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Traffic Hole In My Shoe Comments
  1. Pwecko

    I was nine when this came out. It's one of the earliest songs I remember hearing on the radio. I always found the spoken section by the little girl rather disturbing. I don't know why.

  2. Gabriel Chin

    It's such a simple song to sing to. I remember whenever it came on the radio I would sing along

  3. abithickinthehead

    Listening to 'fm' radio Friday night as a child was a big deal

  4. Alan O'Duffy

    Ahh how beautiful, An Olympic studio one recording , Producer Jimmy Miller and perhaps Eddie Kramer ... valve microphones, totally analogue, four-track I imagine, absurdly compressed drums,
    A total joy to hear fifty-two years later, still magical; we lived through a wonderous time for music and being alive. xxx

  5. Kriskristoff Kriskristoff777

    1:23 greta turd sorry thunberg

  6. Dave Perris

    The first song I heard on Radio 1, which launched that year. Listened in my grandmas kitchen on her valve radio. Still sounds pretty good!

  7. Alan Scouser

    This was revived, wasn't it, in the summer of 1985. Forget who the artist was that covered it, though. Anyone know?

  8. GLEN Dooer

    in 1967 we have Morris Minor and I set up a reel to reel tape player in a welded frame in the car .the first in car entretainment...but could not get the volume up for this song .

  9. Draugr Hessler

    No Mrs. Clinton, they're only ballons.

  10. Aberfeldy004

    A blast from my childhood, long past. It has been many years since I heard this song, l still remember it despite the time lapse. You can't keep a good song down.


    Two awful sentences badly glued together.

  11. Robert Harrison

    I came of age in the 60s, left school in 62 and couldn't understand what was so wrong with promiscuity. Life was so easy and carefree , great music, great experiences in the flower power era. Glad to be around and able to remember those times and the friends I made.

  12. George Job

    Great,. I was 21 years of age and life was fantastic..
    We had good times !

  13. cliffgil

    Still watching this in 2019? Have this on my Jukebox.

  14. rebecca lane

    I’m 68 and I loved the sixties too - but there’s been brilliant music from every decade since - there’s been crap too, but there was crap around in the sixties too. People look back with rose coloured glasses, go and listen to some up to date stuff instead of looking back all the time - keep up !

  15. Angela Gatenby

    Great times

  16. America's Choice

    Not very good.... The Small Faces were the real psychedelic band.

  17. Keith Mitchell

    what puerile dated snot ...

  18. stickytourbus

    I grew up in the sixties.
    The best music and the best cars ever. That I agree with.

    Everyone in the comments remembers what a joyful time! Really?
    For me, it was year after year of asking Mom if I was going to die in Vietnam someday.
    And 60,000 of our fellow young men and women died there.
    And a half million live today with the scars; inside and out.

    I love the 60’s cars and music, but can’t think of the 60’s without remembering the war.
    So, for many it was not such a magical time.

    Liberty. Constitution. Republic.

  19. Jose luiz sene Sene

    Thais os Band. Traffic. Imortal

  20. admiralbillom


  21. William Auld

    Wishbone Ash sums it all up for me. They were always the benchmark. These guys are all still kicking it in one shape or another. Except the wonderful Steve Upton. Drummer with the golden touch. This band have an amazing catologue of music.

  22. bobeagle007

    Lol, reminds me of The Young Ones..

  23. John Runion

    Along with Dear Mr. Fantasy,40,000 Headsmen,Feelin' All Right.

  24. Return of the Native

    Haven't heard this in 50 years, thank you.

  25. jon melon

    I was a 12 year old lad when this came out in the late 60's, and I thought then that it was a feeble attempt to hop on to the psychedelic bandwagon, and I still do.

  26. Verner von braun

    Yep, can still remember walking along a beach and my parents carrying a "wireless". I remember three tunes busting outa the radio, Purple Haze, The Last Waltz and Hole in my Shoe,and thus my interest in psychedelic music began.

  27. pretorious700

    Creativity, when it was honored and cultivated.

  28. Kath Jordan

    Fantastic record



  30. HAL 9000

    Kinda has a Syd Barrett And Napoleon Bonaparte XlV (they're coming to take me away) vibe to it.

