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Tragically Hip, The Born In The Water Comments
  1. It's a joke

    U no wat fuck

  2. Roy Glenn

    Best fucking rock n roll band ever. I can prove it,

  3. Avi Ratica

    Da Soo, Ubetcha dere eh?

  4. TR Schock

    The slide playing on these early albums is crazy. So many people look right past this aspect and that is just nuts. This song is a prime example because the slide guitar line drives the entire thing along. 38 years old is another good example, for that matter, so is blow at high dough. I have seen so many of these early hip Tunes completely butchered by Bar bands in the guitar Department and I always have to wonder why? It's as easy a roadmap as you can get boys, it's panned out hard left and right. Robbie's in one, Paul's in the other. The slide parts are not even technically challenging to play, but they are absolutely critical to recreating the intensity of the original recording. Blah blah blah blah blah blah LOL!

  5. Kim Wright

    Know waa.?

  6. da ne

    cordoroy fields being mowed with the combine

  7. Flan

    They only played this song live once, in 1990.

  8. stashray

    yep, sure enough they came in stole the weed i had and my last rock.

  9. Ross Turchyn

    Thank You, I’ll burn another.
    ~as a hoot and a half in the news when this song came out! Ever been to Ste St Marie? Imagine passing French signage laws, St Boniface it’s Louisiana cool, Ste St Marie's like Moosejaw! Qu’est-ce tu fait!?(un Cadieux! like the wooden rabbit in monty’s Holy Grail)

  10. Ross Turchyn

    Howdy THC!
    ~I’m from Canada, but don’t I know you from somewhere?… almost as if I could smell ya in this room (psychic voodoo, eh?! – givin’ me the shivers). Planted 565 000 trees to this album, so wanted to beautify the accents for a scything home-base slide into screef : )*

    Lyrics on your "show more" is coolio ~like a groovalicious culture feast

    (same as treeplanting – this ain’t pretty, same same Mission Impossible - destroy message after reading)

    Rolling hill(s) all covered in suede
    I'm heat-nervous and out of road
    Downtown there's a parade
    But I don't think I wanna go
    Smart as trees (i)n Sault Ste Marie
    I can speak my mother tongue
    Passing laws just because
    And singing songs of the English unsung

    (Well)How could you do it?
    (Well)How could you even try?
    When you were born in the water
    And you were raised up in the sky?

    (Prime) seats stamped by the window
    No erasees in this game
    Arbitrary as the wind blows
    It's another way to lay claim
    (Well)Ain't no cause for bloodthirst(in’)
    In a little town so dry
    Where ((the)) angels dance on a pinhead
    Just to make room for you and I

    (Well)How could you do it?
    (Well)How could you even try?
    When you were born in the water
    And you were raised up in the sky

    Thoroughbreds with their great big heads
    Think a mile might be too far
    Highway horses laugh, ((but)) of course
    When they don't know where the hell they are
    (Well)Smart as trees (i)n Sault Ste Marie
    Victorious mother tongue
    Passing laws just because
    (and)Singing songs of the English unsung

    Well how could you do it?
    (Well)How could you even try?
    When you were born in the water
    And you were raised up ((in the sky))?

  11. Hunter Jaborek


      did you find out what the hip song is called

  12. PhantomPatriotZero

    For love or money, I have been through almost their entire catalogue on here and I cannot find the mystery song I'm looking for. I can't understand what he's singing, but the lyrics mention something about 'being with the cool kids just this once' and also something about 'not a doubt of anyone looking on'. I know those are probably way off, but can anyone help a brother?

  13. Geoff .Street

    Best Song You Will Hear All Day...!!

  14. Jacob Breen

    Nope. You're an idiot. Whats more, your'e an indecisive idiot. There's nothing worse. I hope you die before you pass on your flawed genes. :/

  15. Jacob Breen

    P.S, don't quote me on this, but im pretty sure if you do a little sleuthing you'll find the guy who was in jail for 40 years and carved the lords prayer into the head of a pin. Pretty sure thats all that that lines about, nothing more

  16. Jacob Breen

    They bash god cause there is no god

    and spend time convincing you there is no god BECAUSE THERE IS NO GOD

    now stop twisting logic in knots and go die in a corner you bigoted, retarded freak

  17. gumpy63

    @moveEcritik I am an agnostic.........and I find Atheists to be just as preachy as religious folks.

  18. G raculus

    @Mr7777Slim It's about the town council of Sault Ste Marie. I'm sure a few residents of Sault Ste Marie may feel that their town council is Satanic, but you have a pretty severe cranio-rectal inversion to read this as anything to do with your particular imaginary friend.

  19. Adam George

    @moveEcritik Athiests are lost causes, until they are found.

  20. Tetrahydrocannabinol TheHerbalCure

    its just lyrics , great music no hatin

  21. Tetrahydrocannabinol TheHerbalCure

    @Mr7777Slim Im An Athiest go PREACH elesewere

  22. sweetmonkeylove1

    @Mr7777Slim Offs gimme a break dude it's a song.

  23. foreverdarkness13

    Damn they could rock it !

  24. Kelby Barnes

    @Mr7777Slim My Lord Flying Spaghetti Monster is continuously bashed and trying to be disproved by followers of your lord. I think that proves FSM's existence then, right?

  25. mistanigga

    smart as the trees in sault saint marie!!!

  26. Wayne M

    Very satanic maybe....angles daning on a pin head,just to make room for you and I.Born in the water raised in the sky....come on people.Jesus and john the Baptist.
    And before you say there is no God.Ask yourself this...why do they spend so much time convincing you there is no God.Yet they bash God continuously...hmm.
    Hope you get it.

    colette Guindon

    good answer

  27. kravens001

    great band

  28. Tetrahydrocannabinol TheHerbalCure

    no problem I Love The HIP!

  29. ahd999m

    hell yeah man, GREAT TUNE thanks man