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Tragically Hip, The Fireworks Comments
  1. Humiliation Of A Samurai

    breaks my heart

  2. iran747

    Cameron is an inherently flawed individual who needs to realign his priorities to spend more time with Silas and be a Dad.

  3. curtchaplin

    Love for The Hip and all Hip fans... from America. We understand that 1972 goal.

    Buck Ó Donnghaile

    And we north of the border remember a certain miracle on ice back in 1980. Cheers bud.

  4. shuntguy

    "You held my hand as we walked home the long way and you loosened my grip on Bobby Orr." That is Jim Morrison level poetry.

  5. Keith Smith

    God how does the hip keep getting better as each year passes.

  6. Miranda High

    <3 still my favorite band

  7. thatsnotmydepartment

    This song changed the 'Hip for me. Before this, I thought of them as dirty rock that - despite the quality - was music for thoughtless or drunk jocks & jerks. This one really let me hear with new ears. Made me a fan. Great rock with great lyrics. Could listen to this all day.

  8. Damien Burns

    So so so so good ! This is what makes canada the best

  9. Ron

    I think this is my favorite hip song. Talk about music to invoke your emotions!

  10. Derek Smith

    we miss you Gord

  11. chaseman12


  12. Soosay Love

    Fireworks exploding in the distance
    Temporary towers soar
    Fireworks emulating heaven
    Til there are no stars anymore
    Fireworks aiming straight at heaven
    Temporary towers soar
    Til there are no stars shining up in heaven
    Til there are no stars anymore

  13. Bella Blondon

    Legends never die

  14. Camilo Mondaca

    Hard to believe this albums 20 years old

  15. DENISE inBuffalo

    20 years ago, it seems like yesterday , and still bring a smile as soon as that first note hits

  16. Rorry Templeton

    Hockey is a stupid thing to be excited about. Music is not lol . Well hold on, i'm drunk right now, if the Leafs went on a mad run again... no, my heart has been hurt too many times

  17. 4oa tech

    "We all squeezed the stick and we all pulled the trigger" A line that would baffle most, unless you're from Canada.

    tolly surname


    James Binkley

    a lazer from the point!!

    Jeff K

    "ONE TIMMER" or "Wrist Shot"...

    Leafs Fan

    Or If your from North Dakota and Minnesota

  18. Chad Mulder

    I miss them

  19. Gavin Kirk

    love the rhythm of this the line... she didn't give a fuck about hockey, never saw someone say that before...classic...great lyrics in this songs

  20. bfjb70

    Probably Gord's best poem, embedded in a one of their best songs:
    "Fireworks exploding in the distance
    Temporary towers soar
    Fireworks emulating heaven
    Till there are no stars any more
    Fireworks aiming straight at heaven
    Temporary towers soar
    Till there are no stars shining up in heaven
    Till there are no stars any more"

  21. soups hot

    From Chicago RIP Gord Dowine

  22. Rock ‘n’ Roll

    I’m a buffalo girl who loves hockey (Buffalo Sabres are my team🏒🏒🏒)and music, the hip are one of my all time favorite bands ever❤️❤️❤️even though I’m only 14 years old, my parents raised my brother and I on the hip music, this was probably the first hip song that I ever heard when I was a baby and I think that that’s probably why I love it so much, I can remember when my brother and I were little I think we were probably like 5 and 7 and we would be in the car on our way to one of his hockey games and my dad would always play this song and my brother and I would always SCREAM EVERY WORD TO THIS SONG 😂😂😂 and as soon as we heard the first note of this song we would always yell “ TURN IT UP!!!!” 😂😂😂 Love you Gord, Love you Hip, rock on forever❤️🎸🏒❤️🎸🏒❤️🎸🏒❤️🎸🏒❤️🎸🏒❤️🎸🏒❤️🎸🏒❤️🎸🇨🇦🇺🇸🇨🇦🇺🇸🇨🇦🇺🇸

    Jckhammer hammer

    awesome post!!

    Dave Richards

    I'm happy you love such a great band. Cherish the time you spend with your family. Like great music, sometimes it doesn't last as long as we expect.
    As a Leafs fan I can never love the Sabres, but as a hockey fan I love your loyalty to your team! Eventually they will succeed. Some great young players!

    ugo Indelicato


    Jesse Freeston

    Fabulous post. Don't let any of these Canadians on here tell you the Hip is for Canadians. Gord was never comfortable with the nationalism the band came to represent for many. While the references in the lyrics often refer to places here in Canada, the stories are universal. Gord was human before everything. And more human than most. KEEP ON ROCKIN!!! Til there are no stars anymooooorrreee!

