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Traffic Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys Comments
  1. marvin leonard

    Opps enjoying traffic and 70 rock music

  2. marvin leonard

    71 black and still emjoying traffic

  3. Slate Rock

    Used to listen to this with my uncle in his truck back in the day. Good times. Been searching for this gem for the longest time, glad to have finally found it!

  4. Roger Palmer

    join me. eat a hashish brownie, wait 30 minutes, and then groove to traffic. you, too, will feel close to god and humanity.

  5. Willie Israel

    Traffic didn't get acknowledgement in the old days, not so much now, in my book, they have always been # 1, this is not a hashtag but a number

  6. DavidRagan3134

    That guitar at the end rivals In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida with that drenched, acidy tone,

  7. Kelly Mikulec

    Was there when it first came out and it blew me away. Still does.

  8. Bougard Frank-Ivan

    À 62 ans, toujours les mêmes sensations. Merveilleux.

  9. Timothy Flynn

    My walk to the car on my way to work song every morning. So brilliant how the introduction of the different instruments one or two at a time.

  10. Michael Luedtke

    You sir was in fact running a record store, while at the age of 14, I was told I had to go fend for myself. I ran around the country, working Fields, picking fruit, shovelling pig shit, finally @15 I attained a false I.D. that said my name was Lloyd... So onto Daytona Beach FLA. where I took a night job at Mickey D's.

  11. John Lornie

    This is a masterclass in economy, Traffic always left a space between the notes, to let the music breathe! Lolx

  12. T H

    What the world needs is more BONGOS!

  13. John Ault

    An awesome song by Traffic. Love it...still listening February 2020

  14. Randy Norman

    Songs like this make you grounded and true

  15. Paula Walker

    I get high just listening to it!

  16. Ken Hall

    Jus seems like the 70's music was simply a great time to live and enjoy life on Life's terms. Thanx to all our great musicians and Bands.

  17. 1369jsj

    I was a teen when I first heard this's still my go to brain drain

  18. Mayoff Jack

    This was when the music was more important than the dance steps.

  19. ph1sts

    One of the coolest and the only "oblong" album covers ever created...I liked the design so much that I bought a dozen rolls each of sky-blue and checkered Contact paper to recreate it on metal kitchen cabinets that I won from a closed RC HS auction...inside checkered and outside blue. Took about 3 months in my spare time to do 5 of them. 2 are being used in my garage, and 3 in my basement laundry room.

  20. Fred Garvin Male prostitute

    Music was so much better when drugs were involved!

  21. Steve D

    Aloha !!!!!!

  22. Ron J

    Just one minute to breath..

  23. Cindy Dufala

    Bravo ⚘

  24. Pete Hunt

    Truly ... another gem from the golden age of popular music ... we've been blessed to have experienced it, as it happened.

  25. Timothy Dingman

    Shame on me for loving this song so much

  26. Sean Turnner

    1600 men wont come out of the closet

  27. bygmeg

    Excatly 🤗

  28. syd vicious

    The lyrics, wtf

  29. John Bird

    Great Song

  30. Terrible1Joe

    Such a brilliant song!

  31. Ray Thare

    hard life (MULDEW)

  32. Tim Williams

    Perfect ROCK/JAZZ Fusion.....Twist One UP!

  33. Tony Ramsey


  34. jim mccabe

    you didn't need dope to get off on this---i love my org. coors but the music is it's own drug but hey what ever enjoy

  35. Lula Polk

    “The percentage you’re paying is too high priced while you’re living beyond all your means. And, the man in the suit just bought a new car from the profit he made on your dreams”. In 2020 this song, and this line, is still relevant.

    Ronald Conte

    Amen Lula !!! Intriguing Words....

    Rod Jones

    It's MORE relevant!


    I am 61years old. I lived it also. The record shops.........sold records! And posters.( ha ha) If memory serves me right.

  37. Tracy Sullivan


  38. tatiana roveda

    Mr kerritt- yeah. I feel you . I'm also a pianist.. so I live in a world of love and music..its different today. <3

  39. kiloechocharlie

    As of 1/30/20 there are 1.6K dullards out there. No real surprise...

  40. scarlet clearisil5

    Yes so uncomplicated instant bliss yet with the harbinger of narcs close by. Also the misery of stagflation, Watergate and a host of other ills.

  41. Richie Rich

    What can you say.

  42. Chris Weidner

    Brilliant musical lesson. Cherish and learn from one another. End hate. Time for the reign of the greedheads to end.

  43. zmov1

    What a trip it was to hear this w/ my first joint in '67. Still love it at age 73

  44. r m smith

    The fastest 11 minutes in music

  45. Joe Filter

    It’s a funny little space! Now onto Glad.

    Oh, I usually only played side A, and often only Hidden Treasure and Low Spark.

  46. Todd Holman

    Traffic was, is, and always will be unconscionably underrated and underappreciated. "Low Spark" is but one example. "71"? Are you kidding me? This song, and Traffic, were so far ahead of their time that it's preposterous.

  47. Sean O'Dublin

    Should have appreciated my sisters more and paid closer attention to their mannerisms, talents and desires. (Gu gik gu tisot♡) ris vis mo

  48. Oscar Garcia

    I was not getting high back in 71, but my brother was. I was only 9, and my dear bother RIP was 15. After school all his class mates would come over the house, kick us out the living room and play this Album all afternoon long. This was in the dusty streets of Tegucigalpa, Honduras. We learned English on this Album, and of course as I grew up and came to the States bought the LP first, then the CD and now digital. I am in tears as I write this, and every time I listen Traffic, since it reminds me of Tony, my brother who was killed back in 86. LONG LIVE ROCK

    Carlos Ruiz

    Sorry about your brother , keep on rocking amigo !!!!!

