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Traffic Gimme Some Lovin' Comments
  1. dave williams

    More cowbell!

  2. Ruben Saenz de Viteri

    Anybody know why the US version lost the Dave Mason repeat guitar riff?

  3. philippe blanchard

    Quel album....

  4. Michael Burke

    Spencer Davis group the antecedent...winwood on both

  5. John LaStrada

    Rebop Kwaku Baah in Traffic was like Papa John Creach in the Jefferson Airplane/Starship lineups -- there for a brief time but left behind quite an impression on many songs.

    I enjoyed what these men brought to the table in rock music -- they just added dynamics to it. RIP both.

    As well in this lineup: RIP Chris Wood, Jim Capaldi, and Rick Grech. Jim Gordon -- still alive somewhat -- thanks for what you did when you were playing and knew what was going on. You at least left behind a great drumming legacy. I don't even want to think about what you could've achieved after 1983.

    Seems only Dave Mason & Steve Winwood are left from this unit.

  6. Mario Vega jimenez

    Todo el mundo necesita algo de amor

  7. TiggerInParis

    The best.

  8. Russ Gallagher

    If you wouldn't pay $3.99 for this album Back in the Day, you were a truly cheap bastard!

    Barb Molitor

    Russ Gallagher Mono or stereo?

  9. Russ Gallagher

    Nine listeners are in SERIOUS need of some lovin' - AND some musical taste!

  10. Russ Gallagher

    Forgotten about this track; probably haven't heard it since I put the vinyl on my turntable decades ago. Traffic really put their stamp on this Spencer Davis Group tune! Tremendous percussion work from Jim Gordon and "Reebop!"

  11. Guy Sharwood

    And I'm so glad we made it! So glad we made it!

  12. Craig Fisher

    This was on my first band's first attempt at keyboards and vocals......what a lost memory of mine!

  13. Hans-Ersan Sanri

    From my teenage times until now. My personal buddy!

  14. Louis Gargallo

    Album collector. En boucle à l'époque .

  15. Sergio Garcia

    Grande som. Escuto Traffic no Rio desde os 70.O sax de Wood(RIP) é hipnotizante .Welcome to the Canteen é uma maravilha sonora.

  16. Giuliana Rubino

    Album: Welcome to the Canteen
    Data di uscita: 1971 Gimme some lovin'
    Every day
    Well, I feel so good
    Everything is sounding hot
    Better take it easy
    'Cause the place is on fire
    Been a hard day
    And I don't know what to do
    Wait a minute, baby
    It could happen to you

    Sono felice che ce l'abbiamo fatta.
    Sono felice che ce l'abbiamo fatta.
    Devi farlo.
    Dammi un po ' di amore.
    Dammi un po ' di amore.
    Dammi un po ' di amore.
    Ogni giorno
    Beh, mi sento cosi ' bene.
    Tutto sembra caldo.
    Meglio prenderla con calma.
    Perche 'il posto e' in fiamme.
    È stata una giornata difficile
    E non so cosa fare
    Aspetta un attimo, tesoro.
    Potrebbe succedere a te.
    Valuta questa t

  17. Jolán Csorba

    Magyarországon, Budapesten , ez egy csoda volt !!!

  18. Mark Cohen

    Phenomenal jam. Great band at peak form even with a few technical glitches. This and Cream's "Goodbye" version of "I'm So Glad" are two of my favorite all-time rock jams. If you're not moving to this song, check your pulse.

    Russ Gallagher

    Heard some FB at around the 6:30 mark; I didn't let it kill my buzz! You were always gonna get that at a live performance at some point.

  19. Mauricio rocco godoy

    Que gran tema

  20. Muziekgenot

    Great musicians, great album, rock as it should be

  21. Dino Slaughter

    My favorite Traffic song! Thanks. I just love it!

    Dino Slaughter

    It was written by and performed by Steve Winwood when he was with Spencer Davis Group, and he is a member of Traffic here, so it's his song. This version is a Traffic recording, so yes, it is a Traffic song here. It was also issued by Traffic/Steve Winwood as a single.


    Dino Slaughter haha nice pivot!

    Stephen Marcus

    If you know music from this era, you should understand Steve Winwood’s history. He is one of the best of all time, so, so underrated by too many music fans. He is beyond talented.

    Russ Gallagher

    Try this, then, when Stevie W originated the tune with Spencer Davis.

    Sue Sebree

    They are SOOO GOOD LIVE!! Have you seen this one?

  22. MrJylong

    Ohhh my .... what a good lunch in this canteen....

  23. Dimitris Moraitis

    Well, my temp'rature's risin' and my feet on the floor
    Twenty people knockin' 'cause they're wanting some more
    Let me in, baby, I don't know what you've got
    But you'd better take it easy, this place is hot

    So glad we made it, so glad we made it
    You gotta gimme some lovin', gimme some lovin'
    Gimme some lovin' every day

    Well, I feel so good, ev'rything is sounding hot
    Better take it easy 'cause the place is on fire
    Been a hard day and I don't know what to do
    Wait a minute, baby, it could happen to you

    So glad we made it, so glad we made it
    You gotta gimme some lovin', gimme some lovin'
    Gimme some lovin' every day

    Well, I feel so good, ev'rybody's gettin' high
    Better take it easy 'cause the place is on fire
    Been a hard day, nothin' went too good
    Now I'm gonna relax, honey, ev'rybody should

    So glad we made it, so glad we made it
    You gotta gimme some lovin', gimme some lovin'
    Gimme some lovin' every day

    Jorge Licona

    Thanks a lot!




    Es verdad Julian, lo acabo de bajar y si es la melodía del inicio del programa "VIBRACIONES" con esa voz tenebrosa del locutor jajjaja muy bueno.


    Sì!!! Muy buenas noches. Hoy presentamos a Canned Heat, Blind Faith, The Corporation, The Allman Brothers, Traffic y amigos, Rare Earth, Ten Years After, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Etc!!!!!!


    Caray Julian, se me hace que tu eras el de voz, jajjajjaja los presentas igualito.
    Que gratos recuerdos, te felicito por escuchar tan buena música.


    Era mi programa favorito. Hasta que lleguè a la universidad y me dieron el turno vespertino, pero ahi conocì el verdadero Rock. Años despuès me contagiò la mùsica disco y al terminar, regresè a provincia, Oaxaca Istmo.


    Lo bueno es que te hiciste de buenos discos, fijate que yo tuve varios pero cuando salieron los cd's regale todo pensando en que ya eran obsoletos los Lp's, ya ves que también eran muy delicados y se rayaban fácilmente, entonces me hice de cd's, y me arrepiento como tienes idea, porque la calidad de sonido del Lp es incomparable, pero, bueno ya fue, ojalá no cometas el mismo error y conserves los que tienes, solo cuidalos.

  25. Oni Estam

    Este tema tiene el tipico comienzo de las mega bandas cuando se escuchaba la recopilacion de los intrumentos que se intregraban uno a uno y formaban temas increibles de escuchar como una gran fabrica trabajando junta.
    Musica de verdad.!!!!!!!!!

  26. Al Rob

    il y a si longtemps merci pour ce travail de memoire

    Guy Sharwood

    Pour moi aussi. :-D

  27. Mihaela Todorovic stART


  28. rodolfo orrego

    the best

  29. Karl Taylor

    I almost forgot this existed...haven't heard in in over 30 years!!! Thanks for the post!!

  30. Blackscorpion1963

    Awesome audio!