  23. DV DODDS

    R.I.P. GORD DOWNIE 1964-2017.... A Nation mourning the loss of a great icon to our country.

  24. UnderseaLine 50

    RIP Gord Downie, you will be missed. Thank you for the amazing music you gave us!

  25. Chris Killer

    RIP Gord.

  26. LegacyAndrew

    this hurts a lot today.

  27. Vanessa Khoo

    RIP Gord :(

  28. Dan Hawkins

    RIP Gord, you will be immortalized every Canada Day until there is no more Canada. This one thing doesn't have to go away. ):

  29. Andrew Hibbert

    Rest in Peace, Gordie

    Gone but never forgotten.

  30. Michael Fell

    My favorite Hip song, and it's not even close.

  31. robert donaldson

    from Detroit also.

  32. frenchophile

    Loved hearing this on the season finale of Mr. D

    80 Dollar Buzz

    Love Mr. D

  33. Huangism

    YYZ, pearson airport

  34. vergedrums

    We used to do really long flexed-arm hangs in gym class when I was in high school!

  35. Anthony Shostal

    Fireworks emulating heaven, til there were no stars anymore.... Gonna miss your vocals, Gord!

  36. Chris Gorski

    Sending all our love from south of the border. Buffalo, NY salutes the Tragically Hip!

    Eric Ellis

    Been a sad week RIP Gord

    Put Your Quarter Up Gaming

    Buffalo is a dope city, ever want to join Toronto just let us know


    Huge fan from Detroit here
    R.I.P. Gord :(

    Emily Roh


    sean h

    Tonawanda , NY checking in with a salute as well.

  37. pipdream46

    Dropping to the mat in a fit of laughter
    Showed no patience, tolerance or restraint

  38. Darryl Annison

    My favourite T-Hip song. Tonight's show is going to be amazing; hope he plays Fireworks!

    Harrison Lowman

    Didn't play it during their first show in Toronto on the tour. Was so sad.

  39. Yakovlievich

    We will miss you Gord.

    Daerrol DHSJ

    ... He's still alive?

    J. Mascis

    Why? He's still very much alive. What a shitty thing to say about someone who's alive.

    Colin Smith

    > What a shitty thing to say

    Oh fuck off. We will miss you, Gord.

    Floppy Rodrigo

    I already miss Gord because both of the Edmonton shows are over.

    j freed

    They miss you more when you're really gone.

  40. Tyler Godspeed

    Did most of the Hip vids get taken off? It says "this video is not available" on many of them

    j freed

    Because people are buying the music for a change? About time if you ask me. Anything from Day For night right up through In Between Evolution is like, like, ya know... right?

  41. this thing

    #4 Bobby Orr

    Trev Mac

    #29 beat him in 71

    Corea Kixx

    Aaaahhh, must be referring to the rookie Ken Dryden.

  42. BBQMAN81


    Finn The dog

    I never saw someone say that before...


    never saw someone say that before...

    j freed

    I give one fuck about hockey, this song.


    I never saw someone say that before...

    Joel Collins


  43. Angelica New York

    Gordy is known for his embellishments!

  44. The Memeing Troll

    ya fireworks

  45. Nika Brady

    thanks for the upload

  46. Jeffrey Leone

    Yeah we all heard that before the hip rock

  47. Joe Med

    If there's a goal that everyone remembers it was back in old seventy two ...

    This line is about Paul Henderson in the 72 Summit Series folks ... if you don't know this you may leave the country (NB: Henderson was on fire the entire series by the way).


    It's amazing that you felt you had to explain that

    ash obirek

    TheM3tal bahaha totally

  48. Trev Mac

    Thank God for Paul Henderson

  49. BlueJ

    Corner Gas!

  50. s m

    It's Bobby Orr people. If you don't know how great he was, find out.

    Trev Mac

    absolutely,it's the most important goal in Canadian hockey history in my opinion 

    Jesse Freeston

    @Trev Mac agreed...but as long as we also acknowledge that the real turning point in the series was Bobby Clarke's disgusting ankle-breaking slash on Kharlamov, the best player in the series. Assistant coach John Ferguson admitted: “I called Clarke over to the bench, looked over at Kharlamov and said: ‘I think he needs a tap on the ankle.’ I didn’t think twice about it. It was Us vs. Them. And Kharlamov was killing us. I mean, somebody had to do it, and I sure wasn’t going to ask Henderson.”

    Trev Mac

    @Jesse Freeston Jesus when you mentioned John Ferguson i know you know your hockey ..My compliments my friend *Salute*

    cb bc

    I thought the song was called "Bobby Orr" for the longest time

    al bedgar

    @Jesse Freeston Disgusting? That was awesome.

