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Traffic Rock And Roll Stew Comments
  1. Noah Vale

    This is one band that had talent to burn !

  2. Jason N Stegall

    Somewhat different mix here. Some of Steve Winwood's first solo was edited out, but as you can tell by listening, his second (outro) solo is played through [almost] to its completion.

  3. JC 4 Evur

    Song goes on too long

  4. Philip Shirk

    I hadn't heard this version before

  5. Slog01

    It's summer 2019 and I heard this song from 1972 for the very first time yesterday in bed at 4.00am on radio night programme . What a groovy smasher. Good music never get's old

  6. jeffreylc

    Jim Capaldi ... gone way too soon.

  7. GrizbyK72

    Why was the full version left off the album?? They had the space

  8. Russ Gallagher

    One listener needs a heapin' helping of Rock'n'Roll Stew...and a dose of musical taste!

  9. robert edwards

    another great 70's song:)

  10. CORNDOG Extreme

    Jim Gordon on drums...

    Russ Gallagher

    Shame his career had to end as it did.

    robert edwards

    @Russ Gallagher Yeah, what a tragedy.

  11. drmjr78

    I think Jim Capaldi sounds a lot like John Lennon on this song.