  49. John Ryan

    102.7 WNEW FM Where Rock LIves in New York

  50. Roger Warde

    1.6K dislikes, are you people MAD!!!

    Joe Filter

    Roger Warde it wasn’t a bullet that laid them to rest

  51. Terrance WK

    This is one of those tunes that, the moment it starts playing, you find yourselves brought back to an earlier and easier time in your life. Or in my case, you're just grateful that you've reached that wonderful point in your life where you just don't give a fuck.

    BERGO '45

    Superb..... - Calvin / Bergo '45

  52. Mark Grant

    50 years ahead of its time!

  53. cookaboorra

    and the bassline.....something wonderful

  54. cookaboorra

    That last supernatural note.. streaking from jazz to electro to haunting sound....unbelievable

  55. Michael Vorbeck

    its raining outside .gray day in houston tx. doesnt get any better than this. rain and this is meant for each other

  56. Shawn Margaret Cohen

    I remember this in quad stereo! Yeah Man, no other way to hear it!! Circa 1970's...still a great track with the genius of Traffic! xx

  57. Ernest Moreno

    I was born in 56 grew up a teenager listening to the best music a teenager could ask for!! Man those were the days!!!!

  58. kevincarroll 54

    ...and the thing that you're hearing is the line at Lido's Pizza...and the low spark of high heel boys!!!

  59. John Lornie

    It's kind of hypnotic,to say the least, sort of Zen like, if you catch my drift! Lolx

  60. Carlos Vela

    It's no wonder why young kids of today are tuned into the music of this era. It's timeless.

  61. Denise May

    You picked a great tune!

  62. Rick Bartlett

    Played this song on KVHS-FM at night in Concord California. It was a high school FM station hosted by Clayton Valley High in the east bay.

  63. Bob Daniels

    Traffic!! Smoke a big fat joint put on Low Spark on that bad ass turn table crank it UP!! sit back relax enjoy!!! good ole days ! But i have the memories!!! hell yeah

  64. Debbie H

    Great music ,better then today's music.

  65. David Bowman

    An all-time classic. So thankful I was around for all of the great music of the 1960s and '70s.

  66. Banjamin Mann

    These songs never go away......and always stay excellent.

  67. Laurie Lanford

    love it, always have & still continue to listen to the very best music of the era!!!

  68. John Linnon

    Great stoner tune, but that sure is a strange chord at the end with the synthesizer.

  69. Marie Kazazian

    A true timeless rock masterpiece - sounds just as good in 2019 as it did all those decades ago. I close my eyes and I am right back there, through space and time. The power of legendary music art.

  70. Danny Davis

    anyone know the instrument heard at 1:46 and from 10:53 to 11:32?

  71. Guitar Dave

    I was at my bosses house one night back in the the seventies. He loved getting high to this song, and so did I. If you're still alive and kicking Jim, party on!

  72. Mike Turco

    where did the time go, nowhere it is all one.

    Sam Moss

    the bye and bye it did

  73. Mark Parsons

    Traffic as a group awesome!! But Steve was the most talented in the group. By the way Classic Tune!!

  74. Orest Zarowsky

    Real music. What is MIA these days. The scary thing is just how damned good this stuff is ; Real talent and skill.

  75. Jim 1959

    This never gets old ! I was a teenager when this came out and still love it today , !

  76. Walter Bonini


  77. Paul Kachur

    My mother would not let me bring this album home when she saw the title...

  78. patrea lynn

    and the long jams of those days..........................and the incredible album covers

  79. Dennis Werley

    growing up in the early 50s was great and the 60s were even greater the old hippies days we're the best . if you can't be with the one you love ... love the one your with . got to see all the big bands in Philly and even the Beatles . stones , pink Floyd . wow to many to name . this was one of the great one to . I was lucky to be born in the greatest time .

  80. joan dingledine

    love the keyboard rock it Steve

  81. Jo-Anne Evans

    I would never take that second chance. Good and bad my story is all good.

  82. Rocko Dibiase

    EXACTLY....... back in the good old days

  83. Thomas Duban

    Isn't it amazing how music mysteriously allows us to get younger immediately after hearing a song. Memories are part of the reason but also music gives us a reprieve from reality at the specific time you are hearing it!

  84. John Smith

    RIP Michael J Pollard

  85. massdiggah

    bought this 40 yrs ago when i was a freshman in HS, still listen to this very day! Happy New Year Rock On!!!!


    Where are you right now ?


    Waiting for freight elevator to bring up freight for the NAMM show 2020 in Anaheim CA. Now this is what I call elevator music.

  88. Gary Whitlock

    This definitely was a great head song. Put on the headphones, get a little buzz, lean back and let yourself flow around into the sound...

  89. nunya bizness

    I love this song, and hate the stupid ads that accompany it.

  90. Greg Skaalrud

    To Me, There is nothing better than a great long playing song, just laying back and soaking in all the nuances of the music and the lyrics...I sometimes fall asleep to the song and have to replay it, oh well....

  91. Andy Leach

    I love this song, funny enough I first heard it in a porn movie from waaaaaaay back when. Imagine my shock when I heard it on the radio and learned that it wasn’t some generic stock porn music. 😂

  92. Michael Perez

    Yes,of course playa!!!

  93. atomicmozart

    Steve Winwood & Band... Classic!
    So great!

  94. Tony Ramsey

    Yep at 65, we had the BEST music, ever and always?

  95. Daniel Hecht

    This is when modern music created new experiential treatments not for TikTok dance moves. Talent (maybe more) is out there but where is it? It's all self-promo crap

  96. Latanya Moore

    LEWIS MONTGOMERY 3... My Daughter's FATHER Introduced me to this song... Love him still. 1-5-2020