey man, Thanks RIP gord

  26. Lunaluck 10

    Love the energy in this song. You left us with so much and will always be missed...Rest In Peace, Gord Downie.

  27. Kaned Productions

    Rest in peace Gord, you left your mark in history forever.

  28. Lbomb

    Thanks for everything Mr Downie

    You will forever be missed

  29. Liv Merc

    RIP Gord. My favourite Hip song..

  30. David Burns

    RIP The one and only Gord Downie

  31. Randy Smith

    You were always ahead by a century, Rest Easy Gord.

  32. Sue Dumas

    Gord Downie makes me proud to be Canadian so so sad right now lots of great memories of this band same age so been there from the beginning : (

  33. kyandi3

    Anyone know why I can’t find this song on iTunes or Apple Music? Is it bc I’m in the states? I can find plenty of their other songs no problem, just not this one


    kyandi3 try spotify ? Don't mean to sound condescending. But for 11 $ a month they have most of all you want !.

  34. Zach Beckman

    RIP, gordon. You're a gawddamn genius.

  35. cinnamongirlny

    Fully, Completely Heartbroken today. Oct. 18, 2017

  36. Mark Neese

    RIP, Gord.

  37. The Outfield

    Rest in Peace Gord

  38. LBboarding b

    love that fuckin guitar

  39. Krysten55

    I get this song and 54-40's "Casual View-in" mixed up.

  40. Chelsea & Ryan

    does this play in himym?

  41. Craig M

    I always loved this song makes me think of my wife, there is a certain optimism and happiness it conveys

  42. Norcogun

    thanks for the music buddy.

  43. Brad Ivany

    Fuck Coca-Cola

  44. LBboarding b

    By far my favorite Hip song

  45. Lunaluck 10

    This song is so full of life... I can't have a fave song with the Hip... I like too many to choose!

  46. Lis The Loser

    I love this song. SO. MUCH. You wouldn't believe how much I love it.
    Or maybe you would..

  47. Rock Girl

    love you Gordie....I do

  48. Krysten55

    I saw their final concert on TV. It was sad.

  49. Gary Harle

    I really like this song-to me it has an "80's" feel to it. Very catchy and kind of different from some of their other songs.

    Eli Rutter

    You can thank the producer Bob Rock for that

  50. clovergal02


  51. Arthur Garwood Delahooke

    This song is amazing!

  52. Quinnelltv

    i cant stop listening to this, such an inspiring tune.

  53. Lyn X

    Their very best song, in my opinion. Wish they would have played it last night.


    I thought they did? But don't trust my recollection - I was crying a lot.

    Lyn X

    I was drinking a lot, but I'm pretty sure they didnt

  54. John Benton

    Always been a Rush fan and recently heard about The Tragically Hip and Gord on the news so thought I'd check them out. Wow. Beautiful music and awesome thoughts and ideas. Is music in Canada the oasis of compassion the rest of the world needs to listen to?

    Floppy Rodrigo

    If you listen to Rush and TTH, try Gandharvas, Our Lady Peace, Rhymes With Orange, Sloan, The Odds, Age of Electric, Limblifter, Moist, I Mother Earth, Econoline Crush, Matthew Good, The Tea Party, and 54-50 among many, many others.

    Music knows no borders.

    Jordan May

    @Floppy Rodrigo all great artists! They are all a part of the soundtrack of my youth. I'm so lucky to live so close to the border.

  55. Unflushablepiss

    The most "The Tragically Hip" song...thank you.

    Lyn X

    My favourite of theirs. Wish they would have done it last night.

  56. Rachel A.

    And you are in everything I do

  57. Floppy Rodrigo

    Gord Downie, please beat cancer.

    You are not just the frontman of the Tragically Hip, but I consider you to be the frontman of Canada.

    fauque you're Monitering systems

    Also. Climate change is caused by Magnetism.

