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Tragically Hip, The Cordelia Comments
  1. Ben Mayhew

    Powerful performance. Love it!!!

  2. Scott Kernaghan

    We are always so flattered when someone compares us to this band sound wise. Linked is our tribute song and video to our hometown of #hamont

  3. Darren Umperville


  4. kimy C.

    It's one of my favorite songs
    I love The Hip❤

  5. Ryan Morris

    How do you pick a favorite song from this band? I bet you can't.

  6. Ed Muise

    who,s here in 2019,:).

  7. leon leblanc


    Roy Glenn

    leon leblanc relax holy fuck relax

    Tedd Coleman

    You need to get a life a lot of people get the Hip that are not Canadian that great and if you are here you get it😁

  8. Pop andreea nicoleta

    90,s nostalgia:d

  9. Janet Wilhelm


  10. Tedd Coleman

    Road apples one of the best albums of all time and that no shit😁

  11. ladypittbull63

    sept 2nd 2019~miss you guys~hope you had a great summer
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  12. Roy Glenn

    I screamed McBeth.

  13. Cordi

    I was just searching my name…😅

  14. Tedd Coleman

    So powerful so Damm good thanks boys for the great music

  15. maluorno

    The Hip were the best at being subtle at the same time as being heavy as fuck.

  16. ladypittbull63

    june 9th~2019~DAM i miss you gordie

  17. Rob Jones

    A beautiful but yet powerful song.. My all-time favorites

  18. Lee

    Thgis track makes you realize what vocals are

  19. Melora Foy

    Gord sure knew his Shakespeare. Cordelia, Falstaff, Macbeth, among other characters he's mentioned in songs. I think he made a reference to Yorick in some song or rant. There are probably a lot of other Shakespeare references.

  20. DrPsychedelic

    So they basically called the album Horse Sh*t and got away with it

    One Love

    LOL. Yep! In fact, I remember Gord once said in an interview that back in the day, the slang term Road Apples referred to frozen droppings of horse shit that street hockey kids would find on the roadside and use as a substitute every time they lost the puck/ball. It's such a genius album title on so many levels. The HIP were always ahead by a century.

  21. Joseph Aurelio

    Great fkn band! RIP gord..from southern Oregon

  22. Vincent Van Der Velden

    Rotterdam Holland europe here...been fan of the hip since the 90tis I can't explain why just touches every nerve in my body and brain
    American Cananadian does it really matter?
    Its transcending LOVE AND MISS THE HIP

  23. John Clark

    Loved TH and I’m from Deep South US

    Tedd Coleman

    The hip rock know matter where you are from good music has no bounds

  24. Gerard Paul

    Hit the repeat button. because this song kicks ass

  25. Qkits Electronics

    In Gord we trust, wish you were here to lead Canada into the future, we all miss you terribly.

  26. Jake Dennis

    Let's do anyone we meet a favor that don't know the hip and introduce them 😁

  27. Heather Pashe

    my name is ron not heather ive seen these guys 4 times and everytime not a dissapointment.......r.i.p gord downy....fucking great band......


    What a tune. What a band. What a lead guy.

  29. Tedd Coleman

    Thank you Tragically Hip for your great music. Thank you Canada for sharing your National treasure with the world

  30. Hunter Schafer

    Named my daughter this

  31. Defext Official

    Really miss you, Gord...

  32. Coco Mango

    My dog was named after this
    My dogs name delia

  33. Pete Jamerson

    never will forget his love and respect for indigenous culture

  34. Zachary Christopher

    Angst on a plane ...spitting from a bridge. Yes!

  35. Ed Muise

    Here again.2018.Toronto.

  36. Gordon MacRae

    I'm drinkin colt45 to toast 45 thumbs dowm

  37. S G

    Holy fucking shit Gord downie is the lord. Perpetually blowing my mind

  38. ladypittbull63

    i'll not be there,,,miss you gordie,,,xoxo

  39. Dave Gatey

    It was the worst day ever . It's hard to go on listening to music now

  40. Chris Lynott

    "Takes all your power, but you don't care" Sums up my last Canadian tour..Except that i DO care..See yous guys next year ;)
    Love from Glasgow

  41. Thomas Jensen

    Road Apples, still the best album ever by them

  42. Reongaro

    I’ll admit you Canadians have us beat in terms of music, but that’s about it ;D

    Walter McQuade

    Reongaro hockey, maple syrup, politeness and universal healthcare. Sorry.

  43. sudburylawyer

    I remember this album getting me through some seriously dark times in law school in the early 90s. Thanks guys!

  44. z yungdirtybastard

    My fathers favourite song, as long as I live I’ll never forget the words to this song

  45. Bad News


  46. One Love

    Johnny and Gord Sinclairs' groove is as solid as a freight train. Extraordinary rhythmic alchemy.

  47. Sven S.

    Germany will miss you Gordie,...

