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Traffic Medicated Goo Comments
  1. Twitting On Trender

    Whenever it gets to the bass breakdown at 2:51, I always shout "Ow ya doin', awright??" like Steve does EVERY time he plays this live.

  2. Wayne Fisher

    Was Mason with them on this cut?

  3. John Daniels

    We had a lot of extremely talented bands to route for.

  4. Robert Wyatt

    Am reading the comments and am shocked at how few people know that this song is about LSD-laden beef stew. A popular way to ingest acid back in the day.

  5. Russ Cobleigh

    saw Stevie and the rived Traffic play with the Dead at Sam Boyd Stadium in the 90's !

  6. bobgure

    Ooh, that rhythm section: popping and grooving. Winwood's bass! Great snare sound.

  7. Russ Gallagher

    Awesome piece of jazz/rock/funk fusion! Brings one back to a time when "recording artists" were actually musicians, not just personalities.

  8. Philip Shirk

    I never associated this song with weed, but some form of liquid drug 😂

  9. Guy Sharwood

    Still can't get enough of this great song.

  10. david davis

    need some medicated goo.


    "Winwood" ,is playing almost all instruments here. and on this side. The other was a 'Live' set.

  12. lopezb

    Is that Stevie playing lead? Underrated as a guitarist, great tone and feel.


    Answering my own question: yes it's Stevie! You can see it here on this live version:

    Mr James

    Yup! 🙌

  13. Nic Lawson

    We still have a long way to go. Stay vigilant and resist the current paradigm where you can. Light up or leave me alone. 4x cancer survivor here.


    This comment is so random. But I love it. Stay awake, people!

  14. Winter Blue

    Fabulous song

  15. Kim Humphrey

    Grandpa Woodstock at 2:15. Great times were had with him. Fast Eddie at 1:20?

  16. Mark Fatty

    Always loved this song..

  17. Donald Mattia


  18. bob weir

    R.i.p Fast Eddy at 1:13

  19. Patrick Emmons

    I can't be sure guys, but... just bear with me here... I think this song might have something to do with drugs

    Thomas Murawski

    No way. I thought is was about BenGay.

  20. Ernesto Gasulla

    Surprisingly better than the live version.

  21. randall scott burress


  22. Jurgen Hoffman

    Fantastic guitar playing of Steve!!!

    Chris F.

    Probably Dave Mason too. Actually Dave is playing the rhythm guitar

  23. Middletown Insider

    I grew up with Traffic, during the greatest era of Rock music. It just isn't the same, any more.

    Sai Girl

    It never is. And never will be.

  24. Respiratory Guy

    its good for the soul

  25. Anthony F Ramos

    Awesome song !!!

  26. mike brown

    :Love traffic........

  27. mike brown

    I have some u tube tunes on my favorites and in between some plays a muslima does an advertisement telling me she's a feminist blah blah blah. I find this extremely offensive. Can anyone tell how to block or stop these advertisements . Thanks people have a good day..................

  28. Ed Ward

    Welcome to the Canteen was one of my first few albums. YaYas was 1st at 9. For sure I had this by 10.

  29. Alejandro Marin

    Medicated goo is about substances, that is good 4 you, make you feel better

  30. Alejandro Marin

    4 me, the best band of 70's, this song is the spirit of TRAFFIC

  31. Paul Wolinsky

    Hey Reed Goldstein! Are YOU ready for Traffic!?!

  32. Chris Wellman

    the National anthem for weed , long live winwood 😛

  33. Chris Wellman

    1 of my all time songs. national anthem for weed.... im making a cross blunt while listenin too this classic jam

    Alejandro Marin

    4 me is not the best cause songs are like the cheeses, variation is right but TRAFFIC is an incredible group wiz not loud noise, only an excelent kind of musical sound

  34. Quaalude Charlie

    I was There man :) QC

  35. James Cox

    some times I truly wonder if any one comes here for great music any more  or do they come to post stupid comments? come on people enjoy the great music

  36. TheSaferHouse

    Fast Ed at 1:13 ... RIP brother

  37. Eddie Bryan

    Oh, didn't know it was a psychedelic song. Green flowers in a field of snow. Must be an hallucination.

    Peter Zabriskie

    Ha ha ha ha had to be there.

  38. James Simpson

    LOVE It, great song and video,ROCK & ROLL !!!!!

  39. Kidd Oldman

    Loved the track AND the video--thanks for sharing!

  40. Clifton Floyd

    Awesome composition.

  41. Jim Macintosh

    Good track , shitty vid

  42. Josie Springfield

    Great song

  43. Lucky Lindy

    One of the best of all times.  Old Traffic is supreme.  Thanks for posting!

    Badbad Manly

    Lucky Lindy, my college sweetheart was a huge fan, so we went to see them in '75 at Radio City in NYC. Hooked since. She looked like the girl buzzing up in the video back then...not so much now. Good times!

    Dave LaSorte

    OMG like the best, ever...

    Jason Guilliams

    Lucky Lindy isn't easy to go to this song for a good feeling...medicated or not...right now, medicated lol

    Winter Blue

    Awesome tune!!!!

    Alberto Corral

    am escaping the world right now

  44. Louise O'Shea

    Love this,,, but ya gotta love Welcome To The Canteen version. Reebok Kwaku Bah?? and was it Jim Gordon... anyway the drumming & percussion were sublime on Gimme Some Lovin....(or I may have been really stoned) I lost the vinyl years ago and been looking out for it ever since,

  45. Steven Mize

    one of my favorite bands early Stevie windwood!!!!!!!✌✌✌👍👍👍

  46. Pete Nelson

    Cool Beans!