    Floppy Rodrigo

    Falkirk Scotland


    That recent interview with Gord pretty much brought me to tears. If you haven't seen it already, then I highly suggest checking it out.

    patrick grondines

    he did not fight it, he died on the month this album world container came out but 11 years apart

    musicislife artist

    Your comment is inspiring

  58. Adrienne Jean

    "I am of you

    And you are in everything I do"

    Sleepy Parrot

    I wrote those lyrics down on paper the other day just to appreciate how damn poetic they are.

    Adrienne Jean

    That was the quote I used to help me cope with my mothers death. It's always been one of my favourites, but even more so now.

    Jerry Outlaw

    So much love

  59. Joey Arnal

    so underated im ill

  60. Psykhedelic

    One of my top 5 favorite Tragically Hip songs for sure

    EDIT 5/24/16: I'm so sad right now...Gord might not be around for much longer, but his music will never die.

    Jerry Outlaw

    As long as this planet has electricity, his music will live forever

    Mike Doyle

    @Jerry Outlaw Don't need electricity to strum an acoustic and sing their songs my friend.

  61. Hattrick Swayze

    I hear some bruce springsteen. Not what I'm used to from the hip but a catchy tune for sure

  62. Hogen Mogen

    Matthew Ward, you make a point in saying how friendly Canada is after you've called the entire United States "ignorant assholes"? No one is denying that Canada is not without its merits. But we have Batman. Whoever doesn't think Batman is cool should be punched. Hard.

    Floppy Rodrigo

    We have Wolverine, Deadpool, Sasquatch, Northstar, and Captain Canuck.

    Brett Benson

    batman was so sad when his parents died because his father raped him. yo sick for promoting that you fuck

  63. John Giorgione

    Best song from TTH

  64. Estrategia Catorce

    The Tragically Hip, 

  65. TayMac

    this song is an extension of 'Fireworks' and its amazing and so long awaited...  I'm so happy they finally found it...

  66. sexypants1234

    dat editing lmao!!!!!!!!!

  67. J Roger

    This is "the only" song I like from "The Hip"!
    You can actually dance to it.
    Sorry...Soultrain influenced growing up in the golden age of modern music.


    you don't like fireworks?

  68. mrssamwisegamgee

    This song is really cute, not something I would expect from The Hip, but I really enjoy it. :) 

  69. FrannumanTM

    the hip are the shit... just saying

  70. Dread North

    Im Canadian and this band makes up for Justin B and his shit music. Canada apologizes for creating that little shit


    @joel you should be ashamed to call your self a Canadian. When did it become ok to hate? go join BLM POS

    Alexa Simpson

    whats wrong he made fun of your favorite sing? JB sucks and that is a fact you can defend his shitty music all you want but it does not change anything.

    Floppy Rodrigo

    @Unflushablepiss Nice username


    @Floppy Rodrigo =P ty still hasn't flushed yet

  71. mcmuffs420

    Does anybody have a link to download this full album?

  72. Jacob Jenkins

    What a great f-ing band!

  73. Jim Huinink

    A great band, past their prime here let's admit, but that exuberant chorus is great. Gord-o is the greatest Canadian ever.

    joel carbone

    Just saw the tragically Hip in concert last night in Vancouver. They are friggin great! What an entertaining band and now I am on the tube listening again!

    Past their Prime??? Rocked pretty hard last night boys.

    Jim Huinink

    @joel carbone  Good to hear. Definitely thinking of catching them on their tour this year.

    Matt Mylleville

    @joel carbone Good show in Van!

    Kali Yuga

    +Jim Huinink past their prime?! are you fucking huffing paint?!? They are top fucking notch. Just saw them two nights ago in SF on the Fully Completely tour and they rocked harder than ever before. The boys are in their prime!

  74. Lillian Adamson

    I love this song! :)

  75. Toneman012000

    Daniel Laemmerhirt it's because a lot of us here in Canada are a bit sensitive when it comes to Americans who criticize Canada. Some go way too far. We have about the same percentage of dickheads in this country as you do in yours, but you have nearly ten times the population. Therefore, if you do the math, sometimes Canadians feel overwhelmed lol!

  76. ryan morrison

    How isn't this song on Yer Favourites?