  31. New Lucas

    I seen this song title and wondered if it is not the goal of life... If you ever had a go nowhere live. Nice tune first time checking it out, been browsing over some 70's tracks and today's music could use a lesson from this amazing era of musical organization.

  32. Gabriel Chin

    The wonderful era of the 60's.

  33. Sylvester Bester Tester

    Mason and Winwood are a couple of my favorite all time greats.
    Traffic was amazing and Daves solo albums are amazing, especially his Certified Live.

    But i must say, this song sucks.

  34. Derek StuartClark

    1:12 and 1:40 Crazy! How did they get that sound?

  35. James Short

    What happened to the false ending?

  36. Hollis Brown

    Best groups ever the British invasion what a time to grow up. Unbelievable. 😎✌️

  37. marilyn alexander

    I can still see myself wearing a kaftan covered in bells and beads and thinking I was really something oh to be young again

    Andrew Matthews

    marilyn alexander where has all the time gone I'm 60 now it seems like yesterday I hope I can hear and see these bands in heaven 😉


    You will never be young again, dear old lady.

    marilyn alexander

    @KVID1000 and you will eventually be old as well it gets us all in the end

  38. Michael Clarke

    The middle section of both versions of this song is associated with Churchill Road in Doncaster.

  39. Raf Bogaert


  40. Richard

    was this song the fist played by tony blackburn on radio 1 ' 247 am' remember that ! no fm then only the americans had fm then .

  41. Janet Wilhelm

    Oh...Dave words.....

  42. Kevin Jones

    1960s pop music was different from today's,

  43. Carlos Navarro

    Solo otra genialidad de Traffic

  44. Fluffy Hamster

    I thought this was made by Pink Floyd????🤔

  45. Tristan Ireland

    SDG, T & DM 👏🏻

    Yes, Remember It Well @ The Time!

    ♥️It, Absolutely Fantastic!

  46. Gabriel Chin

    British bands were controlling the radio air waves in the 60's. Can't remember any American bands in the 60's

  47. Beata Spiewak

    Still love it 2019 ♥️

  48. Claudia Katz-Palme

    Hello from Berlin, Germany. This brings back the interesting memories when i was tripping 😍😺🖐️

    Arni Benett

    Claudia Katz-Palme Hello fron Sydney aust..indeed interesting memories microdots clearlight sunshine plain white blotters ....those were the days or daze

    Claudia Katz-Palme

    @Arni Benett hey Arni from Aussiland, so fine that you did answer. Do you remember those times when you were asked Are you expericenced?

  49. Trev Mahoney

    Purealternative FM TMs Show Friday night

  50. Claudia Katz-Palme

    Hello from Berlin, Germany.Know what they are singing about. It is a time trip. Love&Peace

  51. Jasmine Patel

    I don't think stereo really sounds right with this

  52. Phil Chadwick

    Absolutely bloody wonderful. If The Beatles had written this they would have been well proud. Well to be honest they did, almost, when they released Strawberry Fields Forever Six Months earlier. Without THAT song, and also the Indian instrument influence of George Harrison, this great song, and it is great, might never had been made. I’m glad it was.

  53. Charles Gurling

    THE PAST!!!

  54. Ron Edwards

    absolutely brilliant stuff.....loved it then love it now...

  55. Jim Taylor

    Thanks to Neil in the 80s for bringing this to my attention. A bit like some weird Syd Barrett stuff 🙂

  56. pinanti

    That mellotron is pure magic.

  57. rick4electric

    Where is the fade back in?

  58. Syd bysyd

    Thumbs up if you're still listening to this in 2040! Flower Power is better than any other human way of thinking...

  59. Herbert Wright

    Brilliant then and Brilliant now !!! Herb

  60. Tansley Potts

    What memories I have of the sixties

  61. NewTecHomes

    I remember Neil from The Young Ones singing this in the eighties, that was the first time I’d heard this song, now I know it was originally from Traffic and also the year I was born 🙂👍

  62. Andrew Matthews

    60/70s ICONS

  63. Angela Gatenby

    Great song sixties best

  64. pete passmore

    August 12 2019. Played though my Samsung Surround Sound System and what a phenomenal ´mixer´ experience that was. Took me right back to my first time on weed as a teenager. Happy days!!!

