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Traffic Roll Right Stones Comments
  1. Roger Baker

    These guys were all told to "Go play in _The Traffic_ " , so they did. This is the result...

  2. Beach Boys

    When I was a young kid, “Roll Right Stones” was my favorite tune from Traffic’s 6th LP Shootout at the Fantasy Factory.

  3. Kalypso Kent

    Discovered them with this album. Will not be able to be grateful enough.

  4. Kevin Corbin

    Damn that's good music🎶🎹🎶

  5. GCoyote06

    Which I saw a few weeks ago

  6. Beach Boys

    I'll never understand the lukewarm reviews this album got when it first came out in '73, I think Shootout is a great album.

    Yitzhak Finnegan

    When it first came out on vinyl, what you're hearing here isn't the original version. It went a full 2 minutes longer, and the electric sax was somewhat 'buried'. It was shortened and remixed some years later to this version.

  7. ace rimmer

    We live in an age where we can have everything in an instant you couldn't write a masterpiece like this in an instant


    R-R-S Will Sustain

  9. Paul Treacy

    I think it's about Stone Henge.


    It’s about Rollright Stones

    Pete T

    The Rollright Stones are near Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire, and close to the Warwickshire border.

  10. Paul Treacy

    Out of so many great songs to choose from by Traffic this is my very favorite!

  11. Maria Eugenia de Freitas Carneiro


  12. bob friedman

    saw them do this song 1973 at The L.A. Forum . it was GREAT ! THE music hovered over the band !

    bob friedman

    they spun a magic umbrella over the audience was a wonderful night!

    Brett Lambert

    darn i would have loved to have been there with you lot !!! they never made it down-under to NZ :-( bummer that !!!!

  13. Scott Leoski


  14. bill woodell

    ...these guys were on another level...sublime

  15. Greg du Plessis

    Brilliant.......what else can you say

  16. gazbev

    Three now

  17. Bruce Thomson

    one comment? holy cow! this is a classic.