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Traffic Smiling Phases Comments
  1. John Lornie

    More familiar with the blood sweat and tears version , but I do prefer this one! Lolx

  2. Chaz Mcbride

    Nice one - thanks for posting

  3. Julie Cowlam

    Traffic made 1967 a good year.

  4. philip norris

    Definitely a better-than-average B-side.

  5. Golfnut

    Blood Sweat & Tears do a great version.

  6. chris guy

    Jim's drumming is just the ticket.

  7. mitchell abrams

    excellent pull from the back wall

  8. Randal mc'murphy

    toomuch 60's psychedelia. the real deal!

  9. brotzmannsax

    One of my favorite Traffic songs ever.

  10. Barumbuza

    ♥ Vieux souvenirs... avec Odile, Chantal, et Gérard... ♥

  11. Tom Engel

    too cool.ty for posting