  48. SayakaHasJazz

    This is a stupid fricking song and cheap dvd set. I bought its on my way to new York and it broke! when me and my buds fixed it we listend to the album it made our ears bleed.

    Daniel Gambardella

    statelyswine0 don't talk shit about the hip

  49. da ne

    im not cut deep, im just out there! lol that drum ads alot depth i cant tell if its bass or drum in the intro ?

  50. da ne

    Yeah ! just too see how alive you really are ! yeah im alive !

  51. da ne

    thought i was dead until I could catch my breath ! whoo its not to far down, there it is!

  52. da ne

    jumping off a train bridge just to see how wet it really is ! whoooo its deep lol lol

  53. David Wright

    There will never be anyone quite like gord huge loss

  54. Michael Macbeth

    This will always be my favorite song by them. Road Apples is also my favorite album from the hip. The production was tight and dead on. The attitude and energy behind each song was captured. Perfection.

  55. Sabre Matt

    I am Cordelia 😉

  56. Marko Grishan

    GORD!!!!!! :-( :-( :-(

  57. Darrell D

    A lyrical masterpiece.

  58. ryan c

    still as great as the first time I heard it.

  59. M. C.

    This has to be one of my favorite songs.... RIP Gord.

  60. Carolyne

    My fave song. Thanks Gord. <3

  61. Chris Greene

    Cordelia the uber reference

  62. Chris A

    RIP Gord.

  63. Kirsten Bitor

    rest in peace, gord

  64. T.J. Oluić

    Unbelievably underrated fucking band and lineup

  65. raphael w

    RIP to the man. My Hero.

  66. James Janczylik

    Gordy Gord. A big influence in my life from the time i was 12. . He was a musical genius and a voice is one of a kind nobody can replace....RIP Gordy fly high

  67. safeinsight101

    We're the same age as these guys and grew up with their music - tried to explain it to our parents - lost cause there. introduced to our kids - thank god they get it "got it" what ever - a huge Canadian loss - RIP gordie!

  68. Scott Furminger

    R.I.P. Gordon Edgar Downie (6 February 1964 – 17 October 2017) Gone but never forgotten.

  69. Jesse Collins

    Rest in peace gord.. my fucking hero!

  70. ladypittbull63

    missin you gordie,,,,much luv man

  71. Gween Mccaffrey

    rip Gord ☹️❤️

  72. Merrimour The Red

    RIP Gordie

  73. Derek Henry

    Rock and Roll died today

  74. Stan Cohmer

    RIP Gord , you will B missed

  75. John S

    This was the first song I came to when I heard the news this morning, Rest In Peace Gord, a true Canadian legend

  76. timv1234

    RIP gord.

  77. Spence Mccavera

    A true Canadian icon thanks for all the great memories Gord, hope you finally feel at peace :/

  78. Barb Mullen


  79. Jeff Weckman

    OMG... No words.

    Jeff Weckman

    Ohio boy... L O V E!!

  80. Tony severy

    soul power.

  81. Christine Woodcock

    luv you gordie~forever and always man

  82. Jakob Dlrnzo

    best band ever

  83. Tammy Bergen

    named my truck after tkis song

  84. cora

    i'm here bc my name is Cordelia lol

    Luke Thomas

    well he is not cordelia .. and he will not be there lol great name btw

    Cordelia Vanderveer


    Cordelia Porell

    me too hehe

    Cordelia Roush

    Same bruh

  85. Derek Munson

    Don't be sad celebrate The TragicallyHip

  86. joseph castro


  87. Shane Johnson

    I was lucky that this was a 'go-to' album in 'my day' I can't imagine if my go to would've been Kanye there's substance here.. (not a New Orderr ref.)

  88. tommy k

    one more thing he really needs - ya'll are the champs! never die my friends, never..

  89. Jules Schuler

    One of the best Hip albums!!!

  90. Nora Bryan

    A hidden gem. Somewhat lesser known than some of their other songs, but powerful.

  91. Doug Chatsick

    pure poetry

  92. sassulusmagnus

    Always liked this album. It kicks hard. Great lyrics.

  93. Derek Munson

    I've been a fan since 84 thought they were great then, love them now, timeless music

  94. dmakey7

    Road Apples..First i wore out this cassette and then got the CD. Still my favourite Hip album. Thoughts and prayers Gord and family.


    so many good songs on this album

  95. aliceislooking throughtheglass

    The Hip were the background music to my life - I never noticed you were there but I wouldn't be the same without you. I'm unreasonably sad for someone I don't even know

  96. mike check

    poet,musician,great human being.artist, the world is less without him.

    aliceislooking throughtheglass

    "The world is less without him" - What a beautiful sentiment Mike, and I agree :)

    Big Baby Jesus

    He is not gone yet

    madelyn martin

    hes not gone yet

    jason Verner

    mike check so dam true he was one of the greats