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Tragically Hip, The Are We Family Comments
  1. Frank Schoenfuss

    The best band in the universe!!!

  2. daddrums

    And more often than not admission to the battles is free well said downie

  3. davey boy phelan

    i wish you woul dkeep adding album tracks, it does a good service for the Hip Tribe

  4. horderulzforever

    I'm dreading the day that's inevitably coming


    It came.

  5. Grant Olsen

    Anyone who's tried to keep a band together may know exactly the feeling and words in this song.

  6. Samuel Doucette

    Added poignancy after Gord's brain cancer diagnosis announcement.

  7. Chris Avery

    me and my girls

  8. Darth Lucas

    Yes we are!

  9. pippin1962

    Another great Hip song--too many to mention--even the ones that aren't "great" still have their great moments and unique language and musicality. I think their body of work goes up against any band in the world and comes out on top. Yes, Stones and U2 fans--I actually believe that. (And I like the Stones and U2, but--c'mon--Hip is king).

  10. mynameisrobbeh

    no very solid quality but i looove this song

  11. Matthew Garnier

    the boy who stamped to many ants

  12. Matthew Garnier

    were all fucked up...we have all lost it... as we often have done before... i miss you

  13. Matthew Garnier

    lets take it to the n'th degree

  14. sara newell

    You Canadians Rock! Luv`American fan

  15. eder feder

    One family .. all unique and beautiful beings , just as in nature

  16. Mach the Knife

    epic - to the nth degree

  17. Mach leKnife

    Its gets deeper every time I listen

  18. Bruce Hines

    Would be a massive hit in the U.S. if some tween or pop star did it.

  19. Dat Nigga


  20. eder feder

    The Truth Party.... Freedom is slipping away, humanity will be lost... peace

  21. tylercox2

    such an underrated hip song

  22. aquilasstar

    me too. :D