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Tragically Hip, The Chagrin Falls Comments
  1. RiverOfWetness468

    Why is the video twice as long as the song

  2. Roy Glenn

    Some drunk guy from Antigonish said that this album was as good as Sergeant Pepper.

    No Name

    This album is better than anything from The Beatles imo

  3. playa

    By design by neglect
    For a fact or just for effect
    When they met where they connect
    At the confluence of travel and sex
    More a trip than a quest
    Plunged into the deeply freckled breast
    Where to now? If I had to guess
    I'm afraid to say Antarctica's next

    or Chagrin Falls, Ohio
    Where the unknown won't even go
    To Chagrin Falls, Ohio
    Where the unknown don't even go

    Home's solitude with options
    Artificial chaos isn't one of em
    Return there crestfallen
    Chagrin fell out of her apron
    No profound sound no special effects
    The continent tipped and she just quietly left
    Chagrin falls on our heads
    Not in a gush but in maddening droplets

    Chagrin falls ( in Chagrin Falls Ohio )
    Chagrin Falls ( where the unknown don't even go )
    Chagrin falls ( in Chagrin Falls Ohio )
    So falls Chagrin Falls ( where the unknown don't even go )
    So falls chagrin falls
    So falls chagrin falls

  4. Michelle Howard

    I have this album signed by the Hip. I saw them so many times over the years after Trouble at the Henhouse became the soundtrack of my teenage years. The last two Hip shows I saw, was a 3 song set in Trafalgar Square in London, helping the Canadian ex-pats celebrate Canada Day and subsequently, the next day at The Koko, for what would be Gord Downie's last United Kingdom show - ever.

  5. Guy Handsome

    This album started me on The Hip. I grew up in western New York, but have since moved to Texas. I traveled from Texas to Toronto to catch them on their last tour. That is one of the most bittersweet memories of my life. Canada, thank you for being you and thank you for The Hip.

  6. Samuel Doucette

    The piece of equipment on the album cover was an avionics panel from an Air Force jet.

    One Love

    The ultimate (hidden) metaphor to describe the intelligence, power and stealth of this band. Seeing the HIP perform live every tour was like going to the Air Show to see 5 Snowbirds flying in acrobatic synchronicity.

  7. jordan

    I don’t surf but I wanna surf to this rocker

    Darren Bos

    All Canadian surf club are hiring

  8. kevin partridge

    Great tune always from the hip !!

    Craig Hunt

    I love this song one of my all time favorites

  9. I-IV -iv-I

    who tf disliked this

    Dan Hunt

    Some “Unknowns” not worth knowing...

  10. RickKTor62

    Phantom Power is one of those great under-rated albums. Bobcageon has helped to raise more awareness of yet another graet hip album . sort of like what Grace Too did for Day For Night.

  11. Fakename70

    Rock solid LP all around

  12. Bryan Lund

    Primo tune off of Phantom Power round about 1998, rock hounds!