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Traffic Pearly Queen Comments
  1. vince33x

    One of the MOST underrated rock bands of all time! Winwood & Dave Mason together! Incredible talents!

  2. Ramon Arellano

    This song thanks to dad is why I found and loved this band.

  3. Giuliana Rubino

    Album: Traffic
    Data di uscita: 1968

  4. Ramon Arellano

    My favorite song

  5. riff tipton

    I met some Indian girls who made me forget this troubled world we're living in. I Love this song!

  6. danny4481

    Nice drumwork by Capaldi

  7. Exiles800

    Is it about Janis? Hendrix-oriented.


    Google "Pearly Kings and Queens."


    just came across a picture on wikipedia when I looked up Cockney. I've known this song for 45 years but never knew what a "Pearly Queen" was until minutes ago.

    Guillermo Azul

    Stevie Winwood being an extraordinary songwriter, vocalist and keyboardist can also sling a stratocaster in the manner of Hendrix  ..... excellent guitar player! And the google advice is spot on ... The Pearly Kings and the Pearly Queens is where this song began to live.

  8. docmart71

    so fantastic

  9. Tom Engel

    So great!

  10. Joseph Fitzgerald

    Great Song From Traffic's second album, released in 1968. Written by Steve Windwood and Jim Capaldi

    David Sauer

    You sure Dave Mason did not write this one?


    @David Sauer he didn't. It was Winwood/Capaldi: