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Traffic Many A Mile To Freedom Comments
  1. Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist

    written by Nikolai James Capaldi wife Anna. such a phenomenal song that even Joan Baez opted to cover it too

  2. Thomas Atkinson

    This music got me thru the emotional stress of my military years. It was only 4 active. Ya listen to this and many more, and it makes it alright.

  3. L L

    LOVE this whole album!

  4. Chris Replogle

    remember this playing when we flowed like the river & melt like the snow.. last night ;)

  5. steve spring

    This album and Shoot out at the fantasy factory were just so brilliant .Fantastic stuff

  6. 1-Shot slinger

    One time my friend picked me up in Jersey and said cmon we're going to Nassau Coliseum to see Traffic. I said I don't know any of the songs .He says you will when you here 'em . He was right .

  7. Carl Weaver

    This is the song that got me interested in Traffic. Another top 500 song of all time.

  8. Russ Gallagher

    Eight listeners have a lot FURTHER than a few more miles to go before they acquire any musical taste!

  9. Emanuel Tadeu Borges

    All the musicians were great. But indeed Jim Gordon drums was special...

  10. Emanuel Tadeu Borges

    Heraclitean song: "Together we flow like the river/Together we melt like the snow"

  11. R C


  12. Kelly Thorsen

    1994 Dead Traffic Jam Las Vegas

  13. Stephen Marcus

    Running out of superlatives to describe Traffic. SW about the best of the era in my book. Still wonderful at age 70, great voice, virtuoso musician, puts on a wonderful show. Been playing this music for over 50 years and never tire of it.

  14. Richard Cesario

    Such a great song, album, and time for music...pure Heaven.

  15. Clemdane

    The buuuuurns

  16. Steve M

    Songs like this never get old. They sound better with age. This brings back great memories.

  17. randall scott burress

    any boy that reads catcher in the rye three times before he grows up is in trouble

  18. Richard Feld

    I had the pleasure of touring with this band in the '70s. We did their sound on their tours. What a pleasure in retrospect.... hard work at the time. My wife and I still listen to "Low Spark and I have forgotten the stress and remember only the music. Please enjoy their poetry!

    Stephen Quail

    That must have been a hard gig man.I would love to hear about anything that stands out about your time with Traffic.peace nn love

    Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist

    must have been really great to get to work with the late great Chris Wood

  19. Frank Grail

    Joan Baez covered this.

  20. madshadows830

    When people talk about songs that have a feeling to them, this song as with many Traffic songs is the epitome of it. Jim's lyrics, Steve's music and Chris Wood's beautiful flute work this song much more than just that....It's got a dream like aura to it.

    Anna Capaldi-Gilbey

    Written by Anna Capaldi not Jim

  21. Jon Wiliams

    Classic tune.
    Masterpiece album.

  22. Michael Goe

    Traffic is an excellent band. Steve Winwood is awesome.

    Denise Watson

    Michael Goe say that again

    Ben Costello

    Michael Goe best British rock singer of that, or any, era.

  23. Zigfried Dieter

    Many a nights we spent making love to this song!

  24. Jack Straw2

    2 more miles to go,miles to freedom...!....!!

  25. stretch54

    Listen to Jim Gordon's drum fills. How he tunes his toms and picks out which one to hit based on the specific note it produces within the drum fill...and the amount of space he places between each hit. He's speaking language with rhythm, not just doing a bunch of rolls like so many do.
    I know....I'm just talking drum shop, but it's worth pointing out to educate others who may not hear the differences. The guy had incredible time and was really musical - a notch above other supposed great drummers.

    Steve Rickenbacher

    @eddy71454 LOL. I'm a professional drummer. Calling someone 'stupid' is hardly an acceptable way of making one's point. Grow up. I denigrated no one. All I said was that Winwood was a better musician than all the other players on this record. As a matter of fact, he may be the most complete musician that rock has ever seen.


    @Steve Rickenbacher- I've been a drummer for forty years. I didn't call you stupid. I said your comment was stupid. I'm done with you. Thanks for bringing all your negativity to the thread.

    Steve Rickenbacher

    @eddy71454 Why did you even bother to START with me a year after the fact? Dox or STFU on being a drummer. You're a typical internet idiot in need of attention. And if you can't see that you are the one who brought negativity to the thread (my disagreement is NOT negativity), you are dumber than I thought.

    Dana Maguire

    @Steve Rickenbacher your opinion and you are entitled to it.

    Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist

    @Dana Maguire yeah but unfortunately opinions are like assholes. everyone's got one but sometimes it's better to not be ya know. these two dick measuring idiots here just make me laugh in this comment feed

  26. Lucas Jonas Fernandes

    Great music like that'll never be made again.