  47. A.N.J. Wilford

    the best, loved TRAFFIC since 1970... never gets old, still fabulous after all these years... great memories of great times...Justin, Gaga, Myly...give it up....

  48. Globe Trekker13

    As an old touring Dead head, i still love me some 'Traffic' this song rocks!

    Peter Zabriskie

    Just 'SOME" ha ha ha ha.......bigger hits, please.

  49. The Southern Sessions

    My most favourite 'Traffic' my Dad turned me on to this Super group, i am young ,age 41 never got to see 'Traffic' live but i love this group all the same! Thanks for the post!

  50. JackDavidGreen

    This version is okay, but I always preferred the Medicated Goo off of 'Welcome to the Canteen'.  I think this version is just too slow

  51. Mark Bowen

    Jumped in to my Wayback machine and landed here. My old man sure had some cool albums. Thanks for posting!

  52. Alan Eisenberg

    Still great after all these years

  53. Lucy Fur

    it's good for you
    hemp - not clear cutting one leggeds dillholes
    legalize weed - trillion dollar 'deficit' LMFAO
    you have no budget - you are in need of a new language that encompasses bald face lies that will never be made 'right' or true mmmmmmmmmK


    Legalization is inevitable. Big Smother is broke and they need cash. Look up Steppenwolf "Monster".

    Sai Girl

    Someone I know has the original vinyl with that huge creepy fold-open cover. We all thought we were trippin' when it was released back then. Now, in retrospect, we hardly came close to the intensity of THIS reality trip.

  54. Pam PAINTER

    So Much Goooodness

  55. Sed Wizop

    Goodness........... Im taken WAY back!

  56. George Plant

    Not so strange I suppose, but this song is on the radio playlists once again, here in mile-high Colorado.

  57. 420ModernDayHippie

    medicated goo=hash oil or derbz in my opinion lol but fantastic song none the less

  58. Nathan Batten

    Cannabis or Hash Oil...Anyone??? ;)

  59. BadJamBlues

    Traffic..for all my life..

    Winter Blue


  60. 1lightheaded

    Rick grooves

    Peter Zabriskie

    Yes he does....just 4 strings.

  61. 1lightheaded

    Good golly polly

  62. tom durken

    this song is about jizzum, hahahahah

  63. mrJimCharles

    Dave Mason and Ric Grech aren't on this one.

  64. Spankystube1

    Thank you so very kindly for watching my video my friend! Who doesn't love that good old rock 'n' roll?

  65. Spankystube1

    Yes Yes it helps us relax in this wild and crazy world of ours! :)

  66. caleb wheeler

    I came for the music, I stayed for the video. :-)

  67. Spankystube1

    RIght on man I am glad you enjoyed the tune!! Keep on rocking and medicating my friend!!

  68. TheTimananda

    the rest is pretty good, thanks

  69. TheTimananda

    what is with that effed-up intro ???
    did someone think that was "entertaining" because the band's name is "traffic"...?
    you can't improve on perfection and putting YOUR "artistry" into the mix failed miserably
    I "like" the song
    your presentation is shallow

    Carl Davis

    Methinks you need some Medicated Goo 😎

  70. Quentin B

    This song is too long of 6 seconds !

  71. kimberly longman

    Love the video. :)

  72. kimberly longman

    Good song one of my favorites by Traffic

  73. Anthony Monaghan

    Jeez Stevie Windwood! What a voice, what a guitarist (never get's mentioned) and the key's speak for themselves. Love this track, thanks man.

  74. David Crawford

    Saw the Crowes last Thursday and the played Medicated Goo, it rocked so hard my face almost melted off

  75. kookooca25

    The Black Crowes are currently jamming this on their 2013 tour and its so good! Thanks Traffic for a fucking great SONG!!

  76. Suzanne Lara


  77. Pam PAINTER

    FANTASTIC!!!!!! Thank you for sharing!

  78. H Timezone

    Dude this was the best trippy vid. Thanks.

  79. Sian Forsythe


  80. Gus classic rock channel

    Great vid or visuals of this Traffic classic, BTW love the part starting at 1:36 wow nice and real sexy babe, thank you and yes got me I'm rockin' and puffin'

  81. sunshinenblues

    watch 3:15 first!

  82. sunshinenblues

    Thank you...the visualization made me tingle all over..seeing is believing too. i' ve often said hearing is b-leaving!!

  83. anthroscott

    oh yeah!

  84. Keith Chadwick

    One of my favourite songs and one of Traffics best as well in my humble opinion

  85. deanslist101

    Traffic was funky before funky was cool. They were a lot of other things as well -- especially great and innovative. They just don't make 'em like this anymore. So sad.

  86. redheylin

    The band wasn't there to promote it.

  87. roaddawg121

    This has GOT to be about hash oil...

  88. Paul Herring

    This was a truly under-rated song. May have been a bit too bluesy or not commercial enough, but I like it.

  89. Spankystube1

    @dazzlerweb Thanks for watching! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  90. dazzlerweb

    great stuff! :)

  91. Spankystube1

    @BadTheMonkey Right on buddy thanks for watching and enjoy medicating!!

  92. Bad Monkey

    LOVE IT!!! Even better than your first one! Especially the ending....I feel it!! Now I'm feeling all those aches and pains, better go medicate!!