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Traffic Evening Blue Comments
  1. Julie Cowlam

    Lovely ambience this song has.

  2. Jenny Renaud

    So tranquil, I love it. Came out the year I was born. Such great music back then.

  3. laburgy

    Capaldi's Lyrics. A great poet. Capaldi Winwood great songwriting team, for vast majority of Traffic songs

  4. devlin1607

    My how nice

  5. Adolph Lopez

    So just by the fact that after all this time that Steve Windwood is trying to hide all his feelings, and been all alone over all of that, he's finally loosing all his sleep over all of that.

  6. Gabriele Spina

    Quite delectable

  7. Davie McEvoy

    I think Chris Wood wrote this one. But I don't know if I am correct...

  8. Arwial

    Piękna piosenka. Dziękuję i pozdrawiam z Polski.

  9. Arvid Jakobsen

    play this often. Greats song. Love it!

  10. David Coleman

    been awake for days and my eyes are still White reminds me when I was in Germany it wasn't because being in the military or or anything I was on ? but I have this on vinyl today it wore out just like me

  11. Kim Andrews

    Just Fantastic.

  12. Ed Rybicki

    This, and Low Spark, were my go-to vinyl in the 1970s for contemplation and thoughtful relaxation. A friend also used to play "Uninspired" every time he had an exam, and still remembers every word. So do I...and of this, too. Sublime, thank you!

  13. 3244gorilla

    This album and Low Sparks... were very influential as I grew to be a teenager in 1971. Capaldi was THE drummer for Traffic. Loved his drums on this one.

    roberto gaspari

    it was Roger Hawkins , not Capaldi

    city zen

    @roberto gaspari I liked Capaldi's drumming style quite a bit.

  14. TheBolillo310

    always a nice record to get back to

  15. dgrichmondbc

    One of the great songs to listen to in the quiet of the late night. What a band.

  16. Julio Cesar Pereira

    Thanks for posting.

  17. steve spring

    I bought this down the Kings rd Chelsea in 1973..went out to buy a load of clothes and came back with just this album

    Kim Andrews

    Good choice :-)


    you'd just have to turn around and sell them, anyway...( Heaven, and all that...)

    Julie Cowlam

    steve spring
    Money well spent mate👍

  18. elverdaderosol

    Maravillosa aportación...

  19. rhino805999

    one of my fav traffic tunes. love the feelings and images it conjures. thanks for this.

  20. taketimeout2

    Thats good to know.
    Pull up a chair and join us.
    There's plenty of room.
    Maybe thats a good thing.
    Got any rizla+. ?


    us older guys use Randy's now...helps with the shakes...

  21. samansun

    Not gone nor forgotten.

  22. taketimeout2

    how the fuck has song got so forgotten?
    Where is everybody who knew this song?

    Ed Rybicki

    Still here, dude...B-)

    Kim Andrews

    Still here, and this takes me back to my hippy days in 1971 to 1974.

    Arvid Jakobsen

    I'm born in 56, and never forgot this song. Play it often ;-)

    charles chapman

    These are some of Winwood's most intimate writings, along with John Barleycorn.

  23. taketimeout2

    para magnifico, amigo.
    Thanks bluearmyaudio.
    Thats me and txeire on the cover.
    Out there.........

  24. txeire