  65. Doctor Skull


  66. Claudia Katz-Palme

    Hello from Berlin, Germany. This song was the one i prefered when i was on LSD

  67. peter o

    Beam me back!!!

  68. mark fox

    real music

  69. ratso Ratcliffe

    Still raises the hairs on the back of my neck 50+ years on

  70. Peter Iacontino

    I climbed on the back of a giant albatross
    Which flew through a crack in the clouds
    To a place where happiness reigned all year around
    And the music played ever so loudly !

    Bill Fox

    Much nicer than Greta Thunberg.

    Von duMozze

    Thanks for filling in some of the lyrics I missed.

    blue heeler

    @Bill Fox greta no fun berg

  71. tonbridgeman

    That mellotron at 1.19 is one of the best

  72. hanayo9


  73. Togo Burrows

    this is in the top ten most tripped out songs of all time

  74. david wrighton

    big girls don't cry ----big girls don't cry ----whispers a child in the background ----or did I imagine it?

  75. Phone Thief

    The Beatles found wigless in Miami

  76. Lucio Santoro

    Uno dei primi pezzi ascoltati degli immenso Traffic

  77. gordon stuart

    The best music ever the 60s brings back great times and memories yeh man

  78. peter bruin

    Magic sixty,'s.....
    For us teenagers normal that happens two or three time in just one month compleet new music styles got created.
    After the sixty,'s never such a creatieve rich music time came anymore.

  79. Michael McDonald

    sounds awful. like someone messing with some modern plugin to try and generate a stereo effect. the mono single is the best

  80. steve james

    Vegetable rights and peace!

  81. Ruben Kbalz

    Me like this band progresive something sensacion and good thanks boys

  82. Norman Meharry

    I was in the Isle of Man that summer, 15 and eager to experience everything. I went to see the Who at the Villa Marina and same week Pink Floyd played with psychedelic effects. I don't think there were drugs in any quantity but for a naive 15 year old it was as good as a freak out.

  83. Jan Ravensbergen

    Ik was 8 jaar oud. Er was toen radio Veronica. En dit was de alarmschijf. Het is gewoon raar dat de muziek uit die tijd je nooit vergeet.

  84. 21stCentury SchizoMan

    Wilson- Only those of us who still look up at the trees for the Owl still remember this. Thanks for the upload.

  85. gym shoe

    This is pure crap, and I wasted a whole minute on it.

  86. Doug Boyer

    One of my favorite 60z bands 🌼power winnwood is a rock icon Dave mason a man of all times
    Rick Gresch the band did it all

    Brian Wolle

    rick gretsch wasnt on this song or any traffic song. winwood playing bass.

    Doug Boyer

    @Brian Wolle I am wrong thankyou

  87. Shelley Lyme

    Mono is always better.

  88. wilkevwilkev

    20/20 lol

  89. 67marlins

    Sorry friends, I discovered this Traffic version courtesy of Neal from 'The Young Ones'......heavy....

  90. MrBellinghamster

    Simple, trippy and lovely.

  91. david cole

    What a fabulous song, I love the instrumentation of this record.

  92. Train Sail

    Who's the good looking one at 1:47?

  93. Alexander Heath

    The 60s and 70s were fab times for pop music 👌

    Andrew Matthews

    Alexander Heath great times Alexander

    Andrew Matthews

    Alexander Heath great musical years Alexander we were the lucky ones to have been there 😉youngsters today can only wonder how good it was !!!!

  94. Mario Saliba

    This was the music we grew up with - the psychedelic era of the second half of the sixties - simple timeless

    Terry Gasper

    I couldn't have put it better

  95. Norman Stanley

    Absolute Classic Love This Song From Traffic

  96. Naidu VGA

    Dear Mr fantasy play us a tune, something to make us all happy.

  97. wilson mcphert

    I've just uploaded a live version of Traffic's Hole In My Shoe on my channel.  Check it out.  I've put a link at the bottom of the description under this video.   


    wilson mcphert asswipe

    Graham Forshaw

    wilson mcpher

    John Moore

    wilson mcphert, Thanks you are appreciated.