    Grisha Krivchenia

    Great music is being written today... and continues to be written.

    Lots of wonderful bands that are out there exploring this 70s progressive rock style!

  27. Yvette Langbridge

    Just love this and all the tracks on this fabulous album. Have to agree with William Bunter - similar age and tastes. The best time for original music.

  28. jeff walker

    Joan Baez does a good cover

  29. William Bunter


  30. cookaboorra

    Autumn 1989 Amsterdam.
    my personal jukebox was set on this album specially.
    Everything was sync with those album emotions.
    Entering my favourite coffe shop, the Transvaal, was an floating on air.

  31. maristela1968

    Wonderful song. Steve's voice, Chris' flute... Poignant.

  32. Mark Humphrey

    1973.kicked a TOWSEND MD.200mg methadone habit.cold this song helpeped a WHOLE LOT!SHEPPPARD PRATT

  33. Richard Ell

    True story...When this album first came out, I bought 5 copies BLIND - had not listened to it at all - and handed four of them to friends. I had every confidence the album would be a Piece Of History. Made the rounds, passing them out. Reactions were mixed at the sight of the unusual album cover, but all thoroughly enjoyed it - and the stuff they were smoking lol. This song was highly regarded...all fell silent while listening to it.

  34. Bruce Schindler

    A very underrated Traffic song. I first heard this live before Low Spark was released, in Chicago, 1971. Very sweet, and very hard driving at the end. I put this in a line with No Face, No Name, No Number and No Time to Live from the first two albums. But this one just sort of got lost in the shuffle as the group went in the direction of extended jams and away from ballads.

  35. Louise O'Shea

    It`s also the piano (organ) riff that is sooo memorable. Just never dies. Dave gave much more than he took

    Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist

    Believe it or not Louise..Dave Mason had already split..The awesome guitar is Steve..Check out Traffic Live At Santa Monica 72 full concert..Admist the haze of weed everywhere you can see Steve playing awesome keys and guitar and everyone trippin

  36. Poli Palmer

    @ TheIsreal0312 - Jim certainly did write great lyrics, but he didn't write this one. See Steve's site.................

  37. TheIsreal0312

    Jim Capaldi wrote such thought provoking lyrics. RIP.

    Anna Capaldi-Gilbey

    it was written by Anna Capaldi

    Kim H

    Nice. If so, I hope you (presumably Anna Capaldi) get help straightening out the confusion. Wikipedia names Anna Capaldi as author with this reference: "As shown on the original LP label and in the "BMI database".. Later releases credit Jim Capaldi instead of Anna, as does the ASCAP database." I can see why TheIsreal0312 thinks it's Jim.

    Glenn Bagley

    RIP Jim and Chris.

    lau's kanaal

    @Kim H Steve Winwood's website says that it's written by Anna Capaldi.

  38. James St.James

    Jim Gordon on the drums, an amazing performance in my opinion. Steller band, one of Traffic's best and thats saying something. So mellow.

    Russ Gallagher

    I just looked up "Jim Gordon" yesterday and was shocked to find that a notable musical career had been cut short by mental illness that resulted in the killing of his mother and a lifetime of imprisonment and institutionalization for criminal insanity.


    @Russ Gallagher Thanks for rehashing it in all it's detail. Gossip much?

    Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist

    @Russ Gallagher sad part O R us is he had an undiagnosed mental stability that many weren't able to see through the years.. fantastic drummer definitely messed up in the head but never treated when younger.. and disease just grew as he aged


    beautiful years ,great song, 70's where the best

  40. locutus625

    If I had to come up with a prototype of my perfect song, this would be it. Simple, sublime, soothing, dynamic, pleasing, only slightly discordant... this song is a perfect representation of the potential of rock music to heal & soar.

  41. hiround0007

    I grew with this music.I'm 53 now and there,s no doubt it's some of the best music ever made because it never gets old ..Young forever !!!

  42. Avi Black

    One of the true classic signature guitar riffs

  43. TheLegacyRadio

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  44. John Knottenbelt

    Too brilliant a number to have so few "Likes" ! I guess many have "forgotten" !

    Jimmy Federico

    Winwood is absolutely nutz.  The guitar solo is an  absolutely perfect entity. Simple and beautiful. The man is something else for sure.. Cheers for remembering!

    John Knottenbelt

    How could I not....... :) <3

    Kelly Thorsen

    Just bought the original LP due this post. I love this. Dead Traffic Jam Las Vegas 1994.

  45. eddievangundy

    Great, great song.

    the impractical transhumanist

    I thought of doing a Pink Foyd/Traffic music mix. I didn't think there'd be enough Traffic songs;