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Tragically Hip, The Emperor Penguin Comments
  1. Luke Mehalick

    So many bands & so many many songs I love... But for some reason this song is my absolute favorite number one any time all the time song.

  2. William Allen

    11 thumbs down. F off

  3. Roy Glenn

    Do I love this? In the words of John Candy “ Love is not a big enough word”

  4. Kyle Spencer

    This was the first album I had as a kid. I might be biased cuz of nostalgia, at the same time, I'm not trying to say this the best thing ever, but I fuxkin love this album.

  5. Roy Glenn

    Sherpa high

  6. Mark Scutti

    Missing you very much, Gord!! RIP

  7. Jeff Alford

    My favorite song from PP. Cheers!

  8. Say What?

    Oh man, what a beautiful video for this song. Absolutely gorgeous. I didn't even want to listen to the lyrics of this song until I saw this.

    Say What?

    The living honey bees then, trapped in a jar.

    Say What?

    Say What?

    "Sure, they got their fancy uniforms and their fancy plays."

    Say What?

    I love that. When he's singing, "When these little sensations get in your way," and simultaneously backkicking the beach ball.

    Say What?

    Out of the way.

  9. Ed Muise

    Great Video Also.

  10. thomas robinson

    I love you so much Gord

  11. Jason McKenzie

    An amazing song, kind of reminds me of later Pearl Jam, but with Gord's unmistakable touch. I can't believe I didn't discover this album until a few years ago. RIP Gord.

  12. One Love

    The only band that can make me cry tears of pure joy. God, thank you for blessing us all with the coolest band in the universe ... THE HIP.

    Ed Muise

    No one does lyrics Like Gord Downie.

    Greg Wallwork

    I already liked your comment last year, but feel a simple like just doesn't do it justice.
    I 100% agree with and love your comment!
    Thier music (and this song in particular) starts off quiet and grows like a thunderstorm.
    And the lyrics, oh my god the lyrics!
    And can't even try to be as eloquent in my comment as Gord is in this song, so I'll just give it another like 👍😀

  13. stevestojan

    RIP Gord...

  14. Wavey Davey19694

    Great song. Great vid. 😀

  15. Benjamin VanWesenbeeck

    Listened to this album endlessly when I delivered pizzas in Victoria in the winter of '99. Lots of good drivin' tunes. Hard to believe it's over.

    Put Your Quarter Up Gaming

    The Hip being 'over'? Now that's a physical impossibility right there. These songs will never be over, and we'll always carry the spirit of Gord onward with us. Every tribute and cover band in ever dingy corner bar across the nation that has and will spring up, the Hip ain't going nowhere no time soon. To say otherwise, imo, is a dis-service to Gord's memory.

    In the same thought, that does sound like a pretty legit winter of '99, nothing better than groovin to the Hip while cruisin, especially somewhere that naturally beautiful.

    Star Lord

    Benjamin VanWesenbeeck I was there man ...somewhere in 98-99 I was an American kid that found his way to Montreal for a few days , in Canada for the first time. I left with The Hip in my CD player (thanks to a bartender) and a case of La Fin Du Monde in my trunk. Very few Americans have heard the Hip but I've loved them since that fateful day. RIP Gord

    Greg Wallwork

    @Star Lord that post was great. I'm from Montreal, and now living in Calgary. Many people say Canada is "Sorry, Politeness, and Poutine", but to me, leaving our country with a Hip CD and a trunk of La Fin du Monde, well, that just makes me cry maple syrup tears of joy right there.

    Star Lord

    @Greg Wallwork Thanks man. Your country is beautiful. Great music and great people. I ended going back to Montreal six summers in a row after that time. Someday I want to go back, I need to. I ate my share of poutine, drank plenty of La Fin and hooked up with a waitress in my time there, great memories.

  16. DM Steve

    R.I.P. Gordie - Oct. 18, 2017

  17. Gary Bruyere

    Such a great tune. Love you forever Gord!

  18. Luke Mehalick

    my favorite song of all time. thanks for uploading this, truly, thank you!

  19. Fakename70

    That ending after the vocal cuts out is hot!

  20. Shanner4

    Yes, wonderful video for a great song! Thank you for sharing!

  21. Graham Allen

    Tragically Hip paying homage to Blue Rodeo.  Does it get any better than this?


    Very well done video, to an amazing song. 

  23. Dean Harris

    One of my favorite songs of theirs.  The video just leaps out at you, wonderfully done and thanks for making this!

  24. TheMarkcu24

    Earth is awesome.

  25. Mennis Dink

    the kids are alright, just unmanageable


    they won't do a damn thing i say

  26. Tony Calcagni

    Love this song.

  27. Billy Shears

    wow, that was awesome.

  28. NSTybie

    Holey Jumpins this is nice.