  51. Danni Gresko

    You said you didn't give a fuck about hockey.....and I never saw someone say that before

  52. Dan Hawkins

    A Canada Day must.  

  53. JoeRushman1

    Happy Canada Day 2014

  54. ToKeNhI

    This is what Rob Ford smokes crack too.


    Probably, it is a good crack smoking tune


    Yes man, yes!

    James Jones

    I snort blow to it

    The Pr0phet Muhammad


  55. Rachel Zack

    Why the hell isn't this song better known? It's pretty much the Canadian equivalent of "This Land is Your Land". (Well okay maybe that's a bit much, but this is still a hell of a song)


    If that's really you dear ... you truly are pretty

    Canadian ODST 2

    50 mission cap


    +Rachel Zack
    you've just described every Hip song that exists lol. From 'Bobcaygeon' to 'Wheat Kings', not a rotten (road) apple in the bunch either. gord & his gentlemen accompanists are goat.

  56. Canadian Car Chronicles

    rippin ass in my ford probe in the back roads blastin this bud elfrida ontario!

  57. goncack

    "Temporary towers soar" = nuclear ICBMs taking flight to their target

    Tony Stroppa

    @goncack Or perhaps... fireworks? (I'm not saying the plume from an ICBM on liftoff isn't beautiful and terrifying but you may be over-thinking it.)


    IMO, the song is about Canada and The Cold War era.

    Tony Stroppa

    @goncack I agree; the phrase "Cold War" is literally in the song. That image just seems a little too, you know, on the nose for such a central part of the song. It may be referring to both! Moving on, there is another song, "Pilot" by Ian Thomas, which I think is much more focused on the dawn of the Cold War.


    This song is about young love. The "temporary towers soar" lyric refers to orgasms. Fireworks emulating heaven until there are no stars anymore.

  58. Bortley1

    Lost my virginity to this song, and couldn't be happier it played out that way.  "Temporary towers soar", oh yeah Gordie, you nailed that one buddy.

    drac newo

    Bortley1 apparently gord wasnt the only one nailing one out ;)

  59. mightypotato

    This is the most Canadian song ever.  It's not even a contest, really.

    Campbell Young

    Canadian or Soviet? The beauty of the lyric is that ambiguity


    @Put Your Quarter Up Gaming :)

    Nicholas Patton

    love this song , and the Hip , but have a look at Stan Rogers Northwest Passage

    Dylan Hedderich

    Bob & Doug McKenzie with Geddy Lee - Take Off no contest

  60. pCf96

    Makes me proud to be a Canadian, i love this song!

  61. MrLukeWare


  62. holyshitrock456


  63. CanadianMusic&TV

    @kirant Oh okay. lol

  64. kirant

    @dfbhcf - I prefer to believe the entire singing portion of the ceremonies (anything starting with Nickelback) just...didn't happen.

  65. CanadianMusic&TV

    @kirant huh?

  66. kirant

    @dfbhcf - Ugh. Don't remind me of the song selection. The ceremony ended when the inflatable beaver and table hockey players exited.

  67. Quentin Deveau

    @dfbhcf what a crock that was and still is....damn people and their moneymakers who are more popular at the moment.....and here I thought Canada was there to show its best to the music should count for something

  68. Nidrasan

    I love how he sounds so surprised at how she doesn't give a fuck about hockey.

  69. CanadianMusic&TV

    This would of been the perfect song for The Hip to play at the Olympics, unfortunately they we're fuckin' passed for Hedley and Simple Plan. Bullshit.

  70. Mister_Kokie

    You can't go wrong with The Hip

  71. Blake953

    Some good lyrics in this tune, "loosened her grip on Bobby Orr."

  72. daieohfreckoning

    Best Tragically hip song

  73. Maddie-Jo Anderson


  74. stgm

    You don't have to like just one genre, you can literally like every single genre of music.

  75. drillahmon

    same, some songs are just universally appealing, i like rap but this song is cool

  76. Lushington Houdini


  77. Lushington Houdini

    i am in to hiphop.but i love this song and group..

  78. Piper C

    after the begginning, its really not that much about hockey anymore

  79. Piper C

    I love the part from about 2:00 to 2:25. I dont know why, its just soooo awesome!!!

  80. Piper C

    If theres a goal that everyone remembers, it was back in old 72, we all squeezed the stick and we all pulled the trigger, and all I remember is sittin beside you! u said u didnt give a f*** about hockey, never heard someone say that before! lol, love that. Incredible song, love it so so so much!!!

  81. stinkbomb13

    best hip song

    James Binkley

    toss up between this and wheat kings.