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Tragically Hip, The Apartment Song Comments
  1. Roy Glenn

    Miss you Gord.

  2. Gr33night1235

    Rip gord

  3. CalgaryDynastar

    Trouble at the Henhouse is one of my all time fav albums, its always a front to back listen.


    I havent heard an album I didn't love, but trouble at the hen house stands on the peak of hat greatness

  4. rjm7654321

    I know a woman to relate to every hip tune . this one her name is Sandra she is an alcoholic  . like most alcoholics she is extremely smart . yet so stupid !  everything in her house has to be just perfect . she cant go to bed with a dish in the sink .  its a horrible way to live   when she arrives at home the cups and saucers stand straighter !

  5. Mennis Dink

    she's the horrible aesthete!

  6. humanjukebox1958

    A lot of their stuff sounds great with headphones.

  7. Bruce Hines

    Thank you for the download. I've been looking for this one for a long time. Excellent track. Put on the phones and listen to the guitars. And Gordie, too.