    Shayne DeCorby

    World Container was released in 2006. Yer Favorites in 2005.

    ryan morrison

    Ahh - thank you

  77. dotarachi

    A damn good song , haven't heard this one in years.. Forget the words, listen to the song lol

  78. Sizzling Loaf

    Sorry, i can't hear the great music over all these bullshit fucking arguments. STFU AND LISTEN TO THE MUSIC

  79. Maredes

    Goddamn I love this song so much.

  80. dkyoandblade

    I'm a dual-citizen, so I have no bias. :D

  81. Mo Momomo

    You started with a question, but then clearly proved your own arrogance by complaining after it. It was a fine question, why... because we fucking LOVE IT!

  82. Mo Momomo

    Yea... I agree with everything you said... but Canadians are proud of being the friendliest people in the world. Which sounds innocent. But then you just assumed this guy was from the states, right? So although we may be awesome in Canada, enough of us are in the routine of kiss-assing americans that it really doesn't matter how nice we are, because we put ourselves at second best by default. I hate that. Still, we're the best out there.

  83. Mathew Ward

    I don't know the numbers but I would agree. I would guess the US is pretty high too maybe even higher if I was to make a guess... especially since their screw ups with great depression back in the day and seems like it's heading that way again. As for the Canadian Government, they're a bunch of morons ... I gotta agree with that.

  84. korin lorin

    Yeah and America is SO much better. They don't brag about ANYTHING at all... Sorry I can't hear your jealousy over the sound of our free healthcare.

  85. freezeurbuns99

    I'd put us in the top ten. Considering there's 190+ countries in the world (not sure the exact number) I'd say we have it decent. Yes it has problems but nowhere near the level of most countries.

  86. tinyshutterbug

    I can't really say I agree about the government :P

  87. Mathew Ward

    Yeah i wish Youtube didn't have a character limit LOL.... I could write 1000 word essay on these morons.... thanks for your imput though :)

  88. Mathew Ward

    HAHA that's funny because as a Canadian myself is seems like all of you self centered Americans find it hilarious to make television shows Family Guy, The Simpsons, and probably TONS MORE yapping about how it's always snowing, how aparently we all say "eh", drive snow mobiles, rcmp driving horses, AND I COULD GO ON AND ON AND ON.

    CANADA RULES. We invented Hockey, Basketball, and have the worlds FINEST diamonds but the US economoy JUST LIKE IN THE GREAT DEPRESSION screwed themselves yet again...

  89. zangiefsagat

    what the fuck is a strong political system

  90. Mathew Ward

    Thank you!! Someone with some brains on here :)

  91. Mathew Ward

    Maybe cuz a lot of you guys are ignorent asswholes who make fun of us and act like you're SO BIG FEELING... no wonder we made the top 10 MSN list for friendliest countries.. you didn't... and your own president mentioned how you guys want to have a close relationship with Canada since 80% of OUR oil goes to you guys... and much more... Maple Syrup, we invented Basketball, Hockey,.. best diamonds in the world... and tons more.... what do you guys have? Who knows, but Canada have LOTS of pride :)

  92. JorgWobblington

    Yes. America has done so many great things for the rest of the world. Think of all the music you like, and all the movies you watch. Think of space exploration, and scientific research. Think of the light bulb. Think of flight. That's America... bitch.

  93. temporarymiracles

    because it's trendy to be canadian. admit it!

  94. temporarymiracles

    whereas america is proud of all the superbly great things you've all done for the rest of the world, right? whatever helps ya sleep at night

  95. MerchantOfDeath25

    ...........Why are we comparing countries? Every country is great in there own way, and even more so to the residents of said country. So...shut the fuck up and listen to great music...Or gtfo...

  96. Daniel Laemmerhirt

    THERE we go! Someone who knows what they're talking about! Canada and the US are both pretty damn cool!

  97. Daniel Laemmerhirt

    Wow. Why do Canadians with a super-inflated love of Canada ALWAYS comment on Canadian bands? They also always say how much America sucks! What the fuck is up with that??? I could spout out stupid Canadian jokes until the cows come home! They would be racist and untrue, but I could do it!

  98. Dman X

    Amazing song!!! The Tragically Hip are just an incredible